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Those who forget the past have no future. That is the most important truth ever to cross the minds of mortal mankind. This is a restoration of an old piece of interview content we had here at DMG Ice. The numbering system here in the Ice Block section of the library is a bit messed up do to rearranging, but it should be fine. Thus the numbers seem a little off. This was the first article posted in the Ice Block and it was meant to be the debut of a restoration series of articles. I have decided to lump it into The Philip Rational as the majority of the older content I would restore here was written by myself ANYWAYS. So, there you have it.

Dmg Ice

ToadWarrior is the webmaster behind "GameboyHeadquarters ."
His e-mail is
The Avardancer (Philip Wesley) does most ofthe interview; and Adrock cuts in.
Sound like fun?
It's chaos and it's right below you. :)

For the record: Toad's Replies are Green, My replies are Yellow, Adrocks are Red.
<Avardancer> Hello, Sports fans! Todaywe dissect Toadwarrior in our Interview. What makes him tick? Why is heso cool? These questions, we will answer!
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> I can tell you right now it's the cheese!
<Avardancer> Well, Toadwarrior, say helloto the studio audience!
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Hello!
<Avardancer> Well, our first question isa bit pointed; but here we go. When did you get the idea to start yoursite?
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Well ever sinceJanuary or around then I started complaining alot at NGO's forums abouthow no one will cover the Gameboy even though it's sold so many units.One of the days Sven or someone said "Why don't you make a site" and atthe time I had my N64 site, a month later I got rid of the N64 site andstarted work on my Gameboy site.
<Avardancer> That's pretty cool; I'm still upset at the apparent lack of attention some magazines have toward Gameboy.What in your opinion is the reason they do this?
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Well some sites and magazines only cover news and Game Buyers does one or 2 poor reviews sometimes. The reason I think is because it's an old system and they don't feel it has the appeal to attract people since it's mainly a 2D system and it's graphics aren't pretty. What they don't realize is while Gameboy coverage might not attract new visitors or buyers, there's already over 60 million Gameboy owners they can attract.
<Avardancer> Those 60 million people are the reason we do our sites. :) Well, what is the future of "Gameboy Headquarters"in your opinion?
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> It's hard to say. Information wise I'm sure people will see more coverage as time goes on,hopefully I'll start getting some Japanese coverage in a week or 2. GraphicallyI'm playing around with a couple designs, right now the site doesn't leavemuch room for graphics but I'm working on that. Also I hope to move toa decent server sometime. I'll have to pay for what I want but I thinkit'll be worth it.
<Avardancer> The future of GB HDQ looksgreat. If you could start all over again on your site; what would you dodifferent?
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> I'd start earlierinstead of complaining. Actually there's not too much I would change, perhapsI would of use no frames but that's hard to say since I feel frames makeit easier to update. I'd have to say I'm pretty satisfied with my currentsite. Now if I could do what ever I wanted and had unlimited funds, I wouldof had real audio news updates along with text news and screen shots everywhereand I'd have cool GBHQ T-shirts.
<Avardancer> That would rule. I would definitely have to get one of the shirts. :) Oh, "adrock"; one of my staff memberswants to join in the interview. He runs "The Funtography Hut". Go figure; how do you set the chat for three?
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Click on his name and pick chat, instead of click the start chat button or whatever it was,click the other on beside it, it should say join session.
<Adrock Joins Chat>
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Actually I've lookedinto making T-shirts for a contest and one for me but It's sort of priceyif you just want one or two made.
<Avardancer> Well, he's here now. Ohh....SCARY! Well, what's your opinion on Video Game violence and mature themes?
<Adrock> Hello...
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Hey Adrock!
<Avardancer> It's okay Adrock... ask ToadWarrior a question.. he won' t bite you hard....
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> I like violenceif there's a game behind it. For instance Duke Nukem 3D's violence andsex made a excellent game even better but on the other hand Mortal Kombat3 was just plain poor. So I do like it but too many companies are using it to make up for a poor game.
