The Philip Rational: "Politically Inclined"
-By Philip "Pocket Squirrel" Wesley-
-This may offend people-
-Posted August October 3rd, 2003-

"Well, I don't mean to piss you off with the things I might say,
So when I try to shut my mouth, they come out anyway.
So, when I speak my mind that's when we connect.
Yeah; but that's not Politically Correct."
-SR-71 "Politically Correct"

Ready for some controversy?  Okay! I'm a little pissed off right now over the newspaper and I will tie this into video games, so help me, God! Anyhow, just have to get this out of my system, and it has profanity. Children! Cover your eyes, so you don't get your BRAIN infected! After all, you can not infect what you never use. And if you never use your brain, have you considered running for the Democratic Nomination in 2004? Yeah, this is about that, the current "scandal" and of course, my opinion. Here we go.

*takes a deep breath*

FUCK YOU, Wesley Clark. I do not want a president that slaughtered and took more American soldiers to their deaths in Kosovo than Bush has in Iraq. Wesley Clark knows full well what type of person he is. After he and the KLA terrorized the people of Kosovo, he was finally booted out of there. We still have troops going in and out of Kosovo. He won no victory, instead he put us into a slaughter reminiscent of Vietnam. The almost 300 soldiers dead in Iraq and the 150,000 troops we deployed over there to Iraq are a scant percentage of what was devoted to Kosovo and a small drop of blood in the lake of sorrow Clark created in Kosovo. I don't elect terrorists. In my opinion, Clark, you are a terrorist and you do not stand for America. I'd bet money that if you read this article, you would want to have me killed for my ability to exercise my freedom of speech. Well, you can bite me.

A suggestion Clark! You should shoot yourself in the head like that guy at the end of Starcraft: Brood Wars. I'll even buy you a gun to do it with. You are a disgrace to anyone who has ever put on a military uniform. It is people like you that slaughtered innocent American-Japanese citizens in World War 2 on our own soil. I'm also not enthused by the rest of the other ten Democrat candidates. I like having the option to research and choose a candidate, regardless of their political party. But I hate what the Democrats are giving me to look at. They're almost all disgusting people.

No really, Al Sharpton, Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry. Just bite off and die you damn racist, anti-video game, wishy-washy, anti-progress mouth-breathing LIARS. Just get off your high horses and don't tell me that I don't deserve to keep the money that I work at my lame-ass job to earn. I work my ass off everyday in a McHellhole to have money to pay my bills, buy some anime, buy some gas, go to movies, and buy video games. My next paycheck, I'm going to buy a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and I'm setting aside money to get Super Mario Bros. 3. There is nothing wrong with an economy where I can do that. Where I can afford that. All in all, just burn all of you, save for Senator Lieberman. No really, he's the only one there that is remotely interested in helping out the video game industry, and helping out the video game player. Is that sad? YES.

Keep in mind that Lieberman pushed toward rating games, instead of banning them. Senator Kohl, and John McCain wanted to push toward banning. That's why I voted for Bush in 2000. I knew he would do nothing to harm the video game industry. (Aside from subsidizing money for the Army to develop that -pretty damn cool- FPS game.) Al Gore was for downgrading the military even more, and -get this- positioning more money toward the same groups that attack our hobby. Now, when I said Lieberman was okay, I'm speaking from his voting record. He pushed toward the development of the ESRB, which rates games in a standard way. He also pushed toward and helped write the laws that secured the development of more bandwidth for further broadband, cellular, and satellite coverage. He also voted for and help draft the High Definition deadline and he voted AGAINST the DMCA. (The Digital Millenium Copyright Act.) Now, Joe has no real chance of winning the election; but know that he's the least dangerous Democrat of those ten. Howard Dean and Wesley Clark want to take the money you pay for video games with away from you to try and give everyone standard healthcare. I have health coverage, thank you. Almost everyone with a job has health coverage. It's not as expensive as people say it is and -chances are- you won't need to use it anyways. I'm not going to give up my right to stomp on goombas to make sure a crack addict gets clean needles. This is not Denmark.

