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Viral Speak 08-21-2003
Well, 23. Wow. I mean.. I used to be so young. Now I'm freaking old. That's okay. You people still love me? I turned 23 on the 12th and have been so OLDNESSIFIED! This is SOOOO the oldness! Oh, yeah!

Philip is listening to: Boogiepop: Music Inspired by Boogiepop and Others. It's from Animetrax and it's the best Nu Jazz I've heard in a loooooong while. This may be one of my favorite albums ever. I mean.. it's just so.. varied and vibrant. It's emotional, it's tense, it's just so acoustically EVERWHERE. I mean.. the CD is brilliant.

Discovered Suki Nihon. Just needed to say that without a doubt, the Cowboy Bebop movie deserved Duke's rating. Awesome movie and have owned it since the day it came out on DVD. Keep 'em coming, boys. - Boots
Philip: Oh, yeah. Oh! I reviewed a HENTAI title for the 100th break point. For the 150th break point.. I'll review some Yaoi. I promise. So, if you feel like you should subject poor me to that.. keep the reviews coming!
woohoo! FL CL rocks! i get bored waititng till midnight. i want to watch Fuli Culi! - Darkman
Philip: Ain't it though? I consider it to be one of those anime that you either love or hate. I LOVE IT THOUGH. It keeps the brain wrinkly.
Pretend you were a democrat in 2004. Dean or Lieberman? - Dem' Bones
Philip: Well, Dean wants to take away our gaming and anime buying money. In fact his campaign promise is to "remove the tax cuts that Bush placed." I don't know about you; but people that want to steal my money suck. Lieberman wants to put ratings on your games. Oh, wait. He already did that. He also wants to increase the amount of bandwidth for WiFi, HD Broadcasts, and Cable. Also, Lieberman may be the butt of many jokes here; but he's not actually bad for the industry. In the legislation battles that made him famous with America's gamers.. Liberman was fighting for a clear RATINGS system. Not banning or removing products from store shelves. KB Toys, Toys R Us, and other companies took it upon themselves to remove games from their shelves. So, I would say.. Lieberman.
Everyone neds to get Pinball of the Dead. NOW! Second best undead-killing pinball game EVER. - Admiral Tailz
Philip: The Undead, large metal balls, how can you go wrong?
Hi, was looking for pokemon codes,behind the times i know u guys were reviewing bush jrs election,er uhm anyway you review hentai? Then have you seen the movie "end of summer",you might like it.  anyway what im really here for is how to find out the time change password, i tried that add your id+hex+money didnt work.please help. 
e-mail me at    or - Richie/flexible chipmunk/Genchin
Philip: Neat. Hmm.. I forgot actually. O_O
FLCL, is like Rocky Horror Picture show, it's normally great but it'w even better when you're high. - Shady
Philip: Audience participation! *smacks you with a guitar* Okay! Let's drag him out to the street...
The following asinine attempt to justify his PSP bashing and his Nintendo bias, brought to you by Philip Andrew Wesley.  Good guy, and an upright bloke, but a gent who can't seem to look beyond his silly bias.

"The difference between the GBA and the PSP is that Sony only announced specs when news broke. No word on games or game developers. The original press release from Nintendo -found here - did not list games as well; but was accompanied by news from Japan confirming 15 games currently being worked on. Here's the list as it appeared then.
Capcom = 3 games.  
Nintendo = 5 games.  
Rare = 1 game.  
Hudson = 2 games.  
Konami = 3 games.  
Namco = 1 game. 
And while we all stopped in awe at the thing when it was announced, the later news articles on it ranged from how older games would look on it, to -after seeing preliminary shots of Alone in the Dark for GBC- stating that it did not need to come out as soon as it was because the GBC was doing just fine. Articles after that, there was gushing about it in Viral Speak; but for the most part, articles focused solely on GBC stuff. So, no. It didn't become some glompfest in the newsity. Lots of rumors of games came flooding though. Some of the rumors I printed -like Phantasy Star for GBA- and some I did not because they seemed too stupid to be true. (And a large majority of them were too stupid to be true.) Nintendo didn't start showing off the tech demos of it at first; but at least they announced GAMES were in development for it. A bit later, Nintendo of Japan allied with Cygnus Solutions to provide GNU programming tools for Game Boy Advanced. So, while earlier titles were using more of a set coding, Nintendo made efforts toward making the GBA more accessible to developers. Which Sony should do. So far, they have only mentioned that they will have PSP units into developers hands by Christmas; but nothing on the language it uses for the games other than that it uses a security protocol that was used on Ugly Mini-Discs. Which is what a UMD is; despite Sony insisting that it stands for Universial Media Disc. One thing I thought was kind of funny is how much -aside from the main core and a larger screen-, the GBA and the PSP aren't too far apart. Both are using 32 bit chips. Although one is using a 32 bit chip that is both faster and incomplete at the same time. Both can do Nurbs. However, the PSP can do it from the hardware alone, the GBA does it in software. So yes, the PSP is faster and has a better processor.

