Sarah Speaks Up
-By Sarah Tomase-
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-Presented February 2, 2005-

So where do I come off, writing an editorial about video games, music, or just whatever the heck tech wise I think is neat? Well, I don't know. Right now I’m sitting down with two of my many loves: techtv and a bagel with sweet, sweet cream cheese, wondering, “Does the fact I wear glasses prove I’m any more of a dork?” You tell me.

So why don’t I bother telling you something about myself so that you’ll actually take me somewhat-seriously in the future?

The fact that I’m female may question some peoples opinions of me. I mean, fine, I’ll admit, I have an addiction to Gilmore Girls. So, now you’re probably thinking, “What does she know about gaming?”

When I was five, for Christmas my brother and sister and I received one of those beautiful gray glories to share: An Original Game Boy, all equipped with Tetris and some Mickey Mouse game. What came next? Well, I’ll just say it was love at first sight.

I still have that Game Boy and an NES, both in working order. I will forever refuse to throw them out. That goes for my Sega Genesis, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, N64, Game Boy Advance, and my brand new platinum Game Cube. I know, I know. I took my time getting a Game Cube. But I was distracted playing PS2 (Kingdom Hearts, anyone?). So just yesterday I purchased a players’ choice copy of Wind Waker and Animal Crossing to go with my copy of Pikmin 2 and Mario Kart Double Dash. I required some real games. Some games I can play for longer than 30 minutes on end. I needed a new addiction…. Which, of course, brings me back to my first true addiction: my favorite video game of all time by no doubt: Bubble Bobble. Taito’s famous bubble-blowing dinosaurs first appeared in 1986, the year I was born. As exciting as that all is and as exciting as the original still is today, when I first heard of a Game Boy Advance Bubble Bobble game, I couldn’t wait.

Unfortunately, I had to, since it took years until it was released in the US. Much to my agony… However, it finally did come out, late this past summer: a pocket version of Bub and Bob to take wherever I fear boredom. It is Heaven.

I still play the original, though. I will never sell it. Kind of like I will never own an iPod. My Creative Zen Micro works great and it doesn’t need a “Tattoo” to look cute; it’s orange!

While I’m at it, I might as well say I’m not an Xbox fan, and I’m not rooting for the PSP either. The DS is just too enticing for me, and the PSP sounds too flawed for its release in the next few months. I also want to add I love Atari and its Unreal Tournament 2004 game; I love the thrill of beating a bunch of random guys’ butts online and then asking how it feels to lose to a girl. Truth is: they all just wish they could be me.

In conclusion, watch Garden State.
-Editorial by Sarah Tomase-
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