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A Tribute.
-By Queen Sarah Tomase-
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-Everytime I pin down what I think I want, it slips away.-
-Presented 05/10/2005-

With many of their popular tunes now cell phone ring tones, Weezer was once a very up-and-coming band for many of our awkward years. When I got into Weezer I was a pre-teen.  Of the bands I listened to religiously (with purchase of albums) back then, Weezer is the only one to have managed to make it through. They will forever remain one of the greats on my checklist of must-know, must-love bands.

I will always collect
whatever music Rivers Cuomo creates, despite the feared possibility of Weezer’s second album, Pinkerton, having reached the pinnacle of the band’s abilities.  Still my favorite of all their albums, I wonder whether or not Pinkerton will forever keep this title.

Today is May 10, 2005
and I have been waiting for this day for months (really years).  I love this band.  If you’ve never heard a Weezer song, was the rock you’ve been living under comfortable?

“What is today,”
you ask so formidably?  Weezer’s brand new album Make Believe is out today.  I picked it up right away.  No questions asked.  It was even on sale.  And I will tell you this: Yes it was worth the $10.

The new album readily provides a new kind of Weezeresque-sound,
but blended in so perfectly with their classic beatings and guitar strums.  Track No. 2 is by far my favorite on this album.  Perfect Situation is upbeat and there is a perfect rhythm there.  The lyrics seem so perfect (yes that’s a bad pun) and then breaks out into an “oh”-ing chorus.  Back and forth it goes. I can relate.  It makes me smile.  This is what a good song does to people like me.  And by people like me, I mean audiophiles. 

Some of the songs on this album are very upbeat
while others are very Emo.  Okay, let’s face it: Weezer is very Emo.  Rivers is not the only one with his black plastic framed “emo” glasses; three of the four band members have glasses.  They emerged as geeks.  On the cover of The Blue Album, Weezer did not resemble any other popular band on the charts in the mid-to-late 90’s.  Now the charts are flooded with bands that grew up idolizing Weezer, grabbing their piece of the pie to be had.  And that is what is becoming popular these days.  Isn’t it great to be rid of crappy boy bands?

I know. O_O

To be read: as homework!

Now to fall asleep listening to good music. . .  You should too.
Sarah Tomase

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