The Seven V.2: "Metro3D"
-Where are they now? Notes-
-Restored from November 29th, 1999-
-Metro3D canceled both Armada: Secret Weapon and The Cage.-
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The Seven Questions return!
You know.. I like seven question interviews. Short, easy, to the point. Seven is a good number. There are seven circles in Hell, Seven Deadly sins, Seven days in a week, and.. okay.. never mind that. Enjoy a seven on METRO 3D. Metro 3D "ported" Classic Bubble Bobble, and makes Puzzle Master, Armada, etc. They make nifty games. Nifty games are cool. Check it out. I'm in BOLD and Metro 3D's person (I won't name him; because.. I'm sure he doesn't want to be mobbed by tons of enthusiastic fans who have played Bubble Bobble Classic and love it.) is in a cool italic. Yummy.

Philip: Where does Metro 3D get it's name?

Metro3D: Random generation, and people liked it.

Philip: Metro 3D is working on an RPG for the Game Boy called: "Dark Angel: Anna's Quest". Anything you can say about the game in the way of what we can expect?

Metro3D: Actually "DA:AQ" might be shifted over to GameBoy Advanced.  Our current GBC projects are "Armada: Secret Weapon" and "The Cage" ["The Cage" is a working title--it might change].  We also just shipped a very cool puzzle game called "Puzzle Master".  "DA:AQ" will be much like our Dreamcast action/RPG, but I need to take a closer look at the GBA technology before I know exactly what we can do on Nintendo's new hand-held system.

Philip: Will it be really dark plot wise?

Metro3D: No.  The current "DA:AQ" story is about when Anna was a child.  I can make it more disturbing if I sense that is appropriate for the GBA players, but I want to entertain our audience, not give them nightmares.  The PS2 and DC versions will be suitably dark.

Philip: So, who would win in a fight? Aya Brea or Anna?

Metro3D: Aya Brea and Anna would definately not fight.  They are both champions and would join forces.  If Aya became evil and picked a fight with Anna, she would not win--Anna has superhuman powers and can regenerate, but she is nice enough to calm Aya down and make friends.

Philip: Are you planning to shoot for a T or M rating? The Game Boy could use a "mature" themed RPG.

Metro3D: I know.  I really would be happy to do that. However, a T or M rating would just make trouble. Parents expect GB games to be suitable for their kids.

Philip: Any plans for making another Bubble Bobble game?

Metro3D: We actually did not make Bubble Bobble--we just imported it from Japan.  The first GBC game we made is "Puzzle Master", followed by "Armada: Secret Weapon", followed by what we currently call "The Cage".

Philip: What does the future hold for Game Boy; according to Metro 3D?

Metro3D: The GameBoy is a very cool and unique system, but new more robust hand-held systems might mean the end of the glorious dot matrix game.  The GBC encourages original game design (great games like Pokemon could only be born on the GB!).  Even so, I am really looking forward to the GBA.

-Philip Wesley-