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Viral Speak 12-25-2003
You know what bothers me? Roads without very visible road signs. *wanders around Jefferson City* Stupid Capital.
Philip is listening to: The soundtrack to Witch Hunter Robin and Someday's Dreamers. Everyone needs to see Witch Hunter Robin and they will. It comes out on Cartoon Network next year! YAY! Somedays Dreamers may never be on Cartoon Network; but it is pretty good.

opera! yes! someone else has finally seen the light. - frozen paintbrush
Philip: Exactly! I love how you can customize it.
What do you want? - Masqued Satyr
Philip: Peace, love, and to rock her all night! Oh, I would also like to have Final Fantasy 6 on Game Boy Advance. PLEASE SQUARE ENIX! PLEASE!
I managed to get three people to buy GBAs in a month at my workplace.  Working nights is boring, so it wasn't that hard-- just bring it in, flash around a little Advance Wars and FFTA, and there you go.  They quickly become one of us.  I'm like Agent Smith, only without the ugly crease in my forehead and the nifty almost-accent. - CX (Mr. Wesley, welcome back...  we missed you.)
Philip: Oh, just wait until they get a load of Kingdom Hearts. BWA HA HA HA HA!
Random Blue Virures, Vuefire and Jerry seems to be on Mario & Luigi....
...Should I wear my SARS mask again? - A very Amused I?Neo
Philip: Naw. Let them INFECT you.
Tell H-bomb he needs to update the Mid-shift archives! - Trogdor's cousin's uncle's brother
Philip: I shall beat him with small sticks and you may join me! Here! Free sticks!
I saw Bowling For Columbine a while back. It was a waste of time and lacked any real entertainment other than seeing him manipulate people himself.
He is douche #1! - M3wThr33
Philip: Well, what can you expect? He's just a bit sad. You know? Have you ever read the guys books? His new one is pretty funny. He complains about he never got laid until he was like 38 and wants Oprah Winfrey to be president. Oh, the bit about him not getting laid is George W. Bush Jr.'s fault. Everything is, really. Well, according to Moore.
I like the little "want more?" link. I clicked it at least a dozen times and I didn't get more. [the following has been removed, for censoring purposes] Damn. Sexual frustration sucks. - Boots
Philip: Hmmm... can I help you with that?
i doubt you will put this up, since i believe i have submitted at least 2 things already, but i will voice my opinion anyways. i am also not trying to start a fight, i just want to hear your opinion on this. i am talking about the L&L project you posted here. i do not believe i possess "inherent ignorance" just because i oppose this list. there are a few things that are understandable not to let a child near on that list (Manhunt, Terminator, Matrix, WWE, EVEN Jak and Daxter) but a few of those things are just off the wall. Teeange Mutant Ninja Turtles, TOO VIOLENT!? it s a cartoon! a classic! it doesnt teach "justice through violence" it teaches little kids to do what you have to do in the name of good, even if it means you might need to fight. it also teaches that pizza is NECCESSARY in all celebrations. and do you remember the 2nd turtles movie? they didnt KILL, or barely even (if at all) hurt shredder to defeat him. what happened? he fell through the dock they were on!
what lesson does that teach you? DON'T BE FAT! i couldnt see how Ninja Turles could be unsafe at all.
Power Rangers? please. this is just another variation of a kids action show. nobody is getting cut open or blown to pieces. at teh most, the poeple get blasted with space weapons, or a guy in an alien suit blows up. it is the kids version of action movies. it isnt terrible, because the situations are fantasy, and the violence is done with non-existent weapons (aside from the martial arts, which teaches that learning self-defense is important) so i dont see anything wrong with this.
also transformers. come on! there just cars, or animals! its giant robot fighting! IT'S MECHS! NO KID WILL GO COMMIT A CRIME BECAUSE OF GIANT ROBOTS! i also had a rant for the Hulk, but i dont feel like doing it right now, so i am just going to wrap this up.
i just dont think anything that is originally designed for kids can be too violent. the people of this organization are focusing too much on violence and not the positive messages these things are bringing forth. you could stretch it if you want and say Captain Planet is too violent for kids, cuz they fight on the show, and completely ignore the message of creating a clean enviroment. i think a little violence is good for kids anyways. they become desensitized to it, and in turn, see no need for it. like seeing those shows or playing violent games is a good way to vent, rather than taking it out on a real person. i grew up on viloent shows and games, and i dont believe in violence at all now.
so yeah, thats my view. i would like to see why you condone these people. thank you for your time. - Darkman
Philip: The truth is that any kind of violence does have an effect on young children. It causes them to be hyper. Some parents do not like that when that happens and try to avoid toys like that. Now, the Lion & Lamb Group is about telling parents what things contain violence and then to recommend toys that are encourage creativity and activity; but not hyperness. Have you ever read the original Ninja Turtles comic books? The show was honestly never intended for children; but it got warped into being for children. Captain Planet is too stupid for kids. Really, a lot of the "ecology" facts in it are incorrect. The truth of the matter is that the Ozone Hole opens up and closes every year on a schedule and your styrofoam cup HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Shows like Power Rangers and Transformers contain violence and shooting. While they do promote self defense, they also promote that hyperness, and the idea that only violence solves things. Unlike many other groups that try to get rid of things, this group is just about informing people about violence. They also have a list of games and toys that would be more appropriate.

