Milk This! V:1 "I feel USED."
-By Hbomb -
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-Posted August 25th, 2003-

Tired of the high cost of games? Tired of your small gaming library and can't afford to buy the newest industry dubbed "megahit"? Well, I have found the perfect solution.

Used games.

Over half of the games in my Gameboy library were pre-owned. Some of these titles include:

Survival Kids
Dragon Warrior 1&2
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
Harvest Moon
Wario Land 2
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

All of the above are awesome games, and although I was unable to enjoy these games when they first came out, I was patient enough to find them for an affordable price.

There are several ways to come across used games; some are better than others.

Method 1: The Internet

Most of my used Gameboy games (as well as a couple used SNES games) were acquired from the Internet. Most of these games came from a site called, which facilitated the trading and selling of games, CDs, books, movies, etc. I acquired several games through the site, including Survival Kids, Harvest Moon, and Super Mario All-Stars (SNES). I was also able to get rid of several of my SNES games that I no longer played. Unfortunately, I also had instances where deals fell through, and I was even ripped off once or twice. Unfortunately, is no longer in business.

Another method of acquiring used games online is going through auction sites like Ebay. I once purchased a copy of Nemesis for $5 in an Ebay auction. I also sold one of my Gameboys through Ebay. Just like anything you buy through another person, be careful. You may find an awesome deal, or you may get screwed.

Method 2: Retail

Retailers like GameStop and Electronics Boutique have been selling used games for years. You  can find deals ranging from $5 for a used copy of Madden 2002 for Gamecube , to a $25 used N64, to $25 for used copies of higher profile titles. Buying used games from retail stores doesn't have the selection of the Internet, but it doesn't have the high risk of getting ripped off either. Also, as I said, some of the higher profile titles tend to be overpriced. Now, if you're looking for games for older consoles, games tend to be relatively inexpensive.

In addition, retailers have expanded sales of used games to the Internet, reducing (but not eliminating) the problem of a limited selection, while still having minimal risk. However, prices tend to be higher than if you were buying through someone on Ebay.

Method 3: Yard Sales/Thrift Stores

This is rare. I have never purchased a game at a yard sale (although I did sell a few at one), but I did find some SNES and Genesis games at a thrift store. You're pretty much at the mercy of your own luck if you hope to find a good game at a yard sale or a thrift store. However, as like anything else, there is always the occasional treasure at one of these places. Just don't depend on getting games there.

In conclusion, finding a quality used game is not without risk or effort. You may not be always able to find a title you want. And as for high profile games, I'd recommend saving the money to shell out full price, or wait until the games go on sale, because used prices won't be that much less. But if you're willing to wait for a quality title, a used game can be quite the bargain.

-Hbomb - (Provided the FUNKY)
-Foy - (Provided the FLIGHT)