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Classic Diva Name: Bionic Commando Girl
Game Boy Games she is in: Bionic Commando: Elite Forces
Fun facts: She was the very first DMG Diva. The first pre-release versions of Bionic Commando: Elite Forces allowed people to jump. This was removed after much complaining by test players. It's not Bionic Commando if you can jump. We are overdue for a new Bionic Commando game. Karinia is not her name, it is the name of her country in the game.

That Bionic Woman from Bionic Commando is our first "DMG Diva". Why? Because, not only is she drop-dead gorgeous in her outfits; her animation is really smooth. She has style. With her literally hundreds of frames of animation, a killer out fit, smooth attitude, and that Bionic Hook; she's all that. She sports purple Anime style hair tied into a ponytail. While, a Ponytail isn't really suggested for people who engage in covert operations; she wants to maintain sometype of "fashion". She is quoted as saying: "With Meryl of Metal Gear Solid, and Joanna Dark sporting the latest in short hair; I think I owe it to the world to keep my hair it's natural length... even if this isn't it's natural color. And besides, unlike Lara Croft, I make a ponytail look good." Her ponytail has a "wow" function as it moves realistically. "My HAIR has more frames of animation; than some sprites in N64 games." She said.

She also admits that she isn't "fully bionic".
"To be honest, I have all the bionic equipment; but if you watch my hands really closely, you'll notice that I am not missing an arm. And the eye piece isn't grafted into my head. Unlike the guy.. I'm not so dumb as to actually lose a body part or two. Being part of the Elite Forces doesn't mean losing a limb." She's right, a bionic tool is a tool used to complement a person's natural strength. For example, Night Vision Goggles improve our already available light perception. When I asked her how much of her was real, she reminded me that she has a liscense to kill.

Overall, she feels that she is a strong role model
for young girls; when she is isn't swinging from the bottom of an Air Fortress, she's busting apart evil empires, and saving the world from tyranny. "I think the worst part of my job is that being so active puts me in excellent shape; but then people who are jealous or uncomfortable with themselves; accuse me of being 'an object' in the game. I stand up for what I believe in, and I'm not outrageously proportioned like many other game characters. I think being on Game Boy Color means being accepted for who I am. I'm not a person you need to rescue. I actually weigh several hundred pounds; mainly because of the bionic gear. I'm comfortable with my weight. It's part of who I am; and if people can not accept that.. I have steel boots." We agree with her on this; after all, she has steel boots.

She dreams of someday retiring
and hopes to take up several hobbies and sports. "I'm a natural gymnast, although I want to take up sport fishing. My bionic gear is killer for that. I may also take up macramé." She apologized for the lack of pictures of herself. "I know, you all wanted 'bikini' shots, or something of me in some type of seductive attire; but sorry.. I'm not photogenic; and I think my picture suits me best. So there." And we have no room to argue with her; after all, she has steel boots.

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