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Viral Speak 11-18-2003
Philip is listening to: The second soundtrack to X.  The acoustic guitar version of Destiny ROCKS.

Is it OK if I borrow the viruses for a bit? My neighbors have defaced one of my posters and almost defaced two other posters. And my roommates keep jumping on my bed just because they can and have almost ruined my Tenchi Muyo! poster. I am gonna send the viruses after them. Can I? - Duke
Philip: Sure! Just don't feed them eet after midnight. You don't want to do that.
Hey, I've been wondering if you've been to any places such as GameStop, EB Games, ect. I'm wondering if i sell my Gameboy Pocket, a GB/GBC Code Breaker, and a Dreamcast game, how much store credit would I probably get. Hope you can help me out on this so I don't have to go back and forth as it takes a while to get there. Thanks. - Super Wario
Philip: Considering the age of those items, I wouldn't count on getting much store credit for them. I would be surprised if they gave you over $15 for the whole lot, actually.
When all the land is in ruin...
And burnination has forsaken the countryside...
Only one guy will prevail...
My money's on...
I haven't been around for awhile.  Lost the net and all.  Just now got it back. :)  
I checked out your repsonse to my last (very last) VS about the PSP and all.  Well.  Yeah.  I dunno what to say about that.  It didn't really answer the point I brought up about the fact that at the time you seemed to be a bit GBA biased.  I understand this is a GBA fansite, but I didn't see how you could be so biased against a sytem that, at the time, was nothing more then specs.  Especially considering the fact that the GBA specs had you going nuts before the thing was released.  

