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Viral Speak 12-01-2004
Viral Speak! Wow. It's been a while, so here you go! Lots of stuff and some pre-DS comments. Oh, yes! I promise to make this an interesting and compelling Viral Speak. If I fail to make it interesting, rabid Blue Virii shall poke me on the leg with random DS Stylii. Oh, the agony of general apathy toward this.. umm. just read it.
Philip is listening to:  NOTHING.

Phil for president!  Honestly, you'd do a better job.  Anyhoo, you're right!  Moore is simply an entertainer.  Actually, he's an actor.  That's all he is!  An actor with the world as his audience and no Nintendo DS (has he every played any video games btw?).  Anyhoo, since you want stuff about the Nintendo DS, here goes!  DS sounds great!  Low prices for games will definitely draw customers toward that platform (plus backwards compatibility to other games, too).  I'd like to see Microsoft try to get into the portable gaming market!  Like THAT would happen.  Looks like Nintendo seems to be heading in the right direction so far, unlike Microsuck@$$, um... I mean Microsoft!  Companies like Microsoft charge too much for products, while Nintendo will charge $30 or less for their games.  At least Nintendo seems to get it.  People don't want to pay high prices for games.  If only other companies would take a clue from Nintendo.  *sigh* - th2
Philip: Well, Microsoft is great to have around. Seriously, without Halo, the Xbox would have died years ago. I doubt Moore has ever touched a video game. I've seen The Awful Truth, read his books, and seen all of his movies. He makes movies, not documentaries. But, he seems to be a bit high strung lately. I suggest he take up smoking. He'd lose weight, and maybe he'd get to join in on his voice box choir next Christmas! One thing rather bothers me about him though and that would be his general attitude in relation to his audience. He is extremely racist and thinks of us in lower terms than he cares to admit. Read his books in a book store sometime, because I do not suggest buying them.

Remember the whole bit in Kill Bill where Bill explains to The Bride that Superman dresses up as Clark Kent because that is what he thinks we are like? In his books and interviews, Moore admits that the baseball cap, nerd glasses, and jacket are how he views us. They are his way of "reaching the lower man" in his own words. He has never kept a real job for over three monthes and grew up in a fairly well off family. He also sends his kids to private schools and enjoyed a hefty tax break that was more than I make in a year. Yet, people seem to buy into his views, because it is easier to hate something than to understand it. People like Moore believe that opinion and free thought are only okay when they AGREE with that opinion. If someone presents an opposing view, Moore attacks them as "whackos" and "sub-humans." He stole the "Whacko Attacko" line from Rush Limbaugh's early radio programs back in the late 1980's. Rush refered to "Feminazis" and "Liberal Whackos" as far back as early 1989. Moore is amusing though, in a sycophantic way.

If you have seen The Awful Truth or Bowling for Columbine, then you have seen the people he dupes in to "helping" him in hopes that they are doing a good thing. Take the poor mother he had in Farenheit 9/11 who was unaware that he was going to be using her grief as a political tool. He does things that are tasteless and sick as a way of exploiting victims. He's rather good at it as evidenced by his newest book. He also refuses to release the original letters in their entire and uncut form to the press and public. Why? Because he enjoys editing things to match his views. This is a man who cheers for our military enemies  and is thankful his kids go to a "mostly white" school. Most of his fans know very little about him. Even fewer people have seen his tow truck of a wife. I mean, seriously folks. He's amusing in a "ha ha look at that idiot" sort of way. Just like Ted Kennedy, he's there to amuse us, but it's dangerous to take the court jester seriously.
Wow.... So you support bush, fully knowing that the NAACP is upset with him. 
You listen to Rush limbaugh!?!?!?! My god.
And you have the nerve to say that micheal moore is baised.
And all this talk about the token negro, "rice" who happens to serve Storm Thurmond some cake.
Phil, do your best and stay out of politics. - ninjasoul

Philip: The NAACP doesn't support black progress. Hell, they've been out to get Larry Elder for years. They continue to enjoy and celebrate a counter-culture that oppresses black people, and they side with the Democratic Party which was originally created with the sole purpose of keeping slavery alive. Unless you forgot that they endorsed Gore in 2000 even though Gore -read his book- is a Seperationist. I also did not say Moore was biased, you did. My comment -and I'll copy/paste it here for you- is as so:

"Michael Moore is an ENTERTAINER who feeds people silly conspiracy theories and drums up hatred to make a buck, so he can send his kids to segregated private schools. He's not giving you gospel truth."

