Milk This! V:7 "Love Stinks."
-By Harold "Hbomb" Price-
-Hbomb secretly loves everyone-
-Posted 02/14/2005-

Unless Philip procrastinates in posting this, or you're reading this late, today is Valentine's Day. It is a day where we are supposed to buy candy and flowers and all sorts of stuff for your sweetheart.

But what if you don't have a sweetheart? What for those of us that are single?

The airwaves are full of ads featuring loving couples giving stuff like candy and jewlery and cards. Not only has Valentine's Day become for a ploy for cardmakers, candymakers, and jewlers to make money, it also has become a reason for people who don't have anybody to feel incredibly crappy. It's like if you don't have anyone, there's something wrong with you.

I just think there are more important days to celebrate. Such as the day "Star Trek" first aired, or Jennifer Garner's birthday. Or... in just 2 weeks from today, there's the one holiday everybody should celebrate...

My birthday! :)

Ok, so maybe I'm getting carried away, but I'm right about Valentine's Day. As kids, we are taught to embrace the holiday in school. We trade little cards with cartoon characters on them and pass out candy and stuff. It's just setting kids up to be heartbroken and depressed later on. There are tons of holidays people don't give a crap about, such as Arbor Day and Flag Day. Why can't Valentine's Day join them?

...of course, if Jennifer Garner ever decides to be my Valentine, I could be changing my tune. :)

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