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Because Eleven is Better Than Ten Random Holy Wonderful Great Amazing Awe-inspiring Songs from Sarah’s Zen:
  1. The Jealous Sound – Anxious Arms
  2. The Postal Service – Be Still My Heart
  3. Pavement – Shady Lane
  4. Oasis - Wonderwall
  5. Sigur Ros – Staralfur
  6. Enon – Natural Disasters
  7. AC Newman – 35 in the Shade
  8. The Fiery Furnaces – Paw Paw Tree
  9. Jets to Brazil – ‘Your X-Ray Results Have Come Back From The Doctor And We Think We Know What The Problem Is’
  10. Polysics – Making Sense
  11. The Arcade Fire – Crown of Love

I’ve just been informed of another game reason enough for me to purchase a DS.  Yes, that’s right!  Your dreams have come true.  Katamari Damacy is coming to the dual screen.   How ever will you contain your excitement?  Well, you’re going to have to, since this title won’t be coming out for a good nine months.

In case you’re interested and even if you’re not, I think this game is going to look sweet between my thumbs. Using a stylus in order to roll around in these worlds will either improve or simplify game play. As if the game wasn’t simple enough!  It would be disastrous if all difficulty in this game were to be diminished because of a touch screen.

What would be equally disastrous would be if the graphics were to suffer from the small size of the screens.  It is going to be a feat for the game makers to overcome the obstacle of not blocking up the screen with a huge katamari, especially since the screens of the DS are so much smaller than those of any average TV.

Even before the sequel comes out for the PS2, the Katamari Damacy series, we know, will not change its short leave you wanting more storyline.  Despite this cruel fact, Katamari Damacy is loved by thousands of fans – fans who croquet Katamari shaped hats – who will purchase a DS just so they can play this new, highly anticipated, ever-exciting game from Namco.  Just please promise me no repeat levels?

I anticipate Namco will provide a much-desired in the first game overhead map on the bottom screen along with the size of your Katamari compared to the goal size for that level. The levels should be interesting, assuming they are all new.  First of all, I don’t think the levels on the original would convert well over to the DS, so I am hardly worried Namco will sell out like that.  But will the games be as detailed, I wonder?  Will it be as much fun as the original, though, is my real concern?

But playing with a stylus is just not the same as the dual analog.  It just isn’t and will never be.  I thought the duel analog set up was innovative enough… so why mess with a good thing?  Well, money.

But I also say development for this game is key.  If Namco messes up I am going to be royally aggravated.  They better spend their money wisely and tweak this game to perfection or else I will be sorely annoyed.

Nintendo didn’t design the DS with two analog sticks, let alone one.  The main focus of the DS has been its touch screen capabilities.  But will rubbing the screen with your finger or stylus be any fun?  How will the Prince move the Katamari around?  Will you have to rub it back and forth?  How will he turn around?  Will the graphics near-compare to the original?  Will I be able to see around town once my Katamari grows out of proportion?  I want to talk to whoever is in charge of this thing.

The music to the original was outstanding and a key aspect of this game.  If it weren’t for the killer soundtrack, KD wouldn’t be any FUN to play.  In fact it would be just plain boring without sound.  So, will the DS version steal the same soundtrack or will they collect all new scores of music for this one?

Another good question is price.  The original game for the PS2 came out late last summer at the lowest price I have ever seen for a new release PS2 title.  Even lower than a GBA game, KD came out at a mere $20.  I myself couldn’t resist and am glad I didn’t.  But will the DS game cost more?  More than likely is my guess.  The lowest price for a DS game I’ve seen has been $30.  Unfortunately, I highly doubt the DS version of KD will be any different.

Either way, I know I’ll be buying a DS late this year with this game in mind.

Happy rolling!
Sarah Tomase

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