The Seven V.4: "Slitherine"
-Where are they now? Notes-
-Restored from March 14, 2000-
-Slitherine has apparently abandoned T. Tex in favor of PC Games.-
-Too bad. It was going to be SWEET.-
-T.Tex NEVER came out.-
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The Seven Questions Looks!
Hey! We got Slitherine under the microscope! Check them!

DMGICE: Why the name.. "Slitherine"?

Slitherine: If you could speak Mayan you would know that a "Slitherine" is what archeologists call a primitive system of stone cogs and vines, which the Incas are believed to have used to calculate the height of mountains. We think it is more likely they used the Slitherine to play a primitive version of Pokemon!

DMGICE: Well, Tyranosaurus Tex looks great! Can't wait to buy a copy or two of it. But, seriously... do you have any plans for after the game is released?

Slitherine: Yes we have a number of exciting projects in development, all top secret at the moment, but we can say that our next game will also incorporate our SLIT-3D game engine, but with a number of key enhancements.

DMGICE: Can the 3-D engine you used, be tweaked to create... say.. a "2 1/2-D" game?

Slitherine: Our 3D engine is currently hardwired for 3D, but there is no reason why it can't be modified to power a 2 1/2-D game, such as "Yoshi's Island" on the SNES.

DMGICE: What inspired the game: "Tyranosaurus Tex"?

Slitherine: It is the result of the following simple mathematical forumulae: sqrt [ ((Robots + Dinosaurs) * [Quake style Gameplay] ) ^ (Wild West Theme * 3D ) ]  = Tyrannosaurus Tex

DMGICE: Can we expect a sequel to T Tex on the Game Boy Advanced?

Slitherine: The Gameboy Advance could handle a very impressive version of T-Tex, and with the extra buttons it has some exciting gameplay possibilities.

DMGICE: What feature in the Game Boy Advanced are you looking forward to the most?

Slitherine:Well for 3D games, the scalable sprites and byte per pixel screen display are beautiful features. But overall we are most exicited about the screen resolution, finally you can have handheld games as detailed as your home console. We can't wait!

DMGICE: Tex has no eyes.. he must be evil. Very evil.. should we all be afraid?

Slitherine: Yes, but only in linkup mode. When you fight a one-on-one deathmatch with a friend, you can both choose to be either Dinosaur, Robot, or Tex himself. There is a lot of fun being the T-Rex, and hunting down your friend, before eating him!

All cannibalism aside. Check them out at and also buy their game. When it comes out in April!

-Philip Wesley-