<Adrock> Hi ToadWarrior. what's the dilly-o
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> The dilly o is a odd dill pickle found only in Africa :p
<Adrock> :-D
<Avardancer> So, what type of music doyou listen too, Toadwarrior?
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> I listen to gamemusic and hard rock generally. I get a lot of weird looks when my friends see a Mario 64 CD beside a Metallica CD.
<Adrock> I listen to the Beastie boys.
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> That's what i figured after seeing your name, I used to listen to the Beastie boys a long timeago.
<Avardancer> Well, the next question is a little interesting. Which will you buy first? Zelda or Gameboy Color?
<Adrock> I already own regular Zelda...And the only difference is color... This will be a problem for me.
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Well I already bought Zelda, well pre ordered so I own a copy of it already. I am buying theGBC as soon as possible, if EB lets me pre order the GBC then I will
<Adrock> Oh you mean Ocarina... Yes, thatwill definitely come first.
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> I'm sure Zelda will sell out, the GBC could but I'm betting it won't sell out since my area doesn't seem to be into gaming alot.
<Avardancer> Toadwarrior, what do you think the future of Gameboy will be... after Color...?
<Adrock> I'm not sure Pokemon will be as successful as they think it will. The show is just another "Japan" thing...I'll be into it, though.
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> It'll definitely be 3D which is why I wrote the article about buttons. It may seem trivialto worry about buttons but the more buttons they add, the bigger the systemwill probably get and 2 buttons isn't enough for 3D. Supposively the insidecomponents of the N64 are small enough that a portable n64 could be madeso I wouldn't doubt it if Nintendo would reuse it's N64 technology forit's next portable.
<Adrock> Virtual Pets were easy to bring to school, but not many will want to bring their GB.
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Speaking of Pokémon,I just saw the ad for the game, I think it'll be big considering how many companies are into promoting it.
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Let me add, I'm betting on some kind of online ability for the next portable Nintendo system if there isn't an add on for the GBC.
<Avardancer> I always bring my Gameboy everywhere; and I have a test market for Pokémon; I check with the kids I baby-sit and they adore the series; it'll be pretty huge. :) The next question is a bit different. What would you change about Dmg Ice?
<Adrock> Well, you need to talk to Neils, Philip...
<Adrock> That DexDrive would be a cool thing to have for Game Boy...
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> That is a hard one,right now with the new site redesign it's pretty good, I think that I mightmove some of the graphics around but that's about it. Perhaps I'd get rid of the txt files for the reviews and use html pages but other than that I'd say it looks just fine. The color's excellent too. I've always had sites with a black or white background.
<Adrock> talk to Neil's... talk to Neil' to Neil's... IGN... IGN... IGN... IGN... IGN...
<Adrock> Heh heh
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> I'm not sold on the idea of the Dex drive. 3rd party peripherals are almost always junkbecause they use cheaper parts so I like to stay away from anything froma 3rd party maker, especially Interact.
<Avardancer> Though not many people know;some of the Reviews are HTML. An example would be the "Dr. Mario" review. Breathe Adrock. Breathe.
<Adrock> Hmm... If it does what they sayit does, I think it's not junk. I could trade Pokemon with people aroundthe world.
<Avardancer> Interact has some pretty junky N64 controllers; but they do have top-notch steering wheels. I would wantto be able to see who I'm beating at Pokémon. :)
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Well I never knew that, since I've only read a couple reviews. I only read my reviews just to make just I make the link right and to scan the spelling quick and sometimes I scan too quick.
<Adrock> My friend has already promised to get the opposite version of Pokemon as me so we can trade at school.
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Interact's memory paks are junk too. The Dex Drive could use better quality parts since it has no competitors but we'll have to see.
<Avardancer> I always read through most of the stuff in my site. Sometimes. What is your most fond memory of Gameboy?
