Sarah Speaks Up
Watch Out! She is armed!
-By Queen Sarah Tomase-
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-Presented 10/07/2005-

With a pink stylus from that is. So, I find it perfectly acceptable to have my electric blue Nintendo DS clash with a pink stylus packed in the back. It was different and free. I like free things, so there we go!

Just yesterday, I picked up a fresh copy
of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow for the NDS. All I had heard about this game was there would be bats involved and I had seen a couple of screens and it looked prettiness. Right now, I am watching the introductory movie which I obviously missed the first time since I put the game card into my DS. Wow, I am impressed. With a play yan movie player for the NDS, anime would look almost as good as on TV, almost. This is really nice.

So far I love this game
and I have already clocked in almost 2 hours playing it. To some hardcore gamers, who see a game as an obstacle they must tackle into defeat, this may be alarmingly confusing. I do not play games into the ground. I play them for fun. I die at bosses. A lot. And I am willing to admit that to whoever is brave enough to read this.

Already, though, I can state without a doubt
this is the best looking game on the DS yet. This game is flawless, in a word.  It features excellent game play, a great plot (for a Castlevania game at least), pretty moving pictures, it moves fast, every button has a purpose, and you feel compelled to keep playing. Also I can make Soma (that is you) grow a tail! Now is that not sweetness straight out of the box? And plastic wrapped, to boot!

But I can not go on and talk
about other things before I forget to say that this game is a hole-less DS title. You are not left looking for more! This is not like most of the DS’s earlier released titles that honestly do leave you with a little piece of yearning in your tummy. Like Meteos without the Nintendo WIFI up and running. I want more!

To be perfectly honest though,
I do have one qualm about Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. Whatever happened to the whipping action of Castlevania games? *whip sound* I have the first two on big grey Gameboy cartridges and in those games it is all about the whip. I guess I will stick to my Bhuj for now.  It still irks me that they kept the candle/light fixture motif going but seem to have dropped the whip after all these glorious years.

Surprised I have not mentioned
the highly anticipated Katamari Damacy sequel before now? Last week, We <3 Katamari came out and I tried to pick it up that Tuesday but the mean boys at Ebgames would not let me. They did not have it in yet. But I did get the game the very next day and it was fun and we were happy. I can even say that having 2 different ways to play in 2 player mode is exciting. Moving around one Katamari with two different people and two different controllers is confusing as all hell. Imagine two deaf gamers trying that, without being able to communicate because their hands are on the controllers. That would be impossible. Think about it.

Beware the possessed coffee mugs that lurk in the darkness!

Happy gaming,

The Sarah Tomase

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