The Seven V.3: "Torus Games"
-Where are they now? Notes-
-Restored from December 13, 1999-
-Torus Games hates us for our unfavorable -yet accurate- review of Yoda's Stories.-
-That is just one of the terrible sacrifices made for Excellence On The Internet.-
-What can be said when you end up with talent on loan from God?-
-Seriously though, it was just an honest review of a bad game. Torus has proven time and again that they can make really good games. So we forgive them for Yoda's Stories.-
-Torus's website -

The Seven Questions Roasting!
An INTERVIEW! Anyways, Torus Games gets on the grill for.. The Seven! They made Duke Nukem for GBC, and many other games.. and they own you.. read..

Philip: What's with the name.. I mean.. Torus games..
Torus:  The name was chosen because it was abstract, only 5 letters, not location specific, not flippant or cheesy, could stand for a small or large company, and stated clearly what our team does best. 

Philip: Duke Nukem for Game Boy Color is cool. It's even got blood, awesome sound, etc.. thinking of making a sequel anytime soon? 
Torus:  I don't think that a sequel could ever be discounted for a license like Duke Nukem on any platform. 

Philip: What is your opinon on the Game Boy Advance?

Torus:  We've heard mixed rumours about the machine. I only hope that the hardware delivers something cool and the GameBoy Advance doesn't go the way of the Sega Nomad. As soon as the dev kits are available, Torus will support it. 

Philip: What feature on the new system (GB Advanced) are you looking forward to the most.

Torus:  Give us a bitmap with some decent colours and a beefy processor and we'll do the rest! We're hoping for more colours, more processor grunt, a linear memory model, higher resolution display, decent sound capabilities, connectivity that is actually useful, and maybe a backlit display option. 

Philip: Why all the Yoda Stories delays? A few people I know have been praying for that games release. Any word on why it was delayed so much?

Torus:  The game is arguably the largest and most complicated game every written for GameBoy but also delivers the most game play. The original game on the PC had a 5 megabyte database and a bitmap display. The gameboy has a tile based display and only 8k of RAM. We're very proud of the result and we're confident in claiming that very few if any other developers could have done what Torus did.

Philip: Do you think it is possible.. that Torus would be interested.. in say.. "colorizing" some of your older developed games, like Dragon Heart, and College Slam?

Torus:  DragonHeart would be the most likely candidate and would really benefit from colourisation and upgrading of the graphics to take advantage of the new features of the GameBoy Color. I'm not sure that the publishers would be interested though since the film wasn't a big hit and the license has lost its value. 

Philip: What can we expect to see Torus do for Game Boy Color in the future?

Torus:  We can't name names but we do have some very high profile games in development. We've also developed some great new technology on the machine that is sure to turns heads.

-Philip Wesley-