Sarah Speaks Up
Well, I guess this means I have to buy a DS.
-By Sarah Tomase-
-Presented by DMG
-May contain bubbles-
-Presented February 08/2005-

What Random Songs are playing in Sarah’s mp3 player?
Yes, I realize I am stealing – I mean borrowing – this from Viral Speak, but I rock harder than Phil, so there.

1. Hellogoodbye – Homewrecker
2. The Weakerthans – Watermark
3. The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
4. Iron & Wine – Such Great Heights
5. Modest Mouse – Bukowski (a song named after one great dead drunk poet)
6. Death Cab For Cutie – This Charming Man
7. REM – Losing My Religion
8. Thursday – Steps Ascending
9. The Shins – Pink Bullets
10. The Shins – Caring is Creepy

With Philip’s grand announcement (the one about Nintendo’s plans to bring Taito’s Bubble Bobble to the duel screen) in mind, I suppose there isn’t anything else I can do, but concede faster than John Kerry, and purchase a system. I am still holding out until Nintendo releases a version of the DS in, say, actual color. However, I am excited. It’s supposed to integrate some of the new, great, absolutely brilliant features responsible for drawing us to the DS in the first place. Whenever we see one, be it on the street or inside of Gamestop, our eyes lock hold and we must touch it.

For a girl whose never played with one for longer than a couple minutes,
this says something. Things I never thought I’d get to see in gaming...I’m seeing now. And I want one! And not just because it’s pretty.

We’ll see what Rising Star does first;
if the new publisher will murder all that it is we know and love from the original arcade game, or if they will actually pull it off. I’m not so sure how they plan to incorporate the touch screen element to this game, in all its simplicity. They should hire me to make sure the game plays just so. There’s an idea!

“Bubble Bobble Revolution will make full use of the Nintendo DS's touch screen, offering players the opportunity to interact with the game's vibrant environments in spectacular and innovative ways.” – Planet Gamecube

This makes me a bit antsy.
I’m starting to wonder if Rising Star is going to take Bub and Bob, cut them out, and change the game altogether, perhaps into an RPG or Adventure mode. Play as one of them walking around, but then I have no idea what you would do. So that can’t be it. What do they mean by “vibrant environments” you can “interact” with? I really have no clue, which makes me anxious. I want more answers!

I have my fingers crossed on this one,
but Nintendo is going to have to come out with more games for their new system. The kind of more games I want to play. Pretty games! No unicorns necessary! I just want to see a game that is fun, innovative, pretty, and complete. And by complete I mean no glitches and no wanting to throw down the controller (in this case the system). It cannot be too hard but it can’t be easy at all either. I guess my standards a little high.

On a side note, in response to TK421,
yes I have beaten the original Bubble Bobble for the NES, when I was 7. But I’ve only beaten it in two player mode. The GBA version Old & New wasn’t a disappointment at all. It’s not the same exact experience as the original, but it’s the best I could have asked for in handheld form. It gives you the original version alongside a revamped version, made for kids who are under four feet tall, who have never played the glory that is the original. I highly doubt Nintendo has any intention of releasing a NES Classic version. Half of Old & New is as close as it gets to recreating the original. Buy it! I’d recommend that to anyone whose ever played and loved the original Bubble Bobble.

Fingers crossed,
Sarah Tomase

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