True King Bombness.
"Top Ten Games I would like to see on Virtual Console.
-By Harold "Hbomb" Price-
-Ironically, most of this has already come true...-
-Originally published on 11/27/2006.-
-Posted 04/18/2007-

First, I want to clarify one of my picks from column #1. So I messed up on the SMB/Defender thing. SMB was still one of the first side-scrolling platformers (Defender's a shooter), and that was the point I wanted to express.

Second, when I looked at column #1, it looked very short. I hope to add a little more about each game this time.

Honorable mentions: Contra (Konami, NES), Disney's Aladdin (Capcom, SNES), Dragon Warrior series (Enix, NES), Final Fantasy series (Square, NES/SNES), Earthbound/Mother series (Nintendo, NES/SNES), SimCity (Nintendo/Maxis, SNES), Sonic the Hedgehog series (Sega, Genesis), Harvest Moon (Natsume, SNES/N64), Crusin' USA (Nintendo/Midway, N64), Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo, N64).

10. Duck Hunt (Nintendo, NES).
Ok, so this one's a bit personal. For those who don't know, I hate ducks. It started when ducks started using one of the campus pools as their own personal toilet, closing the pool for a whole semester. This intense hatred has inspired several anti-duck strips (storyline starting at, one-off at Plus, I loved the Zapper, and I am excited by Wii's Zapper add-on.

9. Mischief Makers (Enix/Treasure, N64).
Ok, so this is probably holding my breath a little bit, but it was a title I greatly enjoyed. It was a side-scroller in a time where 3D was dominant. One of the most underrated and overlooked games of its time.

8. Dr. Mario (Nintendo, multiple consoles).
Although I listed Tetris, and not Dr. Mario in the most influential games of all time, the NES version of Dr. Mario probably got more people into action-puzzles, simply because of the Mario franchise. Not to say that it was not a good game. It's an awesome game, especially in multiplayer. Although the NES version would be the simplest choice, the SNES version is bundled with Tetris and the N64 version is 4-player.

7. Knuckles Chaotix (Sega, Genesis/32X).
I'm not sure is 32X games are doable on Virtual Console, or if it has even been considered, but Chaotix is the only Sonic sidescroller not to be in a Sonic collection (although, technically Sonic was not in it).

6. Mario Kart series (Nintendo, SNES and N64).
Yes, there are versions for Cube and DS, but for nostalgia purposes and for a change of pace, Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64 would be good additions to the virtual console library.

5. Zelda series (Nintendo, NES, SNES, and N64).
This most particuarly applies to A Link to the Past, since it was not featured on Nintendo's Zelda collector's edition for Gamecube, but then again, the collection was not available in stores.

4. RC Pro-Am (Nintendo/Rare, NES).
Ok, so this is a Rare title, so chances of this one panning out could be slim, but it was always one of my favorites. It's a shame that Nintendo did not revisit the series after the GB "Super RC Pro-Am".

3. Startropics/Zoda's Revenge (Nintendo, NES).
Another series that Nintendo forgot. I admit, I didn't get much experience with Startropics, but I'd definitely rectify it with a VC purchase.

2. Tecmo Bowl (Tecmo, NES).
Before Madden, there was Tecmo Bowl. It was the first sports title for many a gamer, and although simple, it remains a classic. Of course, with Tecmo Bowl appearing on a compilation for Xbox, and Tecmo's lack of support for Nintendo consoles as of late, this is also very doubtful.

1. Super Mario 64 (Nintendo, N64).
I know there was a DS port. A classic controller or GC controller would do it more justice than the DS's control pad or touch screen.

and apologies to TG16 fans. I don't mean to imply that I don't want to see any games from that system, I just don't know it well enough. Same reason for omitting several good Genesis and N64 games. I joined the party late with Genesis, and missed it altogether with N64.

That's it for now. Good night and good.... something.

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