The Seven V.10: "6955"
-Where are they now? Notes-
-Restored from March 9, 2001-
-He is still touring and making music that can be downloaded and bought.-
-You can go into a few good stores in Japan and pick up his latest album.-
-Pretty damn sweet if you ask me.-
-Check it out. It be good stuff.-
-6955Website -

Musical Seven..
Hey, Mr. DJ! Turn your Game Boy on! DJ 6955 is essentially.. well.. a DJ! And he uses the Game Boy Camera and the Game Boy "Nanoloop" make the music awesome! His website can be found.. right here! Warning. If you're under 18.. please don't mess with the "Game". Okay?

dmgice: What's with the name "6955"?

6955: 6955 refers to 6955kHz, where most pirate radio activity happens.

dmgice: When did you decide to use the Game Boy in your music?

6955: A friend bought the GBCamera for me in Japan when it came out (feb '98). He called to tell me about the dj game....i knew right then i would be using a gameboy to make music.

dmgice: The Game Boy Camera has made quite an interesting comeback on the internet. Do you think we'll see a rise (No pun intended) in Game Boy Camera Pornography?

6955: I hope so. i've been making GBporn and it's fun. but don't worry, i'm just shooting cute girls, not myself.

dmgice: One word. "Napster" What is your opinion on it?

6955: well, it's good and bad. good: finding rare songs is great: demos, out of print stuff, etc. i'd always prefer to own the original but sometimes it's immpossible.  bad: for small bands...i think it's
silly to download indie stuff (unless it falls in the "rare" catagory) when you can buy most indie cds for $10 or less. weights & measures, kimonophonic, and kelper are prime examples...their stuff is cheap and avalible, and really good too. 

dmgice: Game Boy Advance comes out *really* really soon, are you looking forward to it?

6955: i actually got to try a GBAdvance last year at the Tokyo games show. it was super-good. i've heard rumours of a new GBcamera...hopefully they can make a couple improvements on the dj game.

dmgice: So, when do you think I'll be able to go to my local music store and purchase the latest CD from 6955?

6955: Not anytime soon. For now, you can get CDs from me (email me: and a few small record stores. you can also get them from me on the streets where i sometimes play. btw, i'll be returning to tokyo in april/01. find me playing in yoyogi park on weekends! and hopefully we'll see some vinyl releases in the near future.

dmgice: Why do you think people people should be interested in listening to your music?

6955: well, i'm not much of a salesman.....if you like videogames and interesting music, check it out. personally, finding recordings that are focused on weird gear or specific sounds are very interesting to me. and for you nerdy types, this isn't traditional electronic music: no synths, no samplers, no computers. all gameboy, all analogue. 

-Philip Wesley- (Provided the Questions)
-Jason "6955"- (Provided the Answers)