Milk This! V:8 "Confessions of a Retro Gamer."
-By Harold "Hbomb" Price-
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-Posted 02/16/2005-

For Christmas, a relative got me a $25 gift card to the mall. Being the gamer I am, I planned to spend it at one of the 2 video game stores in the mall, most likely on a game for GameCube or GBA. But on that day, I went into GameStop, looked around, and then I saw it.

A used Nintendo 64.

I totally skipped the N64/PoS1/Saturn generation,
going straight from SNES to GC, with only Gameboy to bridge the gap. So, as you can guess, I missed out on some good games.

Not that I never played N64 before.

Back in my freshman year of college, my friend Seth had a N64 in his room.
We'd play games like Super Mario 64, Mischief Makers and Crusin' USA. Seth's room became a hangout. I had a SNES, so on occasion, my friends would hang out in my room, but Seth's room was the place to be, until my friend Jason got a Playstation in the spring. I was away from home for the first time, and video games, especially the N64, were a way of bonding with new friends.

However, things aren't permanent.
Out of the group of friends I had made my freshman year, some of them moved off-campus the next year. They were all off-campus the following year. But I always remember the good times. Just hanging out, playing video games or watching football or South Park.

But to the present. I bought the N64 and 3 games-
Madden '99, NBA Courtside, and Pokemon Stadium. I later ordered two more- Quest 64, and Mischief Makers- a game that we used to play in Seth's room. Admittedly, I haven't played it too much. Newer games, such as Pokemon FireRed and NFL Street have garnered most of my attention.

However, in the past, when I've wanted a change of pace,
I've hooked up my old SNES and Genesis, and I plan on doing the same with my N64. I plan to continue buying used games. I plan on eventually getting Super Mario 64, another game I remember fondly, as well as some of the classics I missed out. I might even expand my retro collection and get a PS1...

...ok, maybe not.

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