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-Presented 04/22/2005-

News (to me at least):

I found out this week something about a game I used to play when I was six but never owned.  I used to play it at one of my friend’s house, back when the NES was the system to own. I also played Sega Genesis…. Back when sonic was cool. Man, those were really the days.

Okay I’ll shut up. So, apparently the classic NES game Super Mario Brothers 2 (as we Americans call it) was actually originally released in Japan as a completely different game that didn’t release in the United States.  They simply changed the characters. Put Mario right in there, and voulah!  A new game! Those ignorant Americans won’t suspect a thing.  No wonder that game looked so weird!  I guess the Japanese SMB 2 game was a difficult SMB, but they didn’t think much of us back then I guess so they switched it on us.

I also found this! And let me tell you……. Damn! The screen is too small! And Bubble Bobble 2… I don’t remember playing it. The first one dominated, no doubt. Showy graphics my –

Holy batman, the first commercial for Zelda for the NES leaves me speechless . . . and 2  freaks… also Metroid: and this is just wow. Hahahaha! So incredibly corny:, also Nintendo Power.

Did the Power Glove carve the path for failure in Nintendo’s innovative route? Like…The Virtual Boy?

And… holy shit someone buy me this.

I’m tired. That’s all for tonight. That’s all folks.

I miss when the NES was considered to house quality graphics. I really do.

Sarah Tomase

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