Catch you. Catch me. GOTCHA!

YAY! Jiggly AND Puffy!

Classic Diva Name: Jigglypuff
Game Boy Games she is in: Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Pinball, Card, Pinball Ruby & Sapphire, Fire, Leaf, and Crystal.

Also called: Purin
Evolves into: Wigglytuff
Evolves from: Igglybuff

Jigglypuff is a special Pokémon. Jigglypuff is a pink balloon thing. I'm pretty sure that Jigglypuff is female. Well, apparently the one we interviewed for DMG Diva is. Jigglypuff is both Jiggly and puffy at the same time. You gotta dig a girl that is both jiggly and puffy at the same time. The evolved form of Jigglypuff is Wigglytuff. Both wiggly and tuffy at the same time. I really like women that are wiggly and tuffy at the same time. We do our interviews before hand to edit them out. So, unfortunately, I won't be running the interview; as it went like this:

DMGIce: What is the meaning of life?

Jigglypuff: PUFF JIGGLY!!

So, instead we offer you: "When Jigglypuff attack!" Oh, sorry. Wrong special.. we wanted to do "The Kama Sutra of Jigglypuff". (Checks notes.) Okay... who the puff put that in there? Oh, wait. Here's the right note. (Ahem)

"How to care for your Jigglypuff."

Chapter 1: Selecting your Jigglypuff.

So, you want a Jigglypuff as a pet? A noble choice. Please observe various attributes of a healthy Jigglypuff. A Jigglypuff should be somewhat timid; but not violent. To check this, extend your arm in front of the Jigglypuff. Now slowly clench your hand into a fist. Allow the Jigglypuff to smell your hand. Although Jigglypuff really has no descernable nose; if the Jigglypuff smells you, you will know it. If the Jigglypuff proceeds to lick or kiss your hand. Jigglypuff likes you. If Jigglypuff  bites your hand off, Jigglypuff doesn't like you and you were a damn fool to stick your hand out like that. If Jigglypuff proceeds to make hot, sweet, and stickyJigglypuff Love to your hand. Then, you have incredibably sexy hands and we need you to send us your number. Once you have gotten a response, proceed to slowly place your other hand on the top of Jiggypuffs head. Now stroke the tuft of fur on Jigglypuff. This is best done in a counter-clockwise motion. This makes you the Jigglypuffs Special Friend. Now, that you are Jigglypuffs friend, you need to know a thing or two about various Jigglypuff moods. But, that's an entirely different article. So, there.

When selecting a Jigglypuff, look for a nice tuft of fur. Always check the fur. It should be soft and nice. Although some odd Jigglypuff owners prefer to shave off the tuft; the tuft of fur is an essential part of beautiful Jigglypuff. Make sure your Jigglypuff is a healthy color. Pink is always a good color. A good Jigglypuff likes to sing. Ask for inner ear flexi-gel earplugs. That is the easiest way to handle Jigglypuff's singing. Oh, if the Jigglypuff gets too hot; it can start to become wet. That makes Jigglypuff not as soft anymore; so by all means, keep Jigglypuff cool.

Not much of a DMG Diva? Sure it was. Hey, for a good laugh. replace the word Jigglypuff with the name of someone you know. Try it! It's fun!

-Interview by Philip Wesley for DMG Ice ONLY-
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