The Seven V.7: "Nintendo/Rare Snippets"
-Where are they now? Notes-
-Restored from E3, 2000-
-Rare left it's second party position with Nintendo to be bought by Microsoft.-
-Nintendo of America is rarely told stuff.-
-This is all strangely ironic.-

The Seven Snippets!!!
It pays to have a good memory. It also pays to catch people unaware. Oh, yes.. this is a "Special" Seven.. it's a special issue as it's really a collection of quick and unusual snippets. It's "Seven Snippets". Yup. Seven little snippets of questions to various people. This target is Nintendo. Okay.. not all of these are from Nintendo. Two are from Chris Stamper of Rare. Four are from Jim Wornell (One of the people YOU should be thanking for his part in bringing us Mario Land games and Wario games.) And one is from Peter Main! These are bits and pieces from E3 that were on my Palm Pilot. I had them password protected.. that why I didn't find them earlier.

dmgice: What did you think of the Metal Gear Solid 2 movie?

Rare: Oh, that? That was okay.. I guess. From a technical standpoint.. it isn't much. It's okay.

dmgice: Will we see a new Conker game on the Game Boy Advanced to match his new attitude?

Rare: Hmmph. We aren't planning a sequel for the (Game Boy) game that I can tell you of.

dmgice: Do you know how many buttons the Game Boy Advanced has?

Nintendo (Jim): Well, back a while ago we were saying four and the development kit has the shoulders too. Did you know it's going to be horizontal this time?

dmgice: Have you heard of Foy? I want Nintendo to rename "Ledyba" to "Foy".

Nintendo (Jim): Well, hadn't heard that yet; but Foy does sound better; but it's up to marketing, I'm not marketing.

dmgice: What games would you like to see on Game Boy?

Nintendo (Jim): Well, have you played Resident Evil 0 yet? I like that series. I'm looking forward to the Game Boy Color game. It's one of my favorite series. Aside from our own.

dmgice: Umm.. you did know that Resident Evil GBC was canceled by Capcom of Japan right?

Nintendo (Jim): *frowns* It was canceled? When did this happen? I hadn't heard about that yet...

dmgice: When is the Game Boy Advanced coming out over here?

Nintendo (Peter): I can't tell you that; but look for information later this year... at Space World or something.

-Philip Wesley-