Sarah Speaks Up
Be Glad That I Am Not A Real Surgeon!
-By Queen Sarah Tomase-
-Presented by DMG
-Ramble on!-
-Presented 10/18/2005-

Sarah is listening to the following:
  • The Shins – Those To Come (Low key, pretty song.)
  • The Weakerthans – Letter Of Resignation (There is just something about driving home in the car at night with this song blaring.  That or I absolutely love the Weakerthans.  They are not only my favorite Canadian band, but my favorite band ever.)
  • Aloha – Here Comes Everyone (Album) The song “You’ve Escaped” is beautiful. Yes, what a broad word in meaning! How dare I attempt to use it!  Beautiful has a high relation to the feeling of happiness, at least to me.  Words are, after all, very abstract.  That is why words are just words; feelings are stronger and are so difficult to express into words.
Also, I recently bought a pair of over-the-ear headphones, and I am very happy with them.  Sennheiser HD 202’s.  For $21 I’d buy them again.  They provide the cheapest solution for someone looking for comfort and sound quality.  And no, unfortunately, I do not receive any money for promoting Sennheiser like that.  So that’s what I’ve been listening to my music on.

Today I popped into my local gaming store to pick up a new DS game I’ve been craving to try.  At first the idea did not appeal to me, it did not tug at my soul, forcing my hand outwards to reach.  No, instead of an immediate craving, it took months of hearing about this game before its release eventually caught my interest. Today, I felt some sort of tug to go spend $31 something on a game where I get to cut people open and sew them back up, something I would never be capable of doing in reality.  No, I am not afraid of blood.  It is more the needles and the fear of killing someone, constantly over-head lurking.  I do not want that responsibility. Luckily through the magic of video games we get to experience a false reality without ever having to take responsibility of the consequences of being terrible.  I never said I was more than an average gamer.  Well, I am female, so perhaps I am more than an average gamer.

Trauma Center: Under the Knife is simply fun.
Sure I have killed a couple patients already, but I can always try again.  It is difficult at first; however, I do not think it will get anything; but more difficult as you go on.  (There is a review of the game here.)  My brother stole my DS today, so I have not been able to play more. I just recharged the other day but I think I may have to a second time this week because I can not tear him away from this game. Trauma Center: Under The Knife is really addicting.

I often seem to have some sort of interesting dialogue when I pick up a game.
Today was one of those occasions.  The clerk remembered me from last week, when I went in to buy Castlevania for my DS. Well, I walked in from the chilly outside and the door shut behind me just as I one of the clerks says to the other, “So I’m thinking about buying a DS.” He said he wanted to play with puppies and cut people open and try that new lawyer game.

Naturally, this genuinely amused me.
  I butted in asking the guy if he held on buying a DS until a lot of the truly well-crafted games came out.  He told me no, that he had bought a DS upon its release; however, he traded it in for a PSP, which he also told me he did not regret. People want to play these games. This is great news for Nintendo and a great thing for sales, especially concerning North American sales.

The other clerk told me
that the new game Lunar: Dragon Song, “blows” and that its high price of $40 USD will soon drop. I am kind of disappointed at hearing this, because I liked Lunar Legends for the GBA.  However, the thought of playing an RPG on the DS does not seem worthwhile to me. I would much rather play it on a GBA SP or even the top screen of my DS.

Oh, and let us not forget!
  The DS goes Wifi in under a month.  Many gamers will sing great praises on November 14, 2005.  I’ll probably be forced into purchasing Animal Crossing: Wild World and Mario Kart DS, but what can I do?

Besides hand over the money, that is.  Anything for enjoyable gaming.

Until next time! So, basically, until whenever I feel like it!
Sarah Tomase

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