And neither is Rush Limbaugh. In fact, I mentioned that people should read the news articles that he comments on. I said they're both NOT JOURNALISTS and that is true. They're both entertainers. Rush is Right-Wing and Moore is Left-Wing, so it's two sides of the same coin and that coin won't buy you a SODA.

Wow. Just wow. "Token Negro?" How is that not racist? So, she served Strom Thurmond some cake on his BIRTHDAY. Last I checked, people who throw birthday parties usually get a cake. Yes, Strom Thurmond is a Seperationist, so is Moore, Nader, and Gore. She probably hoped he'd choke on it. I read Moore's books, why don't YOU listen to Rush Limbaugh? Listen and then investigate what he says, you might learn something. Gah! Evil Politics seeps into Viral Speak! I think that the best thing to do is to research things, watch things, and investigate things.

Oh, you have to pay over $1,400 just to take up temporary residence in Canada. If you decide to become a citizen.. there are even more taxes awaiting you. There's
Does Philip even look at these anymore? - Hbomb
Philip: Nope! I have my EVIL BLUE DEATH VIRII filter them. ^_^ They like you. You're like candy. ^_^
Make more Cukemen!!! YAY!!!!! - Ty
Philip: Okay!
Hey Phill...
When are U going to do a viral speak!?!?!?!?! - Gold x Calibur....
Philip: Eventually. Maybe.
Do you think the Nintendo DS' 2° screen will actually be used, or do you think it will just be the place where lazy videogame makers designer, progammers, etc. will put the maps and item lists? How many games do you think will actually use it in a creative way? - MARF
Philip: Well, I think that many developers will be lazy right off the bat and that is just fine with me. The more games that are made for the system, the better. It does not hurt you or I if someone ported -say- Time Splitters 2 to the DS with just the second screen being used for alternate control and a map. I'm fine with that. The game is important and some games do not need to use the touch screen, microphone, or second screen as much as others.
As soon as I get a DS, I'm getting Feel the Magic: XY/XX. There's just somethng about it that's drawing me to it, making me want to get it ASAP. Not only that, since it's a Sonic Team game, there's also the obligatory NiGHTS reference.
When you put a Sonic Team franchise GBA game in the DS, it will let you unlock an optional hat or hairstyle for the love interest resembling an iconic Sonic Team character. Naturally, this includes everyone's favorite renegade Nightmaren NiGHTS.
This makes Bron a very happy exiled Raven king. - Bron Raven
Philip: Well, it was one of the first games I picked up for mine and I am happy to say that I do not regret my purchase of it.
You need to make diffrent kinds of game boy like every kind and let us typ in the exact game we want to play!!!!!!! - Megan
Philip: Well, we are thinking of creating a game in the future (ask me about that one!) and maybe when we buy Nintendo, we'll think about making all sorts of Game Boy devices.
Take a look at - I always hoped I'd get an "expired domain name" page visiting their site ;)  Cheers!
- Infinity_Yak
Philip: Oh, this is a good time indeed, full of.. good.. times... indeed, and flesh. Yes. *lets out huge Invader Zim style laugh*
Please i want you to send me game boy advance and its cassette.please i want to have it in december 19,2005.please i know you will send it the date i gave you .thank you. - Emmanuel  Sikpe Humavoh/linesman

