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Viral Speak Amy-Chan's Corner 07-29-2003
Amy-chan is back! Well, Philip is.. pre-occupied. *pokes the Philip Catching Box where Philip is being stored* Anyhow, Suki Nihon revamping thingie is done! Now, every Wednesday is an ANIME day! With a few new reviews and such! Since Philip is here.. *pokes box again* I'll let him make a few responses. But then I'm shipping him to another state or something. Who knows?

Amy is rocking out to: I am listening to the CHOBITS OST. Yes, the domestic one. Which is all sorts of nice little cute and light tunes intercut with Chi speaking in desperate and sad tones that I'm sure some people *glares* would find erotic. Sickos! I can't wait until Philip's paycheck comes. I'm gonna squander it on the Hellsing OST 1. That'll be yummy too!<3<3<3<3

I am in Missouri. Yay. Gettin ready to leave though. Next time I come through we should hang out though, found out about this trip at the last minute though. Later! - Sugoi Samurai
Amy: That would be cool, get some of the DMG Ice people together and then put them in a huge soup bowl and cook them up! Yummy!
I recently referred to Evanescence as the band where you really, really, really can't tell whether they're Christian or not. I mean, you hear their songs, and you think... yeah, okay... it sounds pretty dark... but if you take it THAT way maybe it comes out to something good... or maybe if you take that part this way and this part THIS way... hmm... 
So I gave up. I love the CD, and the lyrics are powerful if not totally sensical - basically I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. Haunted is such a sweet track, it's mad. 
Actually, we've got a really great station in Winnipeg that's run by Christians. is their website. They play a mix. It's all I listen to! I always listen to the words in music, so basically every other station just makes me want to vomit because it's either incredibly stupid or horribly disgusting (and often both). Pisses me off. 
Anyway, I'm going to a big Christian rock fest out of town this weekend. They've got a number of big names... Just, 38th Parallel, Jars of Clay, Threadline, Tree63, Pillar, Skillet, Audio A... gonna be excellent. I'm gonna blow so much cash... - TK421
Amy: Philip has two Audio Adrenaline albums."Bloom" and "Don't Censor Me". Both are autographed. I noticed a lot of darker Christian bands love the Books of Job and Lamentations. As for music being disgusting? That Camel Toe song bothers me immensely. Perverts.. Oh, well. *glomps Chobits Soundtrack* Nummy for me!
This is a public service announcment: Come to the forums and post.  - Shady
Amy: Let me put it this way! For every time you don't post. I will KILL you.
Worst message board of all time: message board. Sure, it's lively (About 50 new topics every 2 minutes), but, except for about 10 or so members, it devoids any intelligence. It's like taking over 1,000 Neo's and Shady's, stripping them of any smarts they have, focus their now blank minds on InuYasha and Cowboy Bebop and you have the forums. 
One topic was arguing over whether the kids should give the Trix rabbit some Trix. Another had this guy named "JerkFace" make a list. Why? Nobody knows. It's of people he hates. Pretty much anyone who disagreed with him got a post full of vulgarities that make South Park look tame and got added to the "list." - Duke
Amy: Wow! Are you sure they aren't imported from "Spike TV" and Quebec?
Philip: I thought we weren't going to pick on Canada..
Amy: We can now. I stole their Weapons of Mass Destruction.
I was without power for 48 hours after a tornado blasted through my town.  Back now, but a little frazzled.  DMG Icey back, too.  With semi-tasteless humor that's actually funny!  Yay!  Sleepy sleepy.... - No TV and no net make CX...  something something.
Amy: Here's Philip with more tasteless humor and stuff.
Philip: August will be the landing month of Super Mario Therapy 4, just thought you would all like to know. Tasteless humor preview? Think of it this way. Golden Sun... YAOI.
Amy: Yaoi? OOOOO! I KNEW Golden Sun was slashable! Although, I wanna see Link and Roy get all snuggly!
Philip: OH MY GOD!!!!! Amy! You're one of them!!! *fears*
Amy: Ever notice how Spike and Vicious in Cowboy Bebop would make a cute couple?
Who would you choose to be your girlfriend?
Sailor Mercury? Belldandy? Marin? Shantae? Neo? Fujiko? Someone else?
Spubman: Defender of the Way of the Spub says "Never hit a sausage with a baseball bat. You will regret it." - Duke
Amy: You again? Repeat VSers! I would choose... Zurui! She's so cool!!! If not her, than probably Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura. She's so adorable! I just wanna snuggle her! If not her.. I would pick up Natsuki from Hyper Police! With those cat ears.. she's just soo cute I wanna eat her up! Rawr!
*Philip blinks and stares at Amy in a bewildered way* Isn't Sakura a minor?
Amy: Not in Japan!
fffff - ff
Amy: FFFFF!!! (translation: Actually say something if you intend to hit the infect button!)
Qualifies in my book as pretty darn cute . - Nicolas
Amy: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3

I'm going to replace this eventually; but Philip is a big Wayforward fan. He has this little shrine in his room with some of their games sitting on it and he offers the games burnt sacrifices of Acclaim games on a frequent basis. It's really a little disturbing; but what can I do about it?
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
She wears that because she is a LIBERATED WOMAN.
I do like the outfit and art style. Maybe Philip can convince those Wayforward people to draw ME?