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Viral Speak 07-01-2004
Amazing how long it has been since I did a Viral Speak. In fact, I feel a little ashamed for having taken so long to produce what is and was one of our most popular items. Looking into the stack of entries, I find that I am overwhelmed with entries. I hope I can answer enough of these to sate your NEEDS. On that note, I have noted that some people believe the website to be political at times. This is true because the website is a reflection of the people who make it. We are all political in some form or another and it reflects in our views. For those who have not figured it out, I am for capitalism and against socialism. I believe that socialism and special interest groups facilitate a kind of racism. I hate racism even more than I hate socialism. I love the idea of communism; but I find it can not work in a world of free people. In fact, only through full frontal lobotomy and severe socialism, would communism work. Although allowances must be made to stifle the human spirit that longs for freedom and liberty in a socialism. Everyone would need to be the same and accept that conformity. I completely disagree with that idea. I also disagree with the idea that proliferates the modern socialist thinking. That idea is that the government knows the best way to spend MY money. If I had all of my money, I could pay off my bills quicker, buy more video games, and live my life away from work in a cozy moon chair, drinking V8, snuggling my imported from another state girlfriend (wink wink nudge nudge), and enjoying multi-player Wario Ware on a 42 Inch HD Plasma screen. I admit that I would feel a little guilty, so it seems okay to me if the government took at least 15% of my money each check to pay for -say- defense of the people. That would include defense of people from foreign enemies, domestic enemies, and the very important research of new weapons and new medicines. Defense breeds Science which in turn breeds peace and progress. That said, I hate socialism. I also dislike the idea of clueless people claiming to be socialists. It breaks my heart to see people sign up for the Neo Socialist groups in colleges, not knowing that they have now been inducted into the new Reich and reduced from swing voters to "Swing Kids." I hate that the media brands me conservative and those who lean toward socialism as liberal. Those terms only truly apply to how you handle your MONEY, not your total world views. If someone says they are liberal, ask them for a $20. When (if) they say no; reply: "But I thought you said you were a LIBERAL!" Do not explain it to them.

These days I find myself engrossed in Mario Golf: Advance Toke. Sorry, I meant "Tour." Yes. Tour. Golf is a four letter word; but it gets to be too engaging not to play and enjoy. One thing about Golf is the use of Spin. You spin the ball with top spin or back spin to get it to land where you want it. This means that you have to move the cue line of the ball from the center to any of the sides. A hot topic these days is Micheal Moore's latest ball. I have not seen the movie yet as my download is not done. However, I have seen clips, analysis, and reviews of the film. I know the film uses a lot of spin to attempt to land on par. Does it bogey? Apparently. A lot film critics have said a lot of negative things about it. From local reviewer Robert W. Butler calling the thesis "..hardly watertight" and then writing that the film sets aside being art for politics, chideing the decision of Cannes Film Festival jury. (Truly A Band Apart-isan? Partisonship kills the thinking mind.) I will not go into the Slate review or the reviews of it in other prominent newspapers and news websites. Critics bash the flick across the globe by pointing out direct mistakes in the film and calling it outright propoganda. However, all the reviews that say it is not art, interesting, fair, or worthwhile give the movie good scores. That would be like me reviewing Yoda's Stories, giving it 100%, and saying that EVERYONE MUST BUY IT while bashing it completely in my review. That is not only confusing, it is DISHONEST and unfair to both the producer and the consumer. Shame on you, critics. SHAME ON YOU! Moore may enjoy the attention; but it seems that it is bought on infamy and not talent. That bothers me a great deal. It reminds me too much of John Romero. People getting god-like hype for mediocore output. Next, Tom Daschle will call me personally and tell me that Daikatana was an amazing game and even outshines modern games like Half-Life, Perfect Dark, or the exiguous Halo. Blah blah, though. Politics are teh s uck. Mario Golf is not "teh s uck" though. Buy it. Say that Penny Arcade told you to. That said, Spider-Man 2 has arrived and I recommend that we all go love it. Also check out Bus 174, Broken Wings, and The Big Animal; if you can find them in theatres. Oh! Supersize me is still in theatres and it is vastly entertaining in a "Jackass" kind of way. I would say it would be a much more fun way to spend your evening than with the current political hype-o-gram.