Now, in the last Viral Speak I said that Gran Turismo didn't sell over 4 million units combined. Since Sony hates me, they *finally* put out revised sales data on the Gran Turismo series. Originally, I was going on data from NPD TRSTS that was only for the United States.. and.. *sighs* was as old as GT3. The Gran Turismo series has sold over 29 million units in seven years world wide. To bring it back to the Pokemon comparison and using newer information *so I wasn't up to date on how many units it sold, oh well* Red and green (Our Blue) sold in their lifespan, over 18 million units in Japan. Oh, wait. That's just Japan and not counting the many sequels that sold just as good or better -as was the case with Yellow. But the proof is there that Sony does have some ammunition; but has yet to announce working on ANYTHING for the system other than movie UMDs and a GPS. They haven't even announced outside developer support. (Watches Sony announce outside developer support a little after their robots read this Viral Speak.) Sony does have a few hot franchise cards. Here they are.
Gran Turismo (Always exclusive. Always worth putting your fist against the ground really hard to avoid throwing the PSP over the liscense tests.)
Everquest (Hey, was Online Adventures really that bad?)
989 Studios Sports Titles (I think 989 Sports can suck my Donkey Kong. Although, some people like them. I can't really imagine why. I'm firmly entrenched into the EA Camp. Sooo I am a little biased.)
Fanta Vision (I'm only kidding here.. don't get so excited.. and please don't do that. That's not healthy..)
The price points were -thankfully- announced by Sony of Europe. They are in Euros. The Euro is strong against the Dollar, so for you people who use REAL money, I translated the prices. For those who use Euros, bring your GNP and a few beers to cry in. We'll talk exports. These are only software prices though and I rounded down.
20 to 30 euros or $25 to $35 USD
Some "special" titles *cough* Gran Turismo *cough* would cost 50 euros or $55 USD.
Videos and movies would cost less than 10 euro or about $15 USD. Given DVD prices though, expect Sony to lower or raise this last price at their own fancy.
That said, I expect the PSP to launch at $150 to $200 USD. Not gonna bother guessing the price in euros. Please note that I resisted the urge to make fun of Canada and it has nothing to do with their Weapons of Mass Destruction.
I will note that Nintendo of Europe announced that they will show off a new chip for GBA software that allows better 3-D capabilities. So, it's not like Nintendo is going to do nothing. Remember when the 32X and Sega CD showed up? Then Nintendo and Rare unleashed Donkey Kong Country to a stunned market that thought graphics of its calibur were only available on 32-Bit systems or CDs?  Well, ECTS is coming, and I think that the new "mystery game" will be enough to stave off any talk of the GBA being obsolete for a while. Well, enjoys!"
Wow, for someone who's typed so much, you've failed to say much of anything my friend.  You are trying to pass this tripe over on someone who's been a fan of your site for the past few years.  You where willing to let the GBA ignite your trousers based on specs, and the speculation that certain franchises would surface on that little kick ass handheld.  Now Sony's doing the same thing, what with releasing specs, and getting the fans all worked up that certain franchises may indeed surface on this thing, and you are totally dismissing it cause of your bias.  And y'know, it's not that I'm a Sony fan that you've lost my support, cause that's not it at all.  I love gaming first and foremost, and that's why I'm excited to see what the PSP brings us all.  No, what's got me disenchanted about you and your site is the fact that regardless of all your fancy words here, you are still letting your bias towards you Gameboy cloud your perception of the PSP.  I love my Gameboy, and I'll support it till the day Nintendo no longer does, and beyond.  But I cannot dismiss the PSP because I'm a Ninty fan, and neither can you.  Your credibility would be suspect if you let your enthusiasm towards the GBA lead you on an asinine crusade against a stystem that you know nothing about.  Especially given the fact that it is indeed mere specs at this point, much as the GBA was when you where championing it's arrival.  Don't be a hypocrite Phil, and please don't try to justify being one.
Philip: I see you have mastered the art of Copy/Paste; but not the art of writing your name in, IP#; but I'll forgive you for that. Yes, if you read the bit you highlighted and pasted, you'll note that I said I was biased against 989 Studios. I dislike their sports titles in comparison to Electronic Arts. I also mentioned that I did print some rumors of GBA titles. I also said that our news coverage of the unit was fairly reserved. Now, the BBS, Chat Rooms, and Viral Speak are seperate from our news coverage. Why did we print GBA game rumors and have not printed any news on PSP game rumors? Next paragraph.