<Adrock> Mine is playing the first Super Mario Land.
<Adrock> I don't see why you think things are junk if they serve their purpose. If something stops working just use the warranty.
<Avardancer> Mine was when I secretly removeda bit of the wrapping on one of my Christmas presents and saw the words"Super Mario Land." I put the wrapping back in place before my parentscame and couldn't sleep till Christmas. :)
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> It's definitely when I got my Gameboy. Super Mario land is still one of my favorite games,if I would of scored it in the review on the way I felt about the gamepersonally I would of given it a 10 which would of been based more on nostalgiathan anything else so it didn't get a 10. But it was so awesome being able to play Super Mario land and Tetris that Xmas morning.
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> The reason why Adrock is because 3rd party controllers have messed up the system itself making it so it wouldn't work right or so you couldn't use other brands of controllers
<Adrock> My favorite level is the one withthe submarine, shooting the seahorse.
<Adrock> Oh, I know what you mean about the controllers.
<Avardancer> I had that happen once, the controller thing, and it kind of sucks. My favorite memory of Super MarioLand was beating Tatanga. What's your fave moment of Super Mario Land?
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> I favorite level is the last one because I know I'm about to beat it and I liked the plane
<Adrock> Hee Hee... I used to do that too Philip. Unwrap the presents then leave em.
<Avardancer> What did you think the first time you saw Link's Awakening?
<Adrock> I thought it was going to be like the first game. But then I found it was on the level of the third game.That shocked me.
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> I always open and replace an old game with a new game at least once so I can have a gameearly. The first time I saw Link's Awakening I thought it looked cool.When I first played it I was blown away. It seemed superior than all other games on the Gameboy and still does
<Adrock> One time I took Sonic 2 out of my Genesis System box at Christmas and played it at my friend's house.
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> If Wario land 2 was a little easier and longer i think it could of been better than Zelda though.
<Avardancer> I took Game and Watch Gallery 1997 out of the box and played it for a while then put it back in. :) Wario Land 2 ruled. I liked it; but it didn't have the same feeling as Link's Awakening. If you could design a gadget for the Gameboy, what would it be?
<Adrock> Game Boy Dexdrive.... :-)
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> The only think I'd design is a link cable with a end that goes into a phone jack and a decentsoftware modem so we could play games online.
<Adrock> I would make A Game Boy Pager Network.
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> I'm not sure how easy it would be to make a software modem for small cartridges though
<Avardancer> It would probably look like"Tamagotchi 2" with that little Blue thing sticking on the top. So, what games are you currently playing? Any System.
<Adrock> If you get a page, stick it in your GB and you can read what they said. Also it would work as a PhoneDirectory.
<Adrock> WCW VS. NWO, but mostly GB Camera.
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> I've been playingZelda and Game & Watch on the Gameboy, Bomberman 64 and Goldeneye forthe N64 and NFL Blitz and Golden Tee Golf '98 at the arcades
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Oh and Metal Slug 2 at the arcades, which blows Contra out of the water.
<Avardancer> Which Gameboy Color game areyou going to get first?
<Adrock> Zelda Remix. Everything else theyare planning sounds uninteresting.
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> That's a hard one but probably Zelda, I think I'll still be into Pokémon quite a bit at that time too so I'm not sure if I'll have alot of time for other games.Plus with Zelda 64 coming it's going to be hard to find time for all the games coming.
<Avardancer> The worst part of the influx of games is that I own a PSX, N64, and Gameboy. I'm going to be broke come Christmas. Happy; but broke. What is your advice to any budding site creatorsout there?
<Adrock> Goldeneye and Zelda... that's all I really need... That's all anybody really needs...
<Adrock> Have Exclusives. Register to every search engine.
<Adrock> Join IGN.
