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Viral Speak 07-24-2003
Philip is back! I've been all over the place! But mostly in Iraq.... spying . BWA HA HA! Bad day for UDay, huh? Huh? HA HA HA! Who's the big man, now? Who's the big man? I call them, they wall them! Qusay? Qusay MERCY? Naw. Qusay NOTHING now! Ahem. It's top secret. Shhhh.

Philip is listening to: I'm watching the first and second season of Family Guy so I can rip it to freaking shreds review it fairly and nicely in Suki Nihon. Just kidding. No I'm not!

Are you serious? Philip likes AFI!? I LOVE AFI!! YAY PHILLIP! This post is dedicated to the supreme appreciation AFI for being them, and Phillip for liking AFI! WOOHOO! - Darkman
Philip: They're better than Pennywise, that's for damn sure.
I agree with Duke, we need a tournament. - Shady
Philip: Oh! Can it be a drinking game?
wat happens when you finish the game and can you get a car and can you get a double bed and can you bring people back home in it - daniel
Philip: Yes, yes, no, maybe, WHY ARE YOU QUESTIONING ME!
Philip, you have to stop eating the virii man. They've infected you. - Nitro
Philip: I'll tell you when I've had enough of them. I'll tell you. I can still update... So there!
i found a mew - bess
Philip: Was it tasty?
I think video games are becomming too..well actually they're not becomming anything. Same old plots with the same old design. The thought of any original plot would make me want to cry..and drink..all night long..with kirby. - Shizzle-Kins
Philip: Yeah, the truth is that originality has been dead for years. Since this Viral Speak is turning out to be really freaking short and I am just wasting your time, let me tell you a story about originality. A GOOD story about originality, not the one Peter Arnett wishes you would believe. Hey, I am tired and half awake. This will probably be messed up. Okay.

You see, originality is a place in Michigan. No, not that place in Michigan, that place in Michigan. No, to the left of it. Anyways, in originality there is a flower that grows and grows. A lot like a SUNFLOWER. Yes, so one day a little child came up to the sunflower and asked it for an apple. The Sunflower had no apples to give the child so it gave the child nothing. The child starved to death in front of the Sunflower, forever cursing the Sunflowers name. The body of the child just sat there in a rank manner. Several charities gave the dead child corpse money; but that did not work.

Finally, a very hungry Oprah Winfrey chopped up the corpse and served it to her audience on her show. They were none the wiser; but Tupac knew. So, he had to die. Oprah went and done capped his ass; but had no place to hide the body. So, she mostly killed a drifeter that looked exactly like Tupac and then buried the body next to the Sunflower.

The Sunflower was never lonely again now that he had a true friend! Love thy neighbors frequently and with a variety of toys! The more you know!

You know, Shantae's hot. If she were real, I'd totally rub her lamp!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
Barely Legal Half-Genies Gone WILD!
I have a few wishes.. hehehe.