Catch you. Catch me. GOTCHA!


Classic Diva Name: Princess Q*Dina
Game Boy Games she is in: Q*Bert for the Game Boy Color
Fun facts: She scares the everloving jewels out of us.

When she isn't hopping mindlessly from block to block in Q*Bert, Princess Q*Dina enjoys Water Polo, Mind Altering Drugs, and Raving. We have an exclusive interview with Princess Q*Dina for you today!

DMG Ice: Well, this is our Seven Question Interview...

Princess Q*Dina: SEVEN! What the @!#% kind of %&@!ing interview is that? I %*&#ing want you to %&$#ing ask me a lot of $%#@ing questions or you can &%$#ing kiss this $%#@ing interview the @%$# goodbye!

DMG Ice: Okay. First question. What are you the Princess of exactly.?

Princess Q*Dina: The &#$% should I know? I just AM. Worship me, you $%#@.

DMG Ice: What compels you to change those blocks different colors?

Princess Q*Dina: The Power of Drugs.. I mean.. LOVE.  &%#@ing LOVE!


Princess Q*Dina: Sure, @%$#.

DMG Ice: What first attracted you to Q*Bert?

Princess Q*Dina: Look at the size of his.. umm.. snorkel! I mean, %&$# yeah!

DMG Ice: Do you feel that you are a role model for people?

Princess Q*Dina: Oh, $#@&ing definitely. Be like me! Not Mike.. ME!

DMG Ice: Why all the profanity? It's unbecoming of a lady.

Princess Q*Dina: I may be a princess; but I'm not some $#@& snobby lady.. big boy.

DMG Ice: Could you not stare at me like that?

Princess Q*Dina: Do you think my Big *%$#ing Bow is sexy? I wanna hop you! Change your colors! YEEEE HAAAA!!!

DMG Ice: Oh, my God in Heaven! She's taking off her bow! AAAAAUUGH! Run!!!

End of Interview Transmission.

-Interview by Philip Wesley for DMG Ice ONLY-
-Somewhat wrong....-
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