Also, the deficit numbers going around are really bothering me. A lot of candidates are basing it on money that HASN'T BEEN SPENT YET. So, these record deficits are nothing but hot air currently. Until that money is spent, it's not a deficit. Also, American money tends to recycle itself. So, that $20 Billion spent on Iraq finds it's way back to us again, so we can use it to pay for something else. It works like this, if I give a dollar to the kid down the street to go buy a soda at the place where I work, and then go to my job and work, I've just earned that dollar back. The money just changed hands and eventually came back to me. I lost money, then gained it again. So, I technically never spent it and now I can go spend it on a candy bar if I want. Money does not go into some endless abyss, it comes back. It's simple LOGIC. I like the idea that the government is spending money; because it keeps our money out there. And the whole rebuilding Iraq thing? I'm for it; because I'm dying to see what their programmers can do now that nearly everyone in Iraq has access to modern computers. These people are not stone age people. Iraq is like Tatooine. Baghdad is similar to Mos Eisely. Saddam was Jabba The Hutt. Now, we just need to find him, choke him to death with a chain, and then clear out those Sarlaacs of Mass Eatation. Al Queda and Hamas are like Sand People. The Kurds and Palestinians are like Jawas. But if you noted in the movies.. there was a lot of sand; but Tatooine was fairly up to date. They did not have cloud cities; but Uncle Ben's house was loaded with neat stuff and they could afford DROIDS. And what is the prize proposed? Here you go. Simple and plain facts.

The numbers proposed...

California's "Deficit": $68 Billion.
Cost of Iraq Reconstruction: $87 Billion.
Cost of Prescription Drug Benefits in Medicare: $400 Billion. (Thank you for the numbers, CNN.)

It's kind of a jolt to see what $87 Billion really is in perspective. Our NP (Net Profit) is about $50 Trillion. We spend a whole lot of money. There are over 300 million people in the United States. It would cost slightly over $10 Billion to buy everyone a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance at $34.99 per game. Where does that money all go? Easy. Unbeknownst to everyone else, George Bush is building himself a Gundam under the White House. He will call it The Big G Missile Defense Bringer Gundam and when it is up and operational, he will be using it to fly to Iran to stomp on palaces. He is also burning a CD of giant robot stomping music. He hopes that when he is done with Iran and can move on to Burma, the CD will be play "You Get To Burning" from Martian Successor Nadesico; but if it's still playing the theme from Astro Boy, he won't mind. Up in the air, Mr. Bush!

All that is out of my system now. Thank you for bearing with me. The moral of all that is -if you vote Democrat- please choose Lieberman, he's the only good guy they have left. Yes, that is very sad. Well, I think we can put up with four more years of Bush; especially if someone does the world a favor and takes out Dick Cheney. If I had my way, Bush's VP would be Tom McClintock, or -better yet- Rice. Yeah. A black woman as a Vice President. I dunno about you; but that works for me. Although, I just want to hear her say: "We're still looking for Carmen Sandiego!" just once. ONCE! Now on to the point!

You know that scandal right now? The one about the reporter named Novak who wrote an article about a guy named Wilson and in the article's side bar, said that Wilson's wife works for the CIA? He also claims to have confirmed it with two unnamed sources. Now, all the press is buzzing, thinking that -despite Novak's frequent denials- the person who confirmed that Wilson's wife worked for the CIA is part of the White House administration?

I know it too. That's all the facts on it right there. Lots of finger pointing and talk about it. I personally think it is a boring scandal. No laundered money, no one is having sex, no dead bodies, no drugs, no arms for hostages, and no terrorists! What kind of scandal is this? It's boring. But, if I was Novak, I would just tell the press that I just shot in the dark on my information and was just lucky. Why would I do that? Because, I understand what is probably going through Novak's mind.

Novak does not want to hurt people. Apparently the disclosure of Wilson's wife being in the CIA is a federal offense. The people who told Novak probably did not do so with malicious intent. Just a slip, or casual remark. It is not even known WHAT Wilson's wife does in the CIA. For all we know, she could be the coffee go-getter. But Novak is being criticized by people like Bill O'Reilly, Al Franken, Wesley Clark, Howard Dean, and Rush Limbaugh for not coming out and saying who "leaked" the information. Novak is doing what any decent human being would do. He may not be doing what a journalist is supposed to do; but I can sympathize with that.

