Catch you. Catch me. GOTCHA!


Diva Name: Mona
Game Boy Games she is in: Wario Ware Inc. Micro Mini Game$.

Also called: LATE.

DMG Ice: This month, our DMG Diva is The Princess of Peculiar, The Queen of Quirky, and The Lady of the Ludicrous: The one and only Mona! She hails from Diamond City and has appeared in two games so far. She was in Wario Ware: Micro Mini Game$ and Wario Ware Mega Party Game$ for the Game Boy Advance and the Game Cube perspectively. She looks to be ready for a comeback in an upcoming Nintendo DS game as well! We kidnapped her on her way to work. So, anyhow.. we're speeding toward her job at the Gelateria and we seem to have aquired the attention of the police. So, here we are! Trying to evade cops and such.

DMG Ice: Well, they seem to be gaining! Gonna deploy your animal friends?

Mona: Absolutely! So, shall we get this interview on the way?

DMG Ice: Yup! So, what convinced you to get involved in Wario's company?

Mona: The money mostly; but have you seen Wario? He's hot AND he's loaded with cash. Turn right up there. Sure he's a greedy scum bag; but he's a CUTE greedy scum bag. Something about those with money and power, you know?

DMG Ice: But I get the feeling he kinda doesn't return that "love" of yours, actually. Why persist?

Mona: Well, One: He owes me money. Two: He's got that GORGEOUS mustache. Oh, yeah! Don't hit the KITTENS!

DMG Ice: Damn, that was close. Yeah. Okay. Anyhow, the discerning public wants to know where you found your animal friends! How did you meet those weird and peculiar companions?

Mona: It's a long, detailed, often gore filled epic involving the Necronomicon, Ancient Silverware, a piece of cheese, and Telsa Coil. It would be best not to go into it.

DMG Ice: 'Kay. Oh! Stupid Diamond City drivers! Ever consider dying your hair blue or any other color aside from orange?

Mona: Come on, DMG Ice, guy! Why would I do that?! The hair makes the lady, you know what I mean? Besides, odd hair colors are against Joe's rules.

DMG Ice: I see, so any advice to aspiring game developers from a seasoned maker of games?

Mona: Draw on your own life experiences and practice, practice, practice! Ack! Drive faster!

DMG Ice: I'm doing that! So, how does your selection of STRAAAANGE games draw on your life experiences? Please

Mona: Well, not exactly MY life experiences.. per say.. but you never know when you will have to hose down burning people, brush your teeth, or umm.. dig for gold. Yeah.

DMG Ice: I suppose you're right on that! We're almost there! Which job do you prefer? Geletaria or working for Wario?

Mona: I.. GAH! Not the OLD MAN!!!! Whew... that was scary. Geletaria Joe is cool; but he's not Wario. Joe cares if I'm late; but Wario doesn't. Wario's all laid back and doesn't care about deadlines. However, Wario doesn't pay me on time. Sometimes, not at all. A girl has GOT to have cash, guy! Oh, weren't you going to interview that April O'Neil girl before you got to my interview? I saw your site.

DMG Ice: We were planning to do the interview; but she skipped off to Iraq because they found stockpiles of Mutagen. Thus she went to investigate the connection between Shredder and Saddam. She'll be back in August... so we'll do it then. But deadlines never work around here. Not at all.

Mona: You may be even lazier than Wario, cutie! Sooo make lots of money where you work?

DMG Ice: Umm.. actually no. I'm pretty poor. The life of a reporter is poverty! Oh! We lost them! Best be getting to work now! Got anything to say before we leave?

Mona: Eat your vegetables or you'll end up 35 and short like 9-Volt.

DMG Ice: I thought he was in grade school...

Mona: Right.. see what playing video games all the time does? Well, chow baby!

-Interview by Philip Wesley for DMG Ice ONLY-
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