Wow, that was long! Viral Speak is directly below you! ENGORGE YOURSELVES!!
Philip is listening to:  Some random MP3s on his hard drive. Yup. Columbine, Columbine. Blue in the Rockies. Well, I missed you when you were away. Will I see you next summer, right on the mountain? Will you be there when I pass your way?

Where could you find Zelda for less that MSRP? I have visited every business that sells video games, and none are willing to go even $.20 below saddens me. - Tyler
Philip: I suggest you start reading the newspaper on Sundays more often. There are always coupons and advertisements. Best sales flyers are usually from Nebraska Furniture Mart and Curcuit City. Wal-Mart will challenge those and go at or below the advertised prices that those two advertise. It takes a little effort; but it is worth it. Flyers from mom & pop stores may also be used if they are current and valid. Internet prices will not be challenged at Wal-Mart. K-Mart, Target, and some other stores will also do price challenges if you ask the right associates. You also have to have a copy of the sales flyer.
you dont have cheats - zach
Philip: Do I look like Strongbad to you?
Allo, Phillip! I was the Schrodinger (genki werewolf Nazi boyscout) at A-kon you met on Thursday afternoon. it was GREAT fun talking with you...and, honest to my promise, here is the link to that animated sea critter gif I mentioned. Hellsing fanart fun. And, here's the link  - Sephi-chan
Philip: I love how wrong that is. QWYEEEE!!!!
4Kids is licensing One Piece!!! The horrible, twisted agony!!!
"When in trouble, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!" - Ian, just Ian
Philip: I was upset too; but Funimation made me feel better when they announced they were working with 4Kids on releasing some of 4Kids properties.. UNCUT. I mean.. uncut Shaman King and Yu Gi Oh... can One Piece be next? Although 4Kids means LOADS of sweet toys and stuff. Luffy Gear!
How well do the old Game Boy games fit into the SP? It seems like the carts would just out and be uncomfortable. - Doesi
Philip: Yes, they jut out and that sucks; but you get used to it quickly.
I used to have an import gb game called "Bomber boy",
which included the original "Bomber Man" in b&w.
the BomberBoy game gave a twist to the "bomberman" games, it had warps, moving ground, and scrolling. too bad it doesn't have many faqs/reviews. if you see it, try/buy it if you like bomberman. - Yoshi_Of_America
Philip: In the USA, that game is called Atomic Punk. Buy it people, if you find it. Then REVIEWS! REVIEWS!
I love are so funny...please don't trace this to the author... - 00 Nothing
Philip: Thank you for enjoying my site and I'm glad you like my strange brand of humour. *blush*
Ahg! My friends got the hook-up to get into E3 and I didn't go. Shame is me. Oh well, it at least got me to come back here to check on the E3 updates. They totally missed the boat when it came to bringing back the news on the real spotlight of E3... handheld gaming!
Whew, the DS looks teh awesome. I saw the videos they had of it on Nintendo's site. Since the pics of the DS cartriges that you posted up make them look so small, I've got some questions for you about it. I've heard that the DS has two cartridge slots, does this means that there is a slot for GBA and older cartridges and one for DS cartridges, or, since your photo showed two small DS cartridges, does that mean that DS games come in two cartridges, one for each slot?
(You know, a friend recently pointed out to me that I tend to play GBC games in my GBA more than GBA games. This seems weird even to me, what say you, oh mighty Philip?) - Orochi p_fish
Philip: The DS Game Paks are small; but not too small. They only go in one slot. One at a time. The slot in front is for GBA games or future expansion. A good example would be if Nintendo decided to add some sort of SD card reader, upgrade, mini-DVD player, or other weird device to the DS in the future. The bottom slot can be used for that. It looks GOODNESS. As for more GBC on the GBA than GBA? Well, it's understandable. I did that for a while too. Then.. I slowly broke away from it as more and more games I really loved came out.