Please i want you to  send me gameboy - Andrews   Sarfo
Philip: Take those two posts, multiply them by like.. 400. >_< People, I am not a charity and while I would LOVE to buy everyone a Nintendo DS and a Game Boy Advance, I can not. I am poor and I think you will appreciate a system more if you have bought it yourself or someone who loves you buys it for you. I am sorry. Okay?
Philip? Why did you stop answering my phone calls? Little Billy misses his daddy! - Mandy Moore
Philip: Uhh... ummm..... please stop stalking me. Between you and Hillary Duff.. I'm a bit scared to go outside. I mean... please? Stop?
Hey ^_^ - AgroCrag
Philip: Wow. That, my friends, is a POST!
dear  sir /madam
    i am with much pleasure to write u this letter.How are u and ur family?please the main reason is that please i dont have game .Please i want u to send me some of nintendo game boy.please i know u well send it to me .
    please this my add
  P.O. BOX AO 133
Philip: Make the suffering STOP!!! NOOOO!
Don't you hate it when women play hard to get? - Hbomb
Philip: And that would be when you slip the Red Virii's juice into their drinks!
Hbomb is a comic god! - Somebody
Philip: I'm sure that somewhere, Scott McCloud is weeping openly that his self-professed title has been stolen by a Weapon of Mass Hilarity. I, however, am too busy offering bits of Josh Nickerson as a burnt sacrifice to the Almighty Hbomb.
My sweet virgin eyes, I just learned that theres a Yiff card game out there... - Pogo
Philip: Does Wizard of the Coast distribute it, or is that just me dreaming?
please i wil like you to send me a game boy advance - asare
Philip: please i wil like you to send me a monies. However, I have to admit that it pleases me to see people from that nation getting online! I mean, their English is REALLY GOOD compared to what the average American speaks online. In the one before this, complicated words like pleasure were spelled perfectly fine. I think that once these people have mastered the computer, they should use their knowledge of it to try Capitalism. Then they could buy ME a Game Boy.
Philip: I think they like me.
The Evangelion OST 1 is sexcellent.
So is Shantae and don't forget the pretzels. ^^ - Ian, just Ian
Philip: I have that one. ^_^ Yummy and good. Ah.. like audio fornication to my earlobes.
The DS isn't on my Christmas list this year... despite it being so very pretty, I'd rather play with something else. ;-) Oh God that sounds dirtier than I'd intended! - Boots
Philip: Hmm.. am I on that list? Speaking of audio fornication.....
Your little console vs. portable spiel is ridiculously lopsided. 'Beatable in this long' and 'fun for this long' are rather different concepts. Console games are generally longer, there's just no question about that. You however obviously prefer portable games which would mean you would play them more and longer. Most people wouldn't. I love my GBA SPs (yes plural) and I love my consoles, but I spent multiple hundreds of hours playing GoldenEye, multiple hundreds more playing Perfect Dark, etc. etc... I know I've spent close to 100 hours or more each of the four or five times I've played FF7... Versus maybe 30 or 40 for Golden Sun 2, easily my longest-lasting portable game. But that doesn't mean I like either one better. Pikmin is an amazing and worthy game despite being just around 10 hours long. Same with Metroid Prime, Beyond Good & Evil, Eternal Darkness, etc... games are not judged by length and systems are not judged by the length of their games. - TK421
Philip: Yeah. It was meant to be. I was making fun of Fable and it's short period of gameplay. Peter even apologised for the game missing features. So, I was poking some fun at him. Like they say, Long & Thin may slip right in, but Short and Thick will do the trick. Oh, wait. They DON'T say that. We prefer our games long and thick with goodness. Oh, there are a few repeat posters here because they had more to say that was interesting.
Hey, so is Mythri getting released this year or what? I can only assume that any such news would be on the front page, but... I can't resist asking! - TK421
Philip: Well, Mythri lost it's publisher. They were getting no money to develop the game from the publisher. No money = no progress. That's harsh, but true. I would suggest that we set up a donation for Mythri. I think the game is worth it and if you think so too, write Team XKalibur and tell them that you would be willing to donate money to see their game made into a reality. I think the game will rock when it is completed and the GBA is still going strong! Please tell Team XKalibur that you will support them.
What do you have at the store - 0711David
Philip: Sweet, hot, and sticky PAIN. Want some?
i am getting a gameboy sp. what cool games do you have. i am realy interested in mario. - gbasp nicole
Philip: Well, I suggest checking out Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. Those ROCK. Also, Mario & Luigi is awesome.
I want to touch it. *laughs* God help me. - Boots
Philip: Okay! Go for it! TOUCHING IS GOOD!
(Don't take this as an insult, shantae, I don't know about u but Spiders aren't my greatest pals.)
Little Miss Shantae
Sat on a Buff-et
Eating her curds and whey
Along came a spider
and sat down beside her
And - well...
Miss Shantae Ate him too!
(i know, I Know, It was my parents anniversery a few Nights ago and we had cheesecake, and EVERYONE Knows how good cheesecake is, which made me think of good stuff like DMG Ice and since you have Shantae all over, I thought, "Why Not?" So here you are, sitting in awe in front of your comp. at a crazy poem. I had nothing better to do!) - Gold x Calibur (Full name: Spider Bio-Monkey WOMBAT Gold Shining x Calibur crash knuckles)
Philip: Wow. Oh, she has a spider transformation in her GBC game. So, I think she's okay with spiders. I have more Viral Speak left. Tommorrow or so I shall get it. Later people!

December is a cold month, Shantae! Dress warmly!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
Shantae keeps me warm in December.