Nintendo announced 15 games were in development, the companies working on them, and did not give out the names of the games when they announced the full specs for the GBA. That leads to rumors and is pretty healthy. Sony has announced NO titles, NO game numbers, and NO developers. In fact, the developers I mentioned that could be making games for it ARE RUMORS. (The thing is more powerful than the PS2.. imagine what it could do with Gran Turismo. Admit it.. you like cars too.) The only developer/publisher that has signed on to the PSP officially is THQ. Sony did not even acknowledge the THQ press release. The other companies have yet to put out any press regarding developing games and the number of games. If Konami popped up and stated they were working on 3 games for the PSP, I would be happy to speculate on what those might be.I would be thrilled. I mean.. Silent Hill, and Metal Gear. Konami has a lot of franchise that insta-sell with me, such as Survival Kids and Castlevania. I never said the PSP was going to be bad; but when one of the largest publishing companies in the industry (THQ) says they do not expect it to compete on the same level or market as the Game Boy Advance, you have to take notice of that. I see the PSP debuting with a $150 to $200 price tag and selling pretty nicely; IF it has the games to back up it's other extravenous features. So far, nothing in terms of number of games expected has been announced. Also, none of the "movies" they want to push have been announced either.

I really do not care for movies on UMD. It has as much interest from me as the whole "Let's put cartoons on the GBA" trend that popped up at E3. I like SongPro's little movie player. I can see it being useful for watching -say- Fight Club on an airplane. Especially since it uses SD Cards which I have a few of. The other things about that trend were.. bad. I mean, $15 for two episodes of Yu Gi Oh? No thanks. For $15, I could buy a bit more episodes on DVD, better quality, extras, and much more. Hell, for $15, I could but a BETTER SHOW. I personally think the whole AM3 Animation thing is... dumb. But I like SongPro's player because it lets me download things from my computer. Now, go and read the archives and please do copy/paste the parts where I went berserk on printing the GBA rumors. I'm interested in seeing them myself, actually. I mean, I figured I did a lot better than some other sites in that regard. Note that I'm not jumping up and down over the Game Boy Next. Mostly because Nintendo announced only the screen size; but not the TYPE of screen, any resemblance to system specs, release dates, or games. So, no. I don't care about the Game Boy Next right now; because nothing has been announced in the way of GAMES. It seems repetitive to say it; but SHOW ME GAMES. I'm from Missouri. It's the FRICKIN' SHOW ME STATE. You know what I'm saying?

With the finalized system core specs released by Sony, the PSP blows away the PS2 in terms of raw power. That is rather nice if you ask me; but when will we hear about companies working on games? It appears that Sony currently wants to push the movie playing aspect of the device, the ability to use it as an MP3 player/GPS/Blunt Weapon, and the raw sexy power of the PSP first. The system won't be in developers hands by Christmas; but the dev kits will. Once those are out, Sony will show the finalized unit at E3 2004 and announce game titles in September 2004. SEPTEMBER 2004. This gives them a total of less than four monthes to blitzkrieg the press and toy stores with promotionals and information on the titles they will launch with. The time table here is going to require a lot of money to pull off. With Sony of Japan, Sony of America, and Sony of Europe all showing drastic red ink this last fiscal year.. it will take a George Bailey-esque miracle to pull it all off in time to pull enough clout to put any type of dent in the Game Boy market close to what Sony has been saying they will do. Sony has inherited Nintendo's own "Empty Talk" bug. I guess they have to do the empty talk now; because they can not say Saddam wants to buy all the PSPs in 2004, can they? Well, they could say Osama Bin Laden is trying to buy them all; but that would just piss people off: "You can't crash a plane without your PSP! It has Wireless TERROR LAN! From Sony! Terrorist approved!"

I used to own a Walkman in the early 1990's. It cost a grand total of $8. If Sony wants to make the PSP the new "Walkman" in 2004, they need to launch the system at a cost loss. If it debuts at $100 or less, you can be assured that I will be in line to get one the first day. I probably will be there anyways if it debuted at $150; but it's more of incentive for me to buy the thing if the price is lower.

