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Viral Speak 07-15-2003
Amy-chan here! Yup! This one is done by me, Amy Red! You may recognize me from Dir3 or it's previous incarnation: "Weak Link", or you may not recognize me at all. Which would be really unfortunate. Really.

Amy is listening to: I enjoy lots of random MP3s. Philip has a lot of them. He also has a lot of porn. What a freak. Anyhow, he has a lot of great Anime MP3s; but there are too many on my playlist right now to name them all.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? - H
Amy: George Clooney.
ARRRGH! I = conflicted. I'm really wondering if it's worth it to buy Pokémon ruby or sapphire.
Any advice? - Cheeba_puff
Amy: Since I'm not a huge Game Boy player like Philip, I really can't make that kind of advice. But since he seems to really like the new Pokemon game; maybe it's worth buying. I played a little bit and it's really fun. It has new creatures, new areas, the contests alone are worth the price of admission and the mixing games option is sweet. I mean, you can swap information with a friend, find their secret base and beat the crap out of them! The TVs in the game also will mention anyone you have swapped information with randomly. The more people you mix games with, the more new things are added to the game. I would suggest buying it; but I'm not too knowledgeable on things that are not weapons. Weapons like guns, the bigger the shaft on the gun, the harder the gun's main thrust has to be. mmm.. Oh, yeah. I really like explosive rounds or shrapnel bombs. So yummy! Mmm.. weapons make me horny... erm.. ahem! It's nice. Go buy the game.
The Libertarian party gives you freedom to buy ultraviolent video games without killing all of your civil liberties.
 - ME
Amy: Well, not a big political person; but I did some research on the Libertarian Party. You do know that while they support good things like school choice, they want people to be able to hide fundings into MSAs (Medical Savings Accounts). That's the worst idea since MEDICARE. Also, abolishing the Food and Drug Administration would allow the free import of medicine from foreign countries regardless or not of safety. In other words, THIS would happen more often. The FDA keeps your ass safe from drugmakers who would cut corners. Imagine a poor woman buying Midol for.. you know.. problems.. than taking it to discover it had Serratia bacteria; because there was no FDA to ensure that the drugs Bayer put out were safe. The idea of privatizing drug regulation means that the inmates would run the asylum. Do you want Proctor & Gamble deciding what's best for you? Also, the idea of legalizing ECSTACY and COCAINE is absurd. The Libertarian party wants you to be free to kill yourself. And while they do want your crack whore neighbors to own guns, they think that it's best for us to get rid of our military and send away anyone who isn't an American citizen. (America for Americans indeed. They forget we are a melting pot of people. People who deserve to live here just as much as we do.)

I loved the bit where they mention that Japan is a booming economy that proves we don't need a military; because Japan spends less than we do on military. JAPAN HAS NO MILITARY. We are Japan's military. Japan had a bubble economy that popped years ago and is currently in a WONDERFUL recession. The suicide rate in Japan is STAGGERING. Why do they hate the military? That is why they won't amount to anything. They forget that the military is made of PEOPLE who VOTE. I do like the part where they say we should defend only ourselves. The reason it is important to help other nations is to prevent nations that are evil from gaining ground. What we do isn't police work. It's prevention work. Abandoning other nations would mean building a corner and hiding in it while we let people suffer. The people who suffer will look up at us and teach their children to hate us; because we have done nothing to help them. For years we ignored The Middle East and let it grow into a hot bed of terrorism and anti-American sentiment. It doesn't solve any problems. It makes MORE problems to ignore other countries. If you saw a woman being raped in the middle of the street and walked away without trying to save her.. you'd be no worse than the rapist.