Look, I'm a huge GBA fan as well, but I'm not going to dismiss the PSP just yet.  I'm very excited to see what can be done with this thing.  I think it's release will be healthy for the portable market.  It's about time that Nintendo had incentive to produce a system to compete in the market, rather then remaining relatively complacent.  I know the GBA was a step up, but it wasn't really enough of a step up to stimulate the protable industry.  I think the PSP may do that, and I'm excited to see what Nintendo comes up with to counter thier effort. - Cyberxion
Philip: Look, give me an EXAMPLE of how I went nuts over the GBA. We rarely had it in the news even after it was announced. As for bias against the PSP. I'm sure the graphics will be nice; but this is a Sony system. I suppose many people try to look the other way over it; but the truth is that Sony does not make quality products anymore. The PS2, until recently, didn't even support progressive scan. Sony has a habit of redoing their systems subtlely and screwing over those people who bought the system from the beginning. Also, I had a feeling that the system was going to be crap, long before the tampn case protoypes of it came out and long before it's amazing three hour battery life was announced. As for the GBA not stimulating the industry? Why do you think the PSP was created? To take a bite out of the GBA market, that's the only reason. The GBA was successful and Sony wants to say "Me too!" However, Nintendo has always been competitive. That myth about Nintendo's "portable monopoly" is just that. The Game Boy has buried more competitors than any other system. The Neo Geo Pocket Color was a better system than the GBC power wise, just like the PSP is better power wise to the GBA; but the portable industry is built on games that can be "picked up and played" in short bursts and NOT power. Sony sounds like it wants to bring out games that require pick up and "stay" instead. This and a pathetic battery life means that the PSP isn't really in touch with portable gamers. Neither is Sony in touch with portable gamers. It's not that Nintendo needs to be competitive.. the truth is that the other players don't know how to compete. Nintendo will most likely not show anything to "counter" until late 2004. We'll see the Game Boy Next prototypes about September 2004 and the unit on store shelves by Summer 2005.
I called up a Gamestop clerk in Mississippi and asked hima bout some features of the N-Gage. One of them being if he thought there would be a DDR game for it. He said yes. - Ian, Just Ian
Philip: It's called Stomp Stomp Derision. You have to drop the N-Gage and stomp on it until it makes a crunching noise. It is a fun game.
HELLO! I decided to play the Catch 'Em game next to the VS box and I caught the GREATEST Pokemon EVER! LOOK!!
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I WIN! MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! - Blinky Drakkin
Philip: The moral here is to never let a Virus do your CGI.
Hey Phil! It's been a while. Did everybody miss me? =P Just thought I might as well submit a Viral Speak entry while I try to get back into the swing of things here. College may be trying to steal my soul, but it will never succeed! FFTA already has a death grip on it. And from the looks of things, Fire Emblem might be the next game to do so. 
Would you like me to submit my review of FFTA? I wrote it for my Writing II class. (The thing actually turned out 9 pages long in Word, and I had to scrunch it down to 2 >.<) All I'd need to really do is add in a scoring system and it'd be pretty much all set. 
See ya around! - Charizard2000
Philip: Oh yeah! Bring on the reviews! I have a tremendous backlog of them to put up this week!
Feel the power of the yuffy oblivion - Shady
Philip: And it feels soft and fuzzy.
You're a <b>smartass</b>. Great, woohoo, you're patriotic. Perhaps a few thousand Amerians died on Sept. 11. So? We've bombed at least that many innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan... countries which, as of yet, aren't any better than before we came. Afghanistan's practically in anarcy, STILL... Iraqis are already protesting our rule when we haven't even set up a government yet... We've used our money to prop up dictators like Hussein in the past, thereby funding the killing of more innocent people. But they won't get any days of rememberance. I've said it before, and I'll stand by it, we value the lives of Americans much more than other human beings. Yeah, people died for the country. Just because they died doesn't mean I have to support the actions of the government they died for. I'm not afraid to say that anybody who died in Vietnam, died uselessly. If they were drafted, they were basically killed by the government. If not, well, they still didn't die serving the interests of freedom. That doesn't demerit the actions of the individual soldier by any means, of course. But to say that all soldiers who fought for America were protecting our freedom implies that all wars waged by America were waged in order to protect freedom, which is wrong. It serves to advance the notion that anything done by the military must be just, simply because it involves the deaths of American soldiers. If Americans must die, the reasoning goes, they must be dying for something useful. We couldn't imagine that perhaps there are worthless bureaucrats who would send these men to their deaths for personal gain... and to admit such would, in the minds of some, make the soldiers seem less brave. We don't like to think of them as pawns or cannon fodder in some political poker game, but they usually are. - ME
Philip: A soldier is someone who is there to do their job. That job is to do their best to further the goals and ambitions of their country and it's leaders. The purpose of a soldier is to kill and/or be killed. Our army right now is currently made up mostly of volunteers. People are no longer drafted into the military. The draft was a good idea that served it's purpose and then disappeared in a sense. But it has a more unusual sense now. You've been drafted though. Every soldier does not fight a physical war. You are now a soldier. You bought into a side of war called "dissolution of credibility" or "doubt of intent" as it is sometimes called. You have become a political tool that is intended to cast incorrect theory into the current enviroment. to further the political ambition of a non-ruling class that desires power. In other words, you've become Ted Kennedy's bitch. Congratulations. As for Afghanistan being in anarchy? Have you seen Kosovo lately? The UN has had over four years to set up something (Read: anything) there to better it. However, they have not. At least we attempt to help other countries. As for the bombing of innocent people in Afghanistan? I'm sure we leveled tons of innocent people in the catacombs of caves we bombed, several hundreds of miles away from the cities. Also, the power lines and water plants that we supposedly destroyed in Baghdad were miraculously STILL there when we went into Baghdad. Funny how that works. I think you may need to re-evaluate the people you've been listening to and actually do some research. Go ask some of the people who have BEEN there. I live close to a military base, so I get to find out information on how things actually are. It sounds cold; but it is true.Soldiers ARE cannon fodder in a political poker game. Any soldier who doesn't realize that is not worthy of wearing their uniform. Go read "The Professional Soldier" by Morris Janowitz and also read "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu. Then come back here and argue, once you actually have a point. And as for American's valuing the lives of Americans more than the lives of people from other nations? Why is this a problem? Would you honestly weep for a dying child in China before you would weep for your own family? The death of both is sad; but the difference is that you most likely do not know that child in China. Let the Chinese be sad for that child; because they will not weep for your family.
Hey, i just heard Dag Nasty, and thats a good band. what do you think, Lord Philip? - Darkman
Philip: I never gave a second thought. he he he Naw, they cool.
Suprised we still come here?
Yeah, why ARE we still around? o.O - Boots
Philip: Because when I'm horny like thirsty, you're all a glass of water.

Is she a Dragon of Sexiness?
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
Woo! End of the world!
All in all, here we go!