As for the chip that Nintendo of Europe says they will show at ECTS? ECTS is next week. Sony and Nintendo have press conferences during London Games Week and the ECTS show. Nintendo says they are going to show off the chip. I wonder what they will use to show it off. And if Sony announces something on the way of PSP games at ECTS, I'll be happy. We will see what happens at ECTS and after that, the Winter Tokyo Game Show. Should be interesting.
What's happened to this place?  The anime-related stuff is updated constantly, and hardly anything is updated that has anything to do with the gameboy or its games!  The gameboy sections of the site haven't been updated in months! - Bridget
Philip: That would be.. Summer. Also.. game wise.. this summer has been a drought.. with only an occassional oasis. Also, games are expensive.. companies don't send free stuff as often and I have car payments, insurance, and all sorts of other evil expenses.
I've finally decided what I want to do in life.
I'm running for Governor of California!! - Hbomb
Philip: In the name of the Father, The Son, and The Holy Slack Monkey! I SHALL DESTROY YOU!
Duke, you forgot Iria. Ir...I...a! - BrianC
Philip: That's a good one.. I hope the Media Blasters Box for it turns out nice.
Hey Phil, I've been curious about your  opinion about "Mario & Luigi: Superstar" and "Mario and Donkey Kong" for GBA. I mean if you're interested in them or not and maybe some possible reasons too please. Thanks. - Mario Fan
Philip: Well, I can explain them in easy short sentences. I'm buying them BOTH.  Well, anyways.
Donky Kong: It's Donkey Kong Goodness!
Mario & Luigi Superstar: Super Mario RPG 3.
There you go!
What??? Game ID system? This perplexes me. In order for the game to bear the mark of the first system to register it, the system would have to have some ability to write to the game disk, in order to make that mark. Go through all that additional hardware just to prohibit reselling games, which will only end up hurting them in the long run anyway? What a dumb idea. I was thinking, if it was a GBA game, you could just open up the cart and take out the backup battery... if that's what they use? Maybe it's Flash ROM. Oh, well. It's still worth it if they make FFVII-2.  - ME
Philip: Well, they are a little rewriteable.
I get no love from DMG Ice. - Yellow Snow
Philip: Exactly. Back to your cage now, Yellow Snow Site-Bitch.
Amy: FFFFF!!! (translation: Actually say something if you intend to hit the infect button!)
fffff? - FFFF
Philip: DDDDD!!!! (Translation: Amy-Chan is a freak; but she's cool.)
Forums Closing? Hmm...
Now, I shall Spread the News of a New Forum Arisen form its Ashes...
*Hbomb Fires I?Neo*
*Spreads like a wildfire* - Imakuni? Neo
Philip: Essentially, it's time to clean up the site and make the content tight like a tightness worthy of being named the tightest tight tightness that ever was tightly tight.
Kirby once told me that when worse comes to worse, always try to throw a goomba. So once I did throw a goomba. Needless to say it ran after me. Kirby just laughed. I think enemies in video games need to be more friendly. Just look at kirby. When you look into those eyes, you know he's not planning to take over the world. - Shizzle-Kins
Philip: He may not want to take over the world; but he does want to eat it. I want to take over the world though. BWA HA HA HA HA HA!
I ask for viral speak! O yeah, and more msts. i already read that one long ago. make a new one. i already started on mine. you have to at least beat me! COME ON DAWN SPAWN! THIIIIIINNKK!!!! hehe, thats all i guess. - Darkman
Philip:YOU GET NO VIRAL SPEAK! Oh, wait...
Hey, Philip, I gotta question for you...
Let's say I'm doing a WebComic. Let's say all the jokes suck, and my art is worse. On top of that, I have no money.
Would anyone host me?
Ponder this. Meanwhile, go play games where giant robots blast the crap out of other giant robots with particle guns and magnet-propelled high explosives, and players complain about realism.
I'm speaking, of course, of MechWarrior. And not the stupid X-Box game. - The Jaded Falcon
Philip: Well, we would host you; because our comics suck too. AND I ADMIT IT!
You cannot comprehend the deeper meaning of what it is to be a Spubber. One must have a pure heart in order to find what it is to Spub. - Duke
Philip: Spubbing is not as the pure as teh FOY! Because Foy IS Flight.
I had a very, very, very good weekend. I blew a lot of cash. Pillar, 38th Parallel, Just... get their CDs. 
And Audio A rocked my face off.
I am going to be diving into a lot of music in the next little while. I'll continue to tell you what I find, if you like.  - TK421 (Submitted on Friday, August 01, 2003)
Philip: Go for it! Oh, I had to put the date tag on there; because I HAD to show the horrible evil lag that I have between getting stuff and posting it. I AM THE KING OF SLACK!!!!
Love anime enough? - Boots
Philip: Not as much as other things. That's for sure. <3

I wanted Shantae to pop out of my cake and grant me wishes!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
Or strip. That would be interesting too.
Half Genie-plotation NOW!