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-Presented 07/6/2005-

Yes. Yes I do. Today I went to Gamestop and the guy at the counter had no idea what I was talking about when I asked him if they had the Mario DS promotion, so I reluctantly went to the Best Buy down the road. One Blue DS left for me to buy. No Mario DS.

Can I get a rain check?
Yep. Sure did. And a 2 year warrantee. But here is the thing: it did not even come with the stupid Metroid demo. Alas, I am DS game-less. This is exactly why the original Game Boy came with Tetris!

Tomorrow I shall purchase Meteos
because I just cannot wait for the people at Best Buy to call me and tell me my Mario game is ready for my to pick up.  Also, I really want a puzzle game, and Meteos looks great, already in the best seller list and all.

Doing some research
to figuring out what games to avoid and what games to buy. I found this. Evidently, Taito’s going the Bust-A-Move route, much to Bubble-Bobble lovers (take me for example) minor disappointment.  I recall arcade machines of Bust-A-Move. Fun? Yes. Addictive? Yes. I will probably wind up purchasing this just because of the fact I will not have to pay a quarter every time I want to play it.  Odd, EB says its going to run $50. Always sucking you dry. Damn the man.  Oh wait!  This game is for PSP. Silly EB!  A quick read-thru of this article will clarify. 

Back to browsing! 
Dig Dug Digging Strike DS comes out in late September! Woo! Nintendo going for the retro. The name alone stirs a little bit of excitement in my belly. I have Dig Dug 2 for NES.

Castlevania looks so pretty.
That is all I need to say. However, I do not play games because they are pretty, but because they are fun. Yet, being pretty does not hurt, either.

Lunar Dragon Song DS (Jeez, all these games seem to be coming out in September!):
Now, I have Lunar Legends for GBA and was far from ever being disappointed with that game. The only problem I ever had was beating that final boss.

Oh Yummy. Lost in Blue (also late September) looks like a must-have.
Glad I got my DS.  I just need GAMES! Send me money, all.

The game I am most looking forward to owning, however, is Nintendogs. It should be clear why.

Wrapping up,
I think I have decided to splurge and buy Kirby Canvas Curse for my brand new Electric Blue DS tomorrow as well. It just looks so pretty and this comic for it makes me laugh.

Also! Since I purchased a two year warrantee plan through Best Buy,
if for any reason my touch screen becomes too worn and scratched up, I can bring my DS back for a full refund of what I paid for it ($150), even if this is in 2007 once the price for a new system has dropped and many more colors are out. I will then pick up a newer, cheaper, pretty, black or other wanted color! Sounds like a mighty plan to me, especially considering the warrantee only cost me a Jackson (not Michael, Andrew). So, deviant am I.

In my rush to complete this article,
I nearly forgot to mention the employee whom I asked to ring up my rain check. When I explained the situation and he understood I was going to spend $150 on a gaming unit, he asked me who I was buying it for. When I replied it was for me, his eyes lit up in surprise. I swear, as annoying at that can get, it is fun to show the female gamer card.

Any recommendations for what kind of case is good
(price matters to me) for keeping the system unscratched, and also recommended replacement styli please send to

Happy prodding and poking with styli my fellow gamers!

Sarah Tomase

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