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Viral Speak 08-16-2004
These are almost becoming like a monthly letters column. I don't like that too much. I'll try to do these more often. Whatcha all think of the DS? It's GOOOD stuff! It's so nice.
Philip is listening to:  Well, the first thing August makes me think about is December. What? Here's what's on my playlist, a small list of December songs that have VERY LITTLE (If anything) TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS. YAY!

1. Forget December - Something Corporate
2. A Long December (Acoustic) - Counting Crows
3. My December - Linkin Park
4. December was a long year.... - Beautiful Mistake
5. December - Collective Soul
6. December is for Cynics - The Matches (Downloads are the new crack.)
7. Get Me Through December - Alison Krauss
8. Once Upon a December - Deanna Carter
9. Alone in December - UnderOath
10. Decemberween - Patent Pending

Oh, that's all good. Yes, I have weird tastes. HA! Here's your Viral Speak! Oh, before I get to that: Here's an e-mail I wanted to share with you all.


You recently received an e-mail from Nintendo explaining that because you have registered your Nintendo system and five or more games online, you've qualified for the METROID PRIME 2 ECHOES BONUS DISK.

We wanted to let you know it is on its way to you. Your award is being sent via First Class Mail.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Thank you for your interest in Nintendo products!

Nintendo of America Inc.

Hear that maniacal laughter? That's ME making all of you who don't get one feel sad and dejected. I suggest you register your Game Cube and buy some Nintendo games!

We know return you to your December flavored Viral Speak.

Yo Phil and other DMG faithfuls!
Well, after a year and a half of dating, Esther (my girlfriend) and I have decided that our relationship in its current form has run its course- and it's time for an upgrade...
So, it's with great joy that I'm able to announce that We're getting married!  That's right, there will be a Mrs. Yak, and who knows- maybe sometime down the road there'll be a bunch of miniature yaklings ;)
No further details, but we'll let you know what transpires.
Cheers and hero cookies,
Philip: Sweet! One down, a few more to go. O_O Best wishes and hopes for the future! Oh, make sure you buy Game Boys and Nintendo DS for all those Yaklings. Keep the Portable Dream ALIVE.
>Dear Majesco, shake Shinen vigorously until they decide to 
>give us an Iridion DS title, please.
They are. It's called Nanostray. - Princess Bob
Philip: May I shake Shinen vigorously anyways? It's kinda fun.
1:40am, august 12 2004...
Let me be the First.
Philip: Sarah T. beat you to it. Ha! You got SERVED! Thanks though.
Have you forsaken Mythri?
That game looked better than a Jill sandwich. - NEMESIS
Philip: HELL NO! I still want that game a whole lot of lots. There just has not been much progress on it to report. I mean, Mythri and Shantae Advance are the two independant games I have the most love invested in. Team XKalibur is made up of some great people and they're my friends. WayForward Technologies is the object of a slightly obsessive and onesided love affair on my part. I will try and get some stuff for you on those two games. Because Shantae 2 and Mythri DESERVE a spotlight. Just like foreign games like Oriental Blue, Black Matrix Zero, and Tales of Phantasia deserve release over here. I suggest that companies get up off of their FAT BLOATED ASSES and pick up the slack. Atlas, and Namco should be chomping at the bit to get Oriental Blue, Black Matrix Zero, and Tales of Phantasia over here. Capcom, Majesco, and THQ should all consider Shantae. Oh, Variant has Mythri, so it's COMING; but details are kind of a little blurry currently. 'Kay?
Your birthday is the 12th?? That's weird. A guy at my work, his birthday was yesterday, the 9th (I think he's 19 now). My good friend's birthday was today, the tenth (turning 21 - I got him three bowls... he has no dishes, he was thrilled). My very own birthday is tomorrow, the eleventh (also 21). 
Curiouser and curiouser...
Well, okay maybe a redundant iteration of curiouser isn't warranted. But it is a *little* curious.
PS - GE + PD ON DS PLZ - TK421
Philip: Happy Belated Birthday! Someday, you and I should hang out around that time and just drink through all the birthdays. Bring a video camera and we'll make it a movie. I am assured it would sweep the Cannes Film Festival. Especially if we edit it badly, and demonstrate no camera skill what so ever. Hence, the drinks. We will call it: "Pulp Four Days of Ages Passing On Cedars Watching Large Mammals Banging on Tin Drums Slowly >Insert Random Numbers<: Innocence."
Hi its my first time on this web.I just wanted to ask , HOW DO U GET A PINECO/FORETRESS ON POKEMON GOLD!?! I really wanted to know cause ive LITERALLY GOT THE RAREST POKE"MON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Bellosom, trade evolutions, stone evolutions, steelix and scizor for starters).I also wanted a heracross SOOOOO bad but i think u can only get that on Silver
Thanks - GOLD x Calibur
Philip: Well, get the move "Headbutt" and use it on specific trees in the forests. It'll show right up.
DS in USA before Japan?
I can't import it without already having one! :(
I imported my GBA and SP. - M3wThr33
Philip: Well, pretend your Nintendo DS speaks Japanese. That may make you feel better.
SURVIVIAL KIDS!!!  When it first came out, I called my local Gamestop (cringe) everyday for a whole week asking if they had the game in stock yet.  Ah, those were the days.  *low-bit ocean wave sound clip plays in the background* - fpbrush
Philip: Oh, Hell yes. Survival Kids was great.
Survival Kids on DS? Screw you PoSP! *gets an electric shock* - Hbomb
Philip: Should have used a condom. Sony products have VENEREAL DISEASES. Short one today!

December is a cold month, Shantae! Dress warmly!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
Shantae keeps me warm in December.