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Viral Speak 11-24-2003
Do I hate the PSP? No. Do I think it will be any different than the other competitors to come down the pike? No. Just to clarify. Here is what I think will be good about it.

1. The Graphics.

Here is what I think will be bad about it.

1. The design is akward.
2. Three hour battery life.
3. Loading times inherent to the disc format. (While this has gotten better on many systems; load times still exist.)
4. Semi-fragile medium.
5. Sony's "game to system" registering idea that prevents reselling used games.
6. Required additional memory stick purchases to save your games.
7. Disc Swapping. (It's more of a liability on a portable game system and while it allows longer, prettier games; in the end it is just a bit akward.)

As for games? We have Koei, Activision, Sony, THQ, Capcom, Konami, and a bunch of other companies working on games. Only one such game -so far- has been announced and it is a version of Jak & Daxter for the system. I expect to see awesome graphics bundled into a crap system design with the word "Carpal" written all over it.

Philip is listening to: T.

Ya know what I hate? When "they" (whoever they may be) cut off a great anime right in the middle of the series and leave you feeling incomplete beacause "they" weren't getting sufficent ratings. That happened to me one time when I was watching Escaflonae and it was right at an important part! Anyway, I just thought I'd give my demented imput and go back to sleep. bye. - Narrauko
Philip: I know exactly what you mean. Berserk, Hellsing, Kare Kano, and so many others just END with so much more to say.
Are you sure you didnt packed any Trogdor with you at the moment of the fire? - I?Neo... Again
Philip... Again: Trogdor is to awesome to packed! Everbody knows it.
This is just sort of an opinion, but I think it's silly of you to insult someone for being cynical about their government and then act like you know better. You live near a military base, do you? Hear from soldiers, eh? Let me ask you: What commander is going to tell his soldiers they're fighting an unjust war, or that there have been a lot of mistakes made? On the contrary, any sane commander will tell his soldiers how well the war is going and how virtuous their objectives are. I suspect that almost any soldier is just as subject to misinformation as anyone. Any given war may be completely in line with the ideals of the American people, or not. For them to claim true knowledge denotes a level of (mis)trust that I would consider it foolish to extend. A lot of people aren't ready to accept that they can't know everything about the world, that in fact they can know very little. I don't mind if you're an optimist OR a pessimist when it comes to these things, just please don't insult anyone (Kennedy's bitch?) who feels differently. 
Also, you mentioned that you would be sadder if a member of your family died than if a boy in China died. But see, the citizens of my country are not somehow magically my brothers and sisters. I don't know the boy in China, but I also don't know the guy in New York. My feelings for them are precisely similar. I love my country, perhaps more than I love China, but when I say that, "my country" does not mean each citizen, it refers to ideals, freedoms, social structure, the land itself, et cetera Even if nations aren't, all men are still created equal. 
However, there are still a few reasons why Americans should mourn their loss more than that of another. You see, even if I'm not related to anyone who was in New York that day, the chances are decent that a friend of a friend of mine is. A large number of Americans were directly affected by the events of September 11th, a far greater number than the child in China; indeed it is likely one of the greatest tragedies Americans have faced personally. This alone is worth remembering. 
Additionally, it affects all other Americans by proxy. Maybe it wasn't someone you knew, but it could have been. America was once seen by many as an invulnerable superpower, and now that illusion has been shattered. If you doubted that there were people on earth who want to see your family killed and home razed, you have been shown differently. Not told by a reporter or taught by a racist social belief, but actually shown. This too is worth remembering. 
It proves a very simple human rule: no matter how small the hurt, the greatest pain will be met with the greatest possible sorrow. If the worst thing that could happen to a human being was a papercut, the world would not be a happier place; people would simply mourn papercuts instead of death. So yes, this is far from the worst tragedy ever to strike humanity, but it is certainly the harshest thing that has happened to Americans very recently, and it is not wrong for them to mourn it as such.

Okay, I'm done. Have a good one! - TK421
Philip: It is always a good idea to be cynical of the government, especially if it is for just and valid reasons. However, the post that was posted was not being cynical of the government or raising any such questions. Instead it was a repeat of the same rhetoric that Ted Kennedy and several other prominent Democratic Presidential Hopefuls have been saying since before the war began. Since he intends to parrot back what the town drunkard spews, I'll treat him and his post as thus without remorse. Some posts are just not worth the effort of being respected.

As for validity of soldier testimony? There's a difference between information, misinformation, and confirmation. I ask for confirmation. Since I work as a Media Reporter, I tend to use newswires, press releases, and several foreign papers. So, I get to use a wider scope of view. Most people's view on the war is given to sensationalism. For a good example of that; pick up a USA Today. The front page is where all the bad news is blown out of proportion; but a few pages in is where they put the good (and even amazingly good) news in tiny paragraphs in a side bar. The front page may say "Two Embattled Soldiers Brutallyand Ruthlessly Slaughtered In Iraq by Anguished Iraqi Suicide Bomber last week" and inside in a small paragraph you will find "School reopened after 20 years" or "100% of Iraqi Hospitals up and running at 90% effeciency." So, when I ask someone who has returned a question, it is to confirm what I know already. I also have relatives in "strategic spots" in the "war on terrorism" and I can tell you that it is going a lot better than people think. It really centers more on South America and Africa than people realise. The Middle East is just one part of it. The newspapers here in the United States are missing the scoop. How is Iraq doing? I think it's going just fine. Sure, we have casulties. The official count from the beginning of the war to now is about 330 plus. Keep in mind that this is an inclusion of war time casulties too.

300,000 troops in Iraq.
330 or so dead from accidents, friendly fire, enemy fire, bombs, and terrorist attacks.
9,387 plus died during the fights for Normandy in World War 2.
300 plus soldiers died PER DAY in Vietnam.

We've had less than 400 casulties since the war began almost a year or so ago and this is BAD? We lost more troops in Kosovo in a matter of weeks! There are 300 MILLION people in the United States. The truth is that it really is NOT so bad. I know we did a good thing. Saddam was a terrible mass murderer of his own people and needed to be stopped. We have made Iraq a better place for people to grow up in. I can see and verify the improvements and I can be happy the death count is so obscenely LOW.

But every death is sad. The Japanese anime X (tv) has an interesting question in it. "Why is killing humans wrong?" The answer is "Because someone will be sad." While, I may not feel the repurcussions of a dying child in China, it is still sad for someone else. It does not make me less of a person though; because I choose not to mourn the death of a child in China. I would like to thank you for your very intelligent post. You see, readers like you -who think things through and ask real questions- make my job so much more rewarding.
You're such the poet, Philip!
But, fire. I know you're hot, but DAMN! - Boots
Philip: It's the incredible sex-ah-ness of my voice.
Are you, or have you ever been associated with any terrorist groups? - Bill O'Reilly
Philip: I know a girl who voted for Perot without thinking. Does that count?
By the way, is that cacti on the page wearing a rasta hat? - Darkman
Philip: It is... TURKEY CUKEMAN!
Fuck the Goverenment, start a church. - Shady
Philip: Worked for M.C. Hammer!

I *really* need to finish that review..
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
So, we like her curves. Makes sense, right?