Catch you. Catch me. GOTCHA!

God that is WRONG.Meow! My Pussy Cat Doll!

Diva Name: Sakaki and Chiyo-Chan!
Game Boy Games they are in: Azumanga Diaoh Advance.
(Japan Only)
Also called: Chiyo-Chan and Sakaki.
Warning! A TON OF IN-JOKES! Watch Azumanga Diaoh and READ Azumanga Diaoh!!!!

DMG Ice: Here we are at a non-descript Japanese High School to talk to the hottest pair of underage high school girls to come out in America since Sailor Moon and her Sailor Posse. Sakaki and Chiyo-Chan from Azumanga Diaoh! Azumanga Diaoh does have a Game Boy Advance game in Japan; but here in the US, only the Manga and the anime will be coming out. ADV will have the DVD out in April and the first episode is attached to the latest issue of NewType magazine. Anyhow, Chiyo-chan seems to be coming out. Let us go and check her out!

DMG Ice: Hey Chiyo-Chan! Can we ask you a question?

Chiyo: I think you just did!

DMG Ice: Anyhow, we want to ask you about simple things, really. This is for a Game Boy website, so we were going to ask you about your game! The game for Azumanga Diaoh is a card game where you play against the characters from the series. Do you enjoy playing cards?

Chiyo: Not particularly, I enjoy it sometimes; but it really is not something I would spend too much time on.

DMG Ice: Would you play cards for clothes?

Chiyo: AH! What are you implying?!

DMG Ice: Just kidding! Hey! Don't call the police.. I'm just kidding!

Chiyo: Good.

DMG Ice: So, if Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, please. How many pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick, padre?

Chiyo: I'm not good at tongue twisters!

DMG Ice: Then you'll never get lucky!

Chiyo: Huh?

DMG Ice: Bad pun. Anyhow, what are your hobbies?

Chiyo: Cooking, studying, hanging around with my friends, going to my summer house, and learning new things!

DMG Ice: So, if you could be in any video game, what would you be in?

Chiyo: I want to be in a Final Fantasy game! I would be a White Mage and cast all sorts of healing spells!

DMG Ice: Sounds like a good idea! Oh, do you like tomatoes? Even though they are red? Really? Huh? Do you like cars? Red cars?

Chiyo: Freaky! AHHHHHHH!!!!! *runs away*

DMG Ice: Well, here comes Sakaki! Let us try and interview her! Sakaki!

Sakaki: Huh?

DMG Ice: Sakaki, what kind of game would you be in if you were in a video game?

Sakaki: I... ummm.. Pokemon Snap.... yeah... *blushes*

DMG Ice: Interesting choice! How is your pussy these days?

Sakaki: Wha?

DMG Ice: Maya... your cat. How is she?

Sakaki: Fine...

DMG Ice: That's good. So, we really should ask you about yourself. What is your ambitions and hopes and dreams in life?

Sakaki: Well.. I want a good job and a good college. Yeah.

DMG Ice: Will you call me Phil-Phil?

Sakaki: I.. huh?


DMG Ice: This is the point where I run away. *runs away*

Tomo-Chan: WAIT!!

-Interview by Philip Wesley for DMG Ice ONLY-
-Somewhat wrong....-
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