Good as Gold?
(A Dmg Ice Special report. May 27th, 1999)

Do you think of yourself as an "Otaku"? Or a "Superfan"? Are you the person who just HAS to have that cool commerative edition doo-hickey? Okay.. let me ask you something easier. "Do you like the Legend of Zelda?" You do? Cool. Then you CAN NOT afford to miss out on this device! Nintendo still has a few in stock... VERY few. In fact, I called and there are less than 300 left in stock as I write this article! You should have one of these. Any serious fan of the Legend of Zelda should have one! Well, I am talking about "Catalogue Item #8111. It costs $50; but it is worth the price for bragging rights and (Guess what!) rarity. Only 2000 of these puppy have been made. Once thse are gone... these go the way of the Gold NP100 Game Boy Pocket, Virtual Boy, and R.O.B. into the vaults of items that are just so cool... that you will hate yourself if you don't own one. This is the Nolan Ryan Rookie Card of the Game Boy Cameras.

What makes this camera different from the other colors? For one... it's Gold colored like the special edition Game Pak of Legend of Zelda 5. It also has new stamps and album B pictures. This little digital camera is compatible with all Game Boys and Game Boy Color even picks a different color scheme for it than the normal cameras. This device is just too sweet not to own. Don't believe me? Check out the media below!

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You still need more proof that this camera is your destiny and you need to hurry up and get one before they retire? Well, I have REVIEWS of the original Game Boy Cameras and *gasp* a review of the Gold Game Boy Camera. (A Dmg Ice Exclusive Review.) Check out the quick reference scores. Pretty high.. aren't they? Yup... MORE proof that you need a Game Boy Camera! And you know what? You should try and get a Gold one.. before they disappear.. forever.
  • Game Boy Camera -98%
  • Game Boy Camera: "Legend of Zelda Special Edition" -88%
  • Game Boy Camera - Adrock -99%
  • Game Boy Camera - fonebone12 -92%
  • I know that you want to order one now! So.. here is the ordering information! Call 1-800-882-0053 and ask for product #8111. The Gold Camera is $50 and they take Visa and Mastercard. Get your parents permission first though. Remember that this camera is ultra rare. (Really.) And it's durable and an excellent little digital camera to boot!

    Signing off.
    Philip Wesley
    dmgice.com 1999

    dmgice is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Co. Ltd and it's affiliates. The camera shown here is a limited time premium that is really cool and you should get one. Dmgice.com has recieved no money or funds to make us want to write this article. But, we wrote it anyways; because our readers are cool and we want to let them in on a cool device they may really want. Besides, I told the guy from Nintendo that I would mention that it was still in so that people an go buy it. Knowledge is power! Nintendo Power! Okay.. that was lame. click HERE to return to the Index page.