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Viral Speak 11-11-2003
After a month of a break, here's a brand new Viral Speak. No hurt me!

Philip is listening to: The two domestic Sailor Moon OSTs. (Sailor Moon: Music from the TV Series & Sailor Moon: Luna Rock) I just love the series. no I have not seen the Live Action one yet; but that's okay. I have the first three seasons to keep me occupied.

man, been quite awhile since i have looked here for stuff and general things. liked the vs's and such. speaking of MSN messenger... do you have an AIM name? us aim people would like to bothermentate you as well.
so in closing to this small plea, AFI rules the earth and possibly the other planets, and teh Texas Chainsaw Massacre the worst horror movie in existence, and i want to shoot the people doing a remake. thank you. - Darkman
Philip: My AIM name is Philipdmgice. My yahoo name is Go ahead and talk to me! I'll be adding reader comments to the news again soon.
update site more!!!! I need news GB! Gamespot sucks stick!!!! IGN make me pay crap!!! Tank you!!! -Deutch Kanizawa - Kyoto Prefecture
Philip: Well, I would have to say that when there is news and I am concious.. I'll update. Well, IGN does make people pay and I have to admit that this has never set well with me. However, I would suggest.. that if I can't be there for you.. I would suggest The Sugoi and if you can not read French. (SHAME ON YOU! It's a pathetically easy language to read.) I think EAGB does a good job.
this is the first time in like 3 years... I remember when I used to submit to your dialy viral speaker deal daily or some snight like that... - infectios D
Philip: Yeah.  A lot of people just.. disappeared. O_O
(Penelope is better than you all.) - Penelope
Philip: What? Is Penelope The One?
Where is the Scary Hand from every Halloween? WE NEED SOME HAND LOVE!
And I wanna help with DMGice! Ill give you my First Newborn Child! - Imakuni? Neo
Philip: Well, I put it up; but.. damn.. this last October SUCKED.
Where the GB news?!? - disgruntled_worker
Philip: Ask the union? Well.. somewhere. I suppose.
the remark you posted on the vgf site( how to get your trainer password really blows big ones. that site sucks ass!!1 - a;sfldjskljfa;l
Philip: If I knew what you were talking about , then maybe I still wouldn't care.
were can I find a phyduck/or a goldduck - dave
Philip: A store. Actually, go fishing for them. Now I remember why these things are so draining.... >_<
Can I do another Viral Speak again? Please?
I'll let you have your soul back. I'll even throw in I?Neo's. - Hbomb
Philip: No! Besides.. I don't need a soul. Last I checked.. machines don't need them!
Hi. I just wanted to ask if you can make a review of Tapwave's Zodiac cause after going to thier site i find it almost irresistible to get one.  If you review a unit i would like to know how does it handle Divix and Xdiv codecs on the machine, and if the play back quality is good.  thank you in advance - Serge
Philip: It apparently uses that Palm format for movies so far; but it's only a matter of time. I wish I had one for review though. Are you reading this Tapwave? I wanna review copy! I mean.. if IGN gets one.. why not sites that actually do things at trade shows? I mean, last E3.. many prominent IGN journalists never ventured out of The Shire. (Which is what I refer to the IGN booth as.) Most of their time was spent reviewing over press disks and rewording press releases. It was a bit sad.. they looked kind of miserable. Next year.. if they don't get to go out on the floor.. I'll bring them some beer and maybe a little bit of swag; because.. frankly.. they look so despirited and as a journalist.. I've been there too. But yeah.. Tapwave.. send review copy! Ask other companies.. I'm good for returning product if needed. I'm also really honest. That Zodiac though.. it's just.. DAMN sex-ah.
How do you know it isn't the real Spiderman? - Spiderman
Philip: The Viral Speak records your IP and I can send my ninjas to check.
I think the only reason people play PS2 is because of the hype.'s also due to the fact that sony employees secretly infect people with a playstation virus, which makes then want more and more PS2. The mere thought of being infected by a sony virust made Kirby so mad that he inhaled a PS2. I don't blame him. - Shizzle-Kins
Philip: But.. PS2 is poisonous to eat! NOOOOOO!!!!!! Hey. Short VS huh?

I'll finish my Shantae Advance preview eventually! I swear!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
She has a great game.
Almost done with the GBC review too!