Sarah Speaks Up
The Itch . . . to Kill?
-By Sarah Tomase-
-Presented by DMG
-Perfectly.. dark... with no chocolate-
-Presented 02/02/2005-

Do you ever get that itch? You’re reminded of a game you used to play but don’t still own and you have to play it. You have to.

I had an itch. When I was thirteen we’d borrowed a game from a friend. He didn’t get his game back for at least six months. I loved this game. Alright already! What game is she rambling on about? Perfect Dark. I was addicted to multiplayer mode. It was so much fun. That’s about all I can remember. That and I used to yelp, literally, whenever a player peaked out from around a corner. I’d jump. It was exhilarating and at the time the best first person shooter available.

I drove out of my way to Game Stop to pick up this game. And was stunned when I saw a female employee! I struck up a conversation with her. It was really cool. I guess there are three female employees at that particular store, which is really strange.  She said that most (and we’re talking 95% here) of females that walk into the store don’t know a thing about video games. This fact appalls me. But the truth is: most female gamers don’t actually know any other females who consider themselves gamers. A couple of my female friends have either a GBA or a Gamecube, but they’re not really gamers. They’d never call themselves a “gamer”.

I read somewhere that 39% of women are gamers, and 1 in 9 play first person shooters.  (One third of guys play them.) Now I was picking up Perfect Dark for my dusty N64. And it cost me an alarming $4.99!

I got home, dug out my old N64, scrambled through the disarray of cords behind the TV set to plug it in, erased the old files left on it, and set up a game. Jesus. I don’t know how I used to play it! This is terrible. I kept swapping where to hold the controller, trying to figure it out, remember. L and R buttons zoom… Z shoots (how odd)… transition between weapons is slow. Reloading is a pain. I’ve been so incredibly spoiled with Unreal Tournament 2004!

And I haven’t even mentioned the graphics! They look so pathetically terrible; so unrealistic it is not even funny. Okay, just a little bit. So I realized the next day that I need an expansion save card or something for my 64 in order to save first player mode.

Well, screw trying to find that! It was worth the $5 just to play for a day and remember.

Looking back, this game rocked six years ago. It was one of very few FPS put out by Nintendo, but damn did it take the cake off any console FPS game at the time. And it will forever be in my memories.

Happy gaming!
Sarah Tomase

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