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Viral Speak 09-12-2003
We really have nothing to say and express that silence can not convey in regards to September 11th.

Philip is listening to: The soundtrack to Mahoromatic. It's fun stuff. Although anything which is meant to accompany any scenes with Ms. Shikijo sounds like bad porno music. Or good porno music. Whichever you prefer. he he he.

What is it with you and Yaoi? You're always talking about it...yet you're a guy (or a girl with a really freaky name) You even have yaoi in you Mario Therapy Sessions. Is there something you'd like to tell us about yourself? Come on, come clean about how much you really like it. - thelonecow
Philip: Well, because gay people are hilarious. Unless they get bitchy. Then you have to beat them up. ^_^
How long does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? - Boots
Philip: I'll discover this even if I have to lick you all night! Umm.. the Tootsie Roll Pop of course. Of course. Do I look like I would make a cheap cunning linguistical joke?
Is ther any DMG Ice goodness on MSN Messanger? - Shady
Philip: Well, add to your MSN and say hello to me. I'm semi-friendly.
I would post a Viral Speak, but it's not my turn yet.  Marche moves, then Pat, and then I can go.  Assuming the bomb over there doesn't kill me first. - CX (It is so dificult for me to call her "Ritz" without giggling.)
Philip: Of course, we all wish Pat was a lagomorph. That would be good. We could say "Pat The Bunny!" FFT is T to the ASTEE, G!
 missed myself on Advance Wars 2 ;_;
Jimmy was the BEST Co General on Advance Wars... He was a (Insert Shiny Color Here) Hen...
Hmmm... CUckoos... -Imakuni? Neo
Philip: I only care about Domino (Sammi). She's hot.
As it is a 9/11 and I feel I must comment on the attacks 2 years I have a message to Al-Quida. You guys REALLY need to blade is waitin' :).- Sugoi Samurai
Philip: Just a bit off the neck.. umm.. top.
I hate Eminem. I hate what he stands for. He's a waste of talent. He makes me want to rethink my view on freedom of speech. He's a troublemaker. He's out to make fans by pissing people off. And one day, he's just gonna screw himself. And "Lose Yourself" never should've won the Oscar for best song.
Will the real Slim Shady go to hell! - Hbomb
Philip: Hbomb O'Reilly.
Yes, so Democrats will take your money. Bush will not take your money, spend MORE than the Democratss would've (Bush increased Federal spending by 30% while Clinton did by 3%), run up huge deficits, and eventually be replaced by a Democrat who will look bad because he has to raise taxes even higher to make up for it, to keep the government from going bankrupt, hurting you more in the long run and perpetuating the myth that Republicans are for small government. Of course, I'd vote Libertarian, if I could vote. Does that make me crazy? - ME
Philip: Libertarians are Republicans who wander too far to the right. Anyways, Federal Spending increased because of the whole "added security." But deficit is a wonderful thing. Here, let me explain how it works. Say you have $300. Milk costs $3. You give me $3 to go get milk and I decide that I need to buy a special milk buying hat that costs $297. Therefore, since I only have $3, I now have a deficit of $297. If I had my way, the government would only focus on two things. Defense of the Nation, and Defense of Person. In other words, it would make sure that you get the health care you pay for, as well as better police systems, and a better military. A good military makes other countries co-operate more because they respect your military, and keeps you safer. Education should be up to each individual state. Special Interest Programs and not for profit groups should be left up to their individual states. I do think that increasing the pressure on states to handle their own problems with out so much Federal  Government Aid would allow us to claim a smaller "deficit," or a higher one. Which ever I feel like doing. He he he. Oh! The deficit on that proposed Milk Plan just went up to $397; because it was decided that maybe the milk should be chocolate milk. That requires a more expensive hat.
JDemonicLlama wishes to praise you on your Please Teacher and Perfect Blue reviews. He owns the first three discs of PT and the original PB disc.
How many discs of Please Teacher are there? - Duke
Philip There are four. :-) Oh, Haibane Renmei is good too. Check it out. More VSpeak later!

So, where is my Shantae Anime/Manga?!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
Get Racheal Lillis to do her voice. hahaha
Half Genie will travel!