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-By Chris "M3THR33" Glass-
-Optioned and Opinionated-
-Posted 03/23/2005-

Nintendo just showed off four new colors for the DS, one of which is a special edition you get by winning a Pepsi contest in Japan. Sony just announced a contest with Coke. The prizes? A Coke-laden shareware version of Everybody's Golf P and a PSP with the Coke insignia in the corner. On aesthetics alone, adding metallic blue to a shell beats out a company's logo anyday.

The PS2 is a household staple. It's a centerpiece near the TV that many things are focused around. It's not moved much and often not the main visual target during use, however. Of course, foolish Sony transfers that same logic to the PSP, except the entire time you play the PSP, you are staring at it. People want to be different. Look at the market for iPod mini colors, cellphone faceplates, screensavers, ringtones, etc.. People want to all share a common device, but differentiate themselves from it. The PSP locks the GUI color based on the month that it is. While nice, it's eliminating choices. The DS
gives a whole host of 16 colors to choose from for the GUI and individual names for Pictochat with 2 lines of info.

Why does this matter? Why do people care about being different? One reason is because it's a small sense of security. If you bring it to a party, leave it on a bus, or get it mixed in with the rest, figuring out who owns which one is a mess. People want to be able to point to there device and say "That's mine!" The other reason is because it fosters a sense of pride and uniqueness. It matches your personality
and choices and is a fashion statement. Sony partially understands that, but doesn't take it to the level that Nintendo does.

Remember the original Game Boy? Later on came a set of 7 other colors of it accompanied by an advertising campaing entitled "Play It Loud." That continued to the Game Boy Pocket. The GBA launched with three colors, with a fourth following quickly after. The SP has also been treated with countless special colors, including the extremely popular Famicom AND NES style ones featuring an authentic feel as well. Why does it matter? Because not everybody likes a single color. Imagine the difference in Half-Life 2 if every enemy was the same. Sure, it's still a great game, but the repetive viewings of the guys begin to
wear on you. I just find it odd how Sony will offer limitless freedom and customization in games like Gran Turismo 4, but then totally limit hardware choices. If they're saving the colored shells as a backup
plan to boost sales, by the time they're introduced it may be too late.

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