Roll me baby!

An explanation of sorts: The Ice Block is home to contributed articles from our staff. Unlike reader attributed articles, these are officially recognized DMG Ice staff members and part of the editorial commission of this website. Now for a quick breakdown of the articles. Adamangamingum Rage is a series of articles from Adam Pearson, the longest lasting staff member and the essential Vice Commander In Chief of this online magazine. Whereas Philip Wesley, the author of The Seven Series, DMG Diva, and The Philip Rational is the main editor and owner of the magazine, Adam is second in charge. Sarah Speaks Up is done by Sarah Tomase, For No Reason is done by Stephen Kelley. Milk This is done by Harold Price. Glass pArticles is an odd column because it has more than one writer. Chris Glass, and his brother Curtis Glass share the column. The area with Orphaned or Site Information related articles is for those editors who may have started a column series but eventually had to abandon it for various reasons. Some columns gain new article content more often than others.We may even hear from other members of the Glass family in the future in that column. You may notice that some of the column writers have nicknames in quotations inside their names. Some of the staff have nicknames for frivolity sake. Deal with it.