The Seven V.6: "Runecraft"
-Where are they now? Notes-
-Restored from E3, 2000-
-Runecraft got absorbed into some weird company.-
-Scrabble and Chicken Run were fun.-
-Sarah Allen went to a few other E3s and I stopped by to say hello at each one of them.-
-Except for E3 2002, where I was really busy.-
-Runecraft's website? -

The Seven Questions!!
Guess who caught a "date" at E3? C'Mon.. guess! It was.. Philip! Well, sort of. Okay.. not at all. But I had a coffee with Sara Allen of Runecraft! Who's Runecraft? Runecraft is a brand new developer for GBC, and they will impress you. I'm sure of it. I'm willing to say that we should expect to see some very good things from this company. They are already going to support the Game Boy Advanced.. and yes.. that Dolphin, PS2, Play Station, and Dreamcast things that people actually buy. ;)

dmgice: Why the name "Runecraft"?

Runecraft: No real story about it. Just popped into the Founders head.

dmgice: What is Runecraft working on for GBC?

Runecraft: Color Scrabble for November, Chicken Run maybe for Christmas.

dmgice: How is color Scrabble coming along?

Runecraft: It's at 60% and it will rule.

dmgice: Have you recieved any GBA kits?

Runecraft: Unknown at this time, sorry.

dmgice: What exactly are you looking forward to on the GBA?

Runecraft: The 32-bit processor and being able to produce wicked games. 

dmgice: Does Scrabble have a publisher?

Runecraft: Yes, Mattel.

dmgice: What type of game will Chicken Run be?

Runecraft: Won't be a platform game. (Editor's note: Thank God!) It'll be Action Adventure, somewhat like Legend of Zelda.

-Philip Wesley-
-Questions answered by Sara Allen-

-Philip Wesley-