The Seven V.5: "Hot Gen Studios"
-Where are they now? Notes-
-Restored from April 18, 2000-
-Capcom released a TERRIBLE Resident Evil game on GBC.-
-Hot Gen did no more games for Capcom.-
-Capcom's loss in my opinion.-
-Hot Gen's website -

The Seven Questions Looks!
HotGen! HotGen! Get your HotGen and Biscuits!

DMGICE: Why the name "HotGen"?

HOTGEN: HotGen represents a number of key elements within the company. Gen is for knowledge and next generation, something that we are certainly associated with, as we are developing for all the next generation hardware platforms and have years of experience in the games business. Hot, well, we only make the most exciting, latest and hottest selling products !

DMGICE: Was Resident Evil for GBC done when it was canceled?

HOTGEN: Yes, we are at beta and it is excellent. The reason it was cancelled is down to the following question: do you think that any game on a Game Boy could really scare you ? Capcom thought that not and, since Resident Evil is all about this "fright factor", decided that they would not publish the game (or any other title in this franchise).

DMGICE: Is there *any* chance of it resurfacing under license by Virgin Interactive or another company?

HOTGEN: Nope. Capcom have the last say and approval rights, and since they believe you cannot be scared by a game on a Game Boy, will not allow their license to be used on such a machine.

DMGICE: Are you looking forward to the Game Boy Advanced?

HOTGEN: Absolutely.

DMGICE: What new feature on the Game Boy Advanced do you anticipate the most?

HOTGEN: Excellent, portable games. It's all about the games, not the hardware. A feature....Mario !

DMGICE: Will there be any more Game Boy Color products from HotGen in the future?

HOTGEN: Yes, we are developing some great titles for LucasArts, Mattel and our un-named publishing partners.

DMGICE: Could you smack someone at Capcom with a Game.Com (With Resident Evil 2 in it), please?

HOTGEN: You bet !! 

-Philip Wesley- (Provided the Questions)
-Fergus McGovern, MD of HotGen Studios- (Provided the Answers)

-Philip Wesley-