Milk This! V:10 "Sports Game Preview!"
-By Harold "Hbomb" Price-
-The Official John Madden Replacement-
-Posted 03/15/2005-

Game that currently owns Hbomb: Gladius (GC)
Disclaimer: None of these games are real. This is just an extended metaphor.
I'd like to do something a little different with this week's Milk This. I would like to preview the latest sports games coming out. Here's what we have:

John Chaney's NCAA Combat Basketball:
Tired of the refs missing calls
and the other team taking advantage? In "John Chaney's NCAA Combat Basketball", you the coach can send out your goons. Show them who's boss. Rough up the opposition.

Malice at the Palace:
Choose to be an NBA star or a spectator.
As a fan, throw your beverages at the opposing players. As a player, take the matter into your own hands and go into the stands. Prove your manhood. Make a total ass out of yourself while making headlines.

NHL 2005: Lockout Edition:
Looking for some hockey action?
You won't find it here. Play as the union, and stand firm against a salary cap, which you probably need, or play as the owners, and refuse the players outrageous demands. Includes a bonus game where Commissioner Gary Bettman tries to get his head from out of his ass.

Jose Canseco's Shoot 'em Up:
Play as Jose Canseco,
the self-confessed "Godfather of Steroids in Baseball", and inject the biggest names in baseball with steroids. The more stars you inject, the more names you can put in your tell-all book. The goal is to put together the most outrageous book possible and make an ass out of yourself, while simultaneously disgracing the game of baseball and putting its integrity into question. However, don't worry about your integrity; you don't have any.

That's it for this week.
Tune in next week. Same H-time, same H-channel.

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