Milk This! V:4 "We Need a Choice"
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-Posted December 25th, 2003-
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Nintendo just designated a bunch of games as "Player's Choice" titles, with reduced prices to go along with the status. Sony and Microsoft do something similar with best sellers for their consoles. And yet, Nintendo just leaves us Gameboy players hanging.

Yes, the GBA top end games are about $15 less then a top end GC game ($35 vs. $50), but still, $35 can be too much to pay with all the top titles out there. Nintendo needs to start "Player's Choice" for Gameboy Advance.

Nintendo needs to realize that Gameboy Advance is not a true monopoly and get competitive again. Yes, they have started to recognize this by reducing system prices and even by bundling the E-reader with the GBA. But, they need to remember that games sell systems. And having a selection of high-quality, low-cost titles will keep gamers coming.

So, Nintendo needs to designate a handful of games (most likely Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire, the Super Mario Advance series, Zelda: A Link to the Past, and probably one or 3 third-party titles, such as Sonic Advance) as Player's Choice titles, and reduce the price appropriately. If Nintendo lowers Player's Choice titles for GBA from $35 to $20, they will definitely see a difference.

If the average gamer has $70 to spend on games (this is a hypothetical situation; I don't know how the average gamer got $70 to spend on games), he or she could buy 2 $35 games, or 3 $20 games, and still have $10 left over for batteries or accessories, or whatever.

So, Nintendo. We need a choice!
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