Milk This! V:12 "Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun."
-By Harold "Hbomb" Price-
-Two is more fun!-
-Posted 06/15/2005-

Game that currently owns Hbomb: Wario Ware: Touched (DS) and Pac-Pix (DS)

You may have noticed the absence of Milk This in the past few weeks. At the end of April, I was hired as a teacher's aide for a pre-K autism class. That meant less free time to write columns such as this, but more money to buy things, such as the Nintendo DS I bought this past week.

When Nintendo announced the DS, I was a bit skeptical, fearing it would be the next Virtual Boy. However, when the top notch titles started coming, I realized I had to get one. There's nothing else like it out there.

I have always been a fan of unusual titles, going back to Faceball 2000 for the original Game Boy. The two games I picked definitely fell into that category. I'm not going to get into too much detail about the games (I plan on reviewing each of them), but before buying Pac-Pix, I had the same feeling of curiosity I had when I bought Faceball 2000. However, it was Wario Ware that surprised me more. I think it's a must-have game, especially for DS newcomers.

Playing the DS takes some getting used to. Normally, you could hold a handheld or controller with both hands. With the DS, you have to hold it in one hand (right in my case, since I'm left-handed) and hold the stylus in the other. As with any video game, you need to take breaks whenever you feel discomfort. I've figured out an optimal playing posture for myself, so I don't have to strain.

As for the GBA compatibility, the games look way sharper than on GBA. Heck, I may stop playing my GBA games on my GB Player and play them on my DS instead.

It may have been a good chunk of change, but I think it's worth every penny. And with games like Animal Crossing (and it's Wi-Fi connectivity), I'm totally excited about the DS.

Hbomb Out.

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