This group also testifies a lot before congress. I know the lady that is in charge of it. I met her in the line for coffee at E3 2000. We got into a conversation about First Person Shooters and their effect on people's balance. She's a very clever and smart lady named Daphne White. She doesn't hate video games or shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She just thinks that it is better for younger children to play with things that encourage creativity,  physical activity and sports competition. So, she would rather kids play with Legos or DDR instead of Grand Theft Auto 3. It's not such a bad idea. Besides, she's on our side. Do I condone Lion & Lamb? Yes, I talk with Daphne a bit on the list every year. So, I suppose I know a bit more about it than others. Oh, video games DO inspire violent attitudes and a large majority of game players should be ashamed of themselves. I've heard and read some of the threats that many game players have made toward her and her family. I hope none of my readers have been threatening her. As for two long letters? Well, I'm gonna post the other one right below this! Bwa ha ha!
thats funny. i swear i have read that BRAND NEW VIRAL SPEAK somewhere else on this site...
anyways, i actually have a point to this. i was looking through the december Nintendo Power, and i realized that i am not at all surprised that Nintendo posted a loss for this year. i mean, think of all the accomplishments theyve had this year. cant think of much besides remaking the GBA with *gasp* a light in it? well that would explain it. it really hit me when i realized the last games i bought were the Resident Evil titles and Golden Sun 2. i belive those games (and maybe megaman) are the only thing keeping my love for Nintendo alive right now (mario party used to help, but 5 was AWFUL)
Nintendo has a player choice guide for 2003 in their december issue of Nintendo Power and the top picks of 2003 included Pikmin, Mario Sunshine, Resdient Evil1, and other games made at least 6 months ago. i think Nintendo is seriously loosing its creative edge. i believe it is because they are trying to compete with the other next gen systems, so they are going for more real or mature games instead of sticking with the cartoony theme. now dont get me wrong, i love mature stuff (my love for RE agrees) but because of this, they have lost all their originality, and instead simply remake old games in the cartoony department, and make mostly lame games in their real department. and GAMEBOY, golly twas a terrible year. most of the games were just remade from next gen system games. the only exceptions would be Fire Emblem, Golden Sun 2, and a few other RPG's. i seriously believe Nintendo is falling to the wayside and needs some serious help.  so my question to you master Philip, is what is Nintendo going to do? - Darkman
Philip: Nintendo just needs to do what they've always done. Make games. I think the balance of original games is just fine. Nintendo rereleases games because there is still a market for them. Nintendo works a little like Disney in that regards. Disney rereleases The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday every couple of years; because there is a market for them still.Think of it as updating instead. I think you'd have to be nuts to have not boughten Mario & Luigi or Super Mario Bros 3. The amount of original games isn't bad either. Did you buy Beyond Good & Evil? What about Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town? Did you rush out and buy Double Dash? What about 1080? Those are all sweet games. Nintendo has a lot of good things for us and next year is going to be sweet. New Metroid games for Game Cube and GBA. New Legend of Zelda for GBA, new F-Zero, the promise of portable Pikmin, and new Kirby! That's just the first half of the year. We should get some more information on the Game Boy Next around September of next year as well as more on the next Nintendo system! I think Nintendo has some stuff they are going to spring out next year and they are going to surprise you. Oh! Can't forget that Square Enix is giving us a Kingdom Hearts game! YAY!
Is it sad that my favoirte X-men villan is the blob? - Shady
Philip: Yes. Now go beat yourself for your sadness.

I wanna be a Half-Genie Hunter! I would LOVE to capture this one! hehehe
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
Gotta catch them all!