Stay Good:
Peripherally Vicarious.
-By Ian Good-
-Presented by DMG
-In which there are rants.-
-Presented 01/23/2005-

So, how long has the Nintendo DS been out now?

Almost three months, right?

During this time we have seen a lot of good things from the DS, but we have also seen the system come up short. The more we have from it, the more it leaves us wanting something a little more. Super Mario 64 DS may have brought many a smile to everyone's face when it arrived at the launch of the Nintendo DS. Super Mario 64 DS used the system's hardware very well with good use of the touch pad. It also had an excellent use of the two more face buttons that we have been hoping for since the Game Boy Color. On the other hand, I played Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits and I was disappointed that did not need any of the DS's features and could have easily been a Game Boy Color title.

Overall, I feel that not enough is being done with the DS. Everyone talks about the second screen and what it can be used for or how the touch pad could be utilized, but what about the GBA slot? Sure it plays GBA games and that is nice and all but Nintendo said specifically that it was more than that. Where are the peripherals? I have yet to see any real ideas from Nintendo or any third party company that concern a peripheral for the Nintendo DS. Peripherals? In my DS? It is more common than you think. Or at least it could be. Think about all that the peripheral port could be used for: tilt sensor, rumble pak, dual analog sticks, solar sensor (for games like Boktai), camera (does anyone remember how cool the old school GB Camera was?), or any number of special add-ons and attachments.

Nintendo should get on this. The possibilities are there and people would buy the games that would come with them or support them, I know I would.

If there was a bandwagon called Nintendo DS Peripherals, I would jump on it.

-Ian Good-

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