The Seven V.1: "M2M"
-Where are they now? Notes-
-Restored from the November 8th, 1999-
-M2M released another album called: "The Big Room", their voices aren't as high pitched in that one-
-They have a loyal following. Yup.-
-These pictures of them are kind of old now. But here you go!-
-Marit! -
-Marion! -
-Both of them! -
-Here is the original opening text from the interview.-
Philip Corners M2M's Marit and Marion for a little intellectual intercourse. You know... an INTERVIEW, silly!
(Begin Transmission)

M2M is the group from Norway that sings the first single from the Pokémon: The First Movie Soundtrack. And.. I.. interviewed them! Bwa ha ha. All you really need to know is that the cute one is both of them. They like Purple.. and umm.. they sing! I'm in red. They are in Purple. And because of the text colors.. it's on a black background..

Philip: Seeing as I run a Game Boy website. Our readership would like to know if you own a Game Boy and if so... what games?

Marion: I never got my own Game Boy, even though I wanted one really bad. My uncle had one and everytime I visited him and my cousin I borrowed his Game Boy for weeks! My favorite game is Super Mario 3. I've never played the Pokémon game, but I really want to though. I saw this really cool Game Boy in a shop. It was transparent and purple - my favorite color.

Marit: I used to be a huge game boy fan, and I got my first one when I was nine. I'm not as into the game boy as I used to be anymore, but every now and then I take it out for a great game of Tetris...hehe.

Philip: What did you think of when you were approached to do the lead single off of the Pokémon Movie?

Marit: First of all I found it very flattering. I mean, all these great artists are on it and OUR SONG was chosen to be the first single. I find it very cool.

Marion: I thought it was really cool. Pokemon is soooo big in the US and Japan. I also think it is going to be really big in the rest of the world soon. It's a great soundtrack with a lot of great artist on it. So it's really cool for M2M to get the first single. Pokémon helps us to let even more people hear our music and that's our big goal. Thank you Pokémon!

Philip: What is your favorite Pokémon?

Marion: I like a lot of them. Pikachu is really cute and so is Rattata (he's purple! haha).

Marit: Wigglytuff is very cute.

I love you too!

Philip: In your own words, why should the public want to buy your up-coming CD?

Marit: My biggest wish is for people to identify with the lyrics and realize
that we're something different from everybody else. We write all our songs,
we play instruments and we sing... it's real.

Marion: Since we wrote almost all of  the songs on "Shades Of Purple," the
record is very personal and totally M2M. I really like it and I hope people can identify with our lyrics. The songs are real "poppy," but it's up to people if they like our record or not at the end of the day.

Philip: What is your take on Media and Violence in the media?

M2M: Hard question. What really scares us about media is the fact that
whenever things get printed in the newspapers or shown on TV, the information is automatically accessible to everyone. A kid watches a movie on TV and there's suddenly a news break where they show real pictures of awful happenings. But we have to add that media is a great tool to get your music heard, so it's definitely a positive thing too.

Philip: What are your "inspirations" in Music?

Marion: My inspirations are many things. A lyric can be inspired by
anything; a boy, a friend, a cat... anything. I also get inspiration from
people like Madonna and Cher. They have been singing and making music for so
long and they never give up. I want to be like that.

Marit: I get inspired by people who dare to share something of themselves with their listeners. I love almost everything with guitars in it, so I'm naturally a huge fan of Eric Clapton. Other than him, I really like Sixpence None the Richer, Robyn, Hanson and Bic Runga. Those are my favorites.

Philip: What closing advice would you give budding artists?

Marit: Don't be afraid to be different, 'cause we all are anyway.

Marion: Keep going, never give up. Be yourself and live up to your dream.

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