I like their support of internet freedom; but it's only icing on a bitter cake. They want to hand you over to BIG BUSINESS. Go read the book "Jennifer Gorvernment", it's funny. It's fiction but wouldn't you know.. it's a Libertarian dream! As for the idea of internet censorship. I believe that it should be censored in private schools and in places where school boards have voted to allow blocking software on their computers. It should be based on internet ratings, like the ones provided by the ESRB. Their support of the ACLU is funny. The ACLU wants to demolish the liberties of the people for the sake of the Sonys, the RIAAs, and the Maplethorpes of the world. The ACLU also cracks down on Nativity Sets in front of churches; but will support you if your idea of art is pissing on preschoolers with a bullwhip up your ass. True liberty is being free to live in safety; but the Libertarian party appears to think that being free means being free of rules and regulations. If I built a fence around a pond full of alligators, I'm not restricting your freedoms or liberties to go there. I'm giving you the liberty to play without fear of being eaten by alligators. Gary Nolan wants to let the alligators eat you. So, don't vote for him.
Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast is coming to DVD in SEASON SETS!!! = There is a god. - Shady
Amy: And that god's name is Zorack! Personally, I'm still reeling from the wonderful fact that Sailor Moon's first seasons are finally available uncut and uncensored!
Wait wait wait...  Evanescence was a Christian band?!  Holy crap!  (no pun intended, really...)  That's twice now I've been completely oblivious to that sort of thing...  Mind you, I'm not terribly religious and in general I don't care for most Christian music, but you can't be serious here.  I mean, listening to "Tourniquet", I have a really hard time envisioning them as Christian...  Oh, and for the record, the other time I was surprised was "Supernova" by the Echoing Green-- I'd heard them in an anime video and didn't find out the song was a CCM hit for over a year.  But Evanescence...  whoa. - CX (Hoping to avoid the punkhellstorm of days gone by)
Amy: Well, Christian bands -especially the good ones- are becoming even more prevelant. Evanescence has some great music and YES they are a Christian band. Nothing wrong with that. A lot of people seem to think that the Bible is just this book of punishment and happy slavery that opresses women and kills all joy. Sorry, it's not the Pope or the National Organization for Women. It's really a book full of kick-ass battles with stabbing and burning, genuine soul searching, and treating other people nicely. I mean, the Song of Solomon is about SEX and appreciating SEX. An entire book on sex! Now, if they only had a book on weapons in there.. it would be PERFECT. The whole New Testament is about Jesus saying that we should respect people and pray for them. Even when they sin, we should love them and pray for them. It's not about shoving religion down their throats. Now, if you'll excuse me.. I'm thinking of making a Hellsing music video set to the CCM band Audio Adrenaline's song "Some Kind of Zombie." Because that song is cool. Be a ZOMBIE for Jesus. Gotta love the whole tongue in cheek nature in that.
When will we see a new Dir3 comic? - Fandemonium.
Amy: I think you should bother Philip on that one.
Flogging Molly rocks, that is all. - Shady
Amy: I too enjoy smacking that bitch around. Oh, wait.. you mean the band. Yeah, they remind me of The Pogues. Irish Punk is cool. Next letter.
I think the worst thing to come with the Sami Al-Arian arrest was that it meant Bill O'Reilly was right. I hate that guy. - Hbomb
Amy: The Al-Arian part is his Tribal name. Saddam Husayn's tribal name is Al-Tikriti. It gives you an idea of the part of Iraq he is from. Sami is probably the guy's MIDDLE name. If Americans did that odd region/tribe name thing.. Philip would be Andrew Al-Missouri. As for me? Next letter!
Woulda thought you'd want to be in the Sailor Moon world so you can get some hot Mercury action. Meanwhile, I'd be getting hot Jupiter action! Woo!
And I have a feeling N-Gage is going to sell more than the PSP. Dunno why, I just do. Of course, I stupidly forgot to factor in all the people that buy it because "Nintendo's for kiddies! Sony's kooler!" - Duke
Amy: So, bought the uncut season 1 yet? Only $98 at Best Buy!
How do I beat the Elite Four on pokemon gold? I tried a 100 times but it won't work. - ??????
Amy: Okay IP number, I suggest nabbing a Psychic Pokemon and then maybe some type of Flying or Ice Pokemon and wasting them that way. If you still can't.. than you SUCK! Have a great day!
Remember, if someone tells you you're on fire believe them, especially if you've just been lighting fireworks. - Nicolas
Amy: Oh.. Fireworks. mmm.. Those make me happy. VERY happy. <3
the apocolips is apon you - mfongn'o
Amy: Bring it on!
i caught a pikachu and i breed it with gyredos and it made a gyrekhu - Pikapoo
Amy: That must have been some interesting sex.
ye what's up good site. you need more previews. - c.alexiz
Amy: He does. He does.
You know, there should be a DMG Ice Tournament. You could grab 16-some competitors from the boards & Snowflake and have the site visitors vote on who wins, kinda like at GameFAQs, but with Poppy Seed & Squishy hosting the tournament.
Oh, and ToonZone=kool. 4Kids & Sony=not kool. - Duke
Amy: And I would win.. right? RIGHT?
YAY! viral is back! in case youre wondering, its mxpx kid, the one everyone hates? well, im done with mxpx, that was an odd phase. im not proud of it. but im her to open up another can of worms. WARNING! skip now if you do not like cans of worms! state your opinion as a whole on.... AFI! i like em al lot. sure there new cd sucked, but one thing cant ruin your carreer, maybe there next one will be better. thats my can of worms. some hate AFI, some love em i like em! go ahead let the battle begin... i hope.
ITS POGO TIME! - Punks Unite!
Amy: Actually, AFI is pretty cool. Philip has a bunch of their MP3s. HA! Foiled your plan! Feel free to curse my name!
>After all, you have a right
>to speak; but no one said I
>had to pay attention to you.

This is possably the single most intelligent thing I have ever read in a Viral Speak. And it's true. Seems more and more like people have the right to hate this War on Terrorism, but not the right to support it. I just now realized that, in 2004, when it's time to re-elect Bush, I'll be too young to vote by one day. Doesn't that suck? - The Jaded Falcon
Amy: Yeah. It would be illegal to vote in 2004 for you. Well, if you were a Democrat, you could vote illegally and no one would notice. After all, it worked for Hillary Clinton in New York. Enjoy the Suki Nihon updates!

There really isn't a reason for me to show Shantae; but it IS tradition!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
I feel exploited and cheapened by this!
Personally, the purple hair is kind of cool; but she needs a comb and that anorexic look is SOOO out-dated..