If Novak tells who his "leak" was, that person will lose their job, lose their family, and suffer greatly. The thing to remember is that the "leak" is a PERSON too. I don't want to see the general media persecute someone for an off-hand mention. This leak is NOT A TERRORIST. No terrorist groups have made any attempts to kill Wilson's wife. No one seemed to care that she was a CIA employee months ago when the article in question came out. Why now? You can say it is all part of a conspiracy; but I'll ignore you. I don't care if someone's wife, sister, dog, or pet chinchilla works for the CIA. But I do care that someone will suffer because of an accidental disclosure. The Bush Administration and the Democrat Party are looking to crucify whoever leaked such an insignificant piece of federal information and that is just WRONG. WRONG. SHAME.

How can I, a lowly video game journalist/enthusiast relate? I'm sure you've probably heard this before; but at my first E3, I was walking around and I stopped at Nuby's booth and made an off-hand question to the guy who was manning the front of the booth. I asked, as I spirited away several candies from the dish on the table in front of me: "So, what are you guys doing to beat the Worm Light?" The guy at the booth stated: "Eh. Worm Light whatever, I think the Cobra line will beat it." I nabbed some press papers from the desk and commented on the Nuby GBC line and walked off. A little later it dawned on me to go back and ask about The Cobra Line. I figured that if it was going to beat the Worm Light, it must be a Game Boy product. So, I go back to the booth and right up to two men in suits and asked point blank: "Hello, I represent DMG Ice, we're an online magazine. Can you give me any information on your new Cobra Line of Game Boy products?" They both turned sheet white and just stared at me for a moment before pointing toward a small table in the far corner of the booth. "Go sit over there. Now." Well, I was thinking: "Oh, shit. I said something bad." Earlier this E3 I got yelled at by a Square employee for walking into a conference room accidentally and taking a doughnut. I also read through some of the literature; but it was all PSX/PS2 stuff and I wasn't interested in that. Anyhow, I was a bit nervous to say the least. I figured that at worst, I would get kicked out of E3 -like in those online comics- or even worse.. I might cost someone their job.

So, they sent a guy named Dan Kramer to talk to me. He sat down and asked about who told me about the Cobra Line. I replied that I forgot. So, he asked a few other questions to jog my memory and to see what I knew about it. I noticed that he had a bag of items that he had been carrying and inside of of it was a Shock N' Rock; but it was a clear milky color. I think he noticed me eyeing it and asked me what I was looking at. I stated that I was looking at the oddly colored Shock N' Rock. So, he dropped the questioning and brought out the Shock N' Rock. it was Glow In The Dark! Pretty much one of the coolest things I had seen in my opinion. He seemed to be pretty content with my reaction to the Shock N' Rock, so we cut a deal. I could mention little tidbits on the Cobra Line; but not what it was. Then at a later time, I would get to test prototypes and do some work for Nuby; since I apparently had a sharp eye for GB products. To make a long story short, I ended up working everything out and meeting some cool people; but I stuck to my guns and I'll never disclose who leaked the Cobra Line back in E3 2000. And Novak should not disclose his source either. He should have asked if it was okay to include that line in his article; but he should not have to tell. I signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Nuby a little after E3 and kept the secrets I was supposed to with respect. Novak wasn't told not to tell anyone; so it stands to reason that his sources thought the information was trivial at best.

And it is trivial. I do not like to see such a concentrated effort to HURT innocent people. It makes me sick. If the information leaked is *truly* trivial, the matter should be dropped. It was not important in JULY when it was leaked. It is now October. Almost three months ago, and I think that since nothing has happened in those past three monthes to decrease or leak more information.. the matter should be dropped. The White House is running around saying that we have a traitor in our midst. Bush, only idiots and drunken Kennedys make cruel and unjust mistakes like this. You may be a muppet that has a terrible public speaking voice; but I still like you. If you continue to go along with those Democrats and this ridiculous crusade to ruin a person who most likely holds no malice for the CIA, and America... I may just go ahead and vote for Lieberman. Or I will not. Maybe I will sit in my line at the voting booth and write in the name "Tatanga" instead.
-Philip Wesley-
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