The Seven V.8: "Team XKalibur"
-Where are they now? Notes-
-Restored from July 26, 2000-
-Mythri is currently being worked on for the Game Boy Advance.-
-It has a publisher and will be out in either late 2003 or early 2004.-
-Please look forward to it!-
-Team XKalibur's Website -

A Fantasy Snippet!
Through the air in the dark shadows of the night.... Team XKalibur stands in their quest to right what once went wrong, And in the name of the RPG, they will punish you. We nabbed Tomm Hulett, and Keith Martineau of Team XKalibur. Watch them squirm under our glaring question probes! Sign their petition.

DMGICE: Why the name "Team XKalibur"?

Tomm: Can't tell you that. We'd...have to kill you.

Keith: hehe heh BUT, we AREN"T named after that Xkalibur 2009 game on the NES.

Tomm: and we're not named after anything Marvel Comics related. Thank you.

DMGICE: Where did the idea for Mythri come from?

Keith: The idea for Mythri, think Tomm's gonna wanna field this one.

Tomm: For awhile, Keith and I wanted to do a traditional "fantasy world" RPG something in a world people couldn't go outside and felt "different" I was listening to a demo tape from our (now) musician, Ian Stocker..and he had a song called "Mythri" the song clutched onto my vision of this "fantasy world" later, Keith came up with the idea of two planets orbiting each other..and that formed our world originally, the game took place on Luna, the crystal-laden planet...but somewhere along the line it ended up on Gaia, and anime warped us, and you have the game as it stands.

DMGICE: Sometimes the producers put a little bit of themselves into a character. Which character are you most like from Mythri?

Tomm: We'll have to be careful since we can't reveal all the characters I did most of the script writing, there's a little bit of me in every character.  Kageru and Slade are my favorites.

Keith: I've never thought about before, honestly...but given the thought, I can see little bits of myself in the 3 main male characters . I'd have to say Slade is my favorite though. Actually, honestly, my favorite character is someone who hasn't been revealed in any shape or form---but I don't see too much of myself in that character.

DMGICE: What Anime/Rave Drug/Older RPGs do you feel had the most influence on Mythri's design?
Keith: Rave Drug?  ::laughs:: No drugs at all man, maybe a good frying pan to the head, but no drugs. Oh boy, I think you can see some of the older RPG influences in the art. Evangelion is probably the top one. There are a ton of different things that influenced our ideas honestly, thats a long list of pop culture.

Tomm: ::laughs:: Well...every RPG from the 8-bit and 16-bit era, especially the FF games and CT. Anime will require some thought... Evangelion's a big one some Lodoss war, a dash of Slayers..Vampire Hunter D, Macross Plus I've seen a lot of anime since finishing the script, too...maybe I'll do a Gundam/Key video game. The script was finished over a year ago...I could add onto it forever but then I'd never get anything done. ::laughs:: Every anime we'd seen probably influenced us in some way...but again, mostly Evangelion.

DMGICE: What is Team XKalibur planning to do after Mythri?

Tomm: Games. Good games.

Keith: We have a couple projects in mind, but we'd be getting ahead of ourselves just a little bit if we started on that before Mythri even has a publisher.

DMGICE: From what you have heard.. what feature of the Game Boy Advanced are you most looking forward to?

Tomm: It's general SNESiness.

Keith: Do you want it listed in importance, or alphabetically?

Tomm: ::laughs:: We believe Mythri tops what the old 8-bit RPGs did, graphically. Graphically and otherwise, that is so we're looking forward to doing the same to 16-bit RPGs.

Keith: Seriously, there isn't a single feature I'm NOT looking forward too on GBA.  I'd always wished we'd been borne 5 or 6 years earlier, so we could have had the chance to work on the SNES. NOW, with the GBA, we basically get that opprotunity.

DMGICE: Well, we need to wrap it into Seven questions.. so.. in a few words or fifty.. why should everyone be excited about Mythri?

Tomm: ::prepares, checks notecard, opens bluebook::

Keith: The little candy thats included in the box. (JOKING!) 

Tomm: Candi...she's a model. Let's see... Well, as they probably know by now, Team XKalibur is a group of hardcore gamers. We know what we want in a game, what made the older games work, and certain things missing from "new school" titles. So with Mythri, we've taken everything we loved, and the lessons we've learned--and crafted it into (what we believe is) the best example of Role-Playing possible on the Gameboy Color. It should be exciting for gamers to come see the game that they would have made, if they had the opportunity and it's exciting for us, to see how we did.  Maybe we were correct in our theories...maybe this is another lesson for us to learn. But we've put all we had into Mythri, so we'll see how we did. anything to add, Keith? (nutshell version: cause Mythri rulz, yo!)

Keith: You know, we're just a bunch of young people who wanted to do it our way, and present the things WE like about Role Playing Games, and so hopefully those things we like are the things that are most important in an RPG.

-Philip Wesley- (Provided the Questions)
-Tomm Hulett, and Keith Martineau of Team XKalibur- (Provided the Answers)