<Avardancer> One track mind. Well, I'mnot sure if we will see an IGN.DMG just yet.. Maybe next year.. maybe sooner...There's room for the IGN banners in the redesign. :)
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> For the PSX, I'm only interested in MGS and Tenchu and I won't be able to afford too much besides them for the PSX. If someone wanted to start a site, I suggest picking something that everyone else isn't doing and make sure you're interestedin what you're making the site about. For instance if someone made a N64 site it probably won't do well but if they're interested in that and love their site that's fine. I think the next good ideas for a site is in the new Neo Geo portable and perhaps Dreamcast sites.
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> If you'd have IGN.DMG.COM I think that means you'd have to take on their design.  Gamefaqs.comis an IGN affiliate but I don't think they have a url.
<Adrock> Philip knows the guy who made
<Avardancer> Well, I would want to do somethinglike Neil's did. but, not the big move thing. I had a hard enough timeredoing the site to add "The Link", and "Funtography Hut". Btw, what doyou think of "Funtography Hut"?
<Adrock> Oh, I think whoever made it is a total genius.
<Adrock> hehehe...
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Well I've checked the main page once this weekend and it looked cool but since my ISP wasdown most of Sunday and today I never got to see anything else.
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> I'm just glad it wasn't my modem that die.
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> died i mean.
<Avardancer> Me too; scared me. why do you suppose the computers do that?
<Adrock> My comp's fan is making strange noises...
<Adrock> Nothing Serious, though.
<Avardancer> It may be heating up. The old model PSX's did that sometimes. OR it could be talking to you. I talkto my comp fan a lot. :)
<Adrock> My fan better stop talking trash or I'm gonna bust a cap up in it's head.
<Avardancer> Don't you hate that when people talk trash? What is your opinion of the whole "Scaramanga2" thing?
<Adrock> I don't know what that is.
<Avardancer> Scaramanga2 is the self-proclaimed enemy of Pokémon fans on Nintendo's Gameboy BBS. Someone named davewrote a reader editorial about it for Dmg Ice.
<Adrock> if you hate it then don't play it. That kid knows he/she wants to play it.
<Avardancer> Toadwarrior? Are you still there? Well, the next question is: "What genre do you feel the Gameboyis lacking in?"
<Adrock> It is lacking in a good action game.
<Adrock> Uh, I think I'll leave now and leave the interview to you two. Keep the peace, Free tibet.
<Adrock Leaves Chat>
<Avardancer> So, ToadWarrior, what genredo you feel Gameboy is lacking in?
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> I feel it's lacking FPS (first person shooters) the most but they may not be able to do them so except FPS games, I'd say it's lacking sports games, well at least decent sports games.
<Avardancer> Where do you feel the Gaming industry is headed?
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Well it's pretty big right now in Japan, or atlas it seems to be. But I think it'll be gettingbigger. I'm sure more companies are going to make Gameboy games. After the GBC loses it's affect on people I'm not sure how'll they'll go on but I'm sure 3D is in the far future.
<Avardancer> Do you feel that with the influx of Video games as a commercial medium, the quality of games will suffer, mainly because everyone would want a piece of it?
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Video games as a whole are going have a flood of junk games as time goes on. The PSX already has a bunch of junk. Everyone thinks it's easy to make games because theyview them as a kids thing and they feel anyone can make something for akid. As far as the Gameboy i think it'll just get better since we've been in a slump where we've been seeing more re-releases than new titles so it can only get better for the Gameboy for now.
<Avardancer> Well, is there anything you would like to say to the audience before we leave?
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Just that everyone should visit my site (The mandatory plug) and they should pick up a Gameboy Color. It's going to be amazing from what I've seen and who doesn't want an awesome system?Also watch out for the clowns, they're evil!
<Avardancer> Mr. Mime from Pokémon is evil; but he isn't real..... yet. Well, good night ladies, gentlemen,viruses, and pokémon!
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> Mime's are evil but harmless, Clowns will eat you!
<Avardancer> Or at least suck you intothe sewers...
<TheToadWarrior™ (LH)> BTW, "It" is an excellent book