Excellent reference to Ronnie Dell, which can be a reference to Grease, which allows me o make a reference to how much you rock for that!
Whats that playing on the radio?... - Darkman
Philip: Why do I start swaying to and fro? I have never heard this song before; but if I don't hear it anymore. It's still familiar to me, sends a chill right through me, echoes of my broken heart are.... oh great... as if people weren't disturbed by my knowledge of showtunes already. I have this co-worker who thinks I'm borderline fruity because of my knowledge of culture. *sighs* So, I know more about American History and Cultural History than her. That does not make me homosexual. It makes me SMARTER than her.
HOLY CRAPPPP...THE DS....*BAM!!!!!* it's all over the it's just frosting really I see someone threw a cupcake at my computer screen...
Dude and DJ are SO GOING to E3 next more highschool to screw us outta going :D :D..ehhh? pwease? :)
..watcha think of the PSP? Is it a creation of satan? - Craig
Philip: The PSP is like a good techno song. Fleeting and elitist; but virtually the same old stuff repackaged in a shiny new coat of expensive. If you have an iPod, you do not need it for music. The jury is still out on the movies idea. Not too bad an idea and the games look nice. But the true test of the system is price, and quality of the games. Hey, talk to me about the whole E3 bit.
Hehehehe... I thought it said "We have furry!"... nuff said. - Boots
Philip puts away the doggie ears: Yeah. Nothing anthromorphic, nor sexually deviant here. Nope!
i love pokemon - amin
Philip: And we love you too. I wholeheartedly agree.
The new site is cool! Where did u get that song? - Teh Mastuh of Disastuh AKA MST_Man
Philip: Thanks! Um... Osmosis reversed several times.
I've been visiting your site for a long time. So, call me stupid, but just this very moment it dawned on me that the reason the little slime guy from Zelda is in your logo is because he looks like a penis. Just now I noticed the resemblance for the first time. I feel stupid. - Tenryuujin
Philip: Well, it does look like that; but we don't talk about it much. The creature says all sorts of weird and quirky Nintendo stuff if you talk to it. I was kind of going more for that fact than the other.. phallic thing. know that Mew Glitch thingy recently discovered? Well, I was showing it to my friend and was feeling confident so I ended up with some missingno. that ticked me off. partly because my freind was screaming, "WTF!? WAT WAS THAT?!? HOT DAMN WAT WUZ IT?" And it messed up my hall of here's my question, do you even care? And does this even belong here? - Mr. Saturn Fan
Philip: I am sitting here listening to Something Corporate; but I feel now.. I feel like I just got zapped back into 1999. You have no idea how your post has made me feel. I remember MissingNo and then EAGB's PIKABLU debacle. Oh, those were the DAYS. Those were the freaking days. By the way, EAGB is still pretty cool. At least I think so.

Speaking of 1999, remember Columbine? While I still contend that it was a copycat shooting based on earlier shootings such as the one in Paducah, Kentucky. I have clips from the 911 calls and various video footage that I have been collecting.  I'm listening to a live version of Amy Grant and Micheal W. Smith's song "Friends" that was played at the memorial service for the students and reviewing data on all the violent school related deaths in 2003 to 2004 in USA Today. School violence has always fascinated me; but I find that movies about it are either completely bs or just terribly done. I want Sophia Coppolla to direct one. Anyhow, according to USA Today there were 48. But the complete breakdown is really a lot less. I will deduct teacher suicides, parental suicides, and police shootings from the list. I'm interested in only student to student violence. The actual number is about 31. 18 of those were shooting deaths. 8 of these were stabbing deaths, and 7 were suicides. One student in Bellevue, Washington drove into a median and died. Arguements, fistfights, suicides. Why do I collect this information? Because I desire it. The thirst for truth requires the aquisition of raw data. For example, reading up on information forms a true opinion. I saw the capture of Saddam pending when we constructed a giant fence around Tikrit two monthes prior. The fence was to keep him inside the city. Looking at raw data like the complete 9/11 Commision Report reveals that Saddam harbored Al Queda operatives, supported them with money and resources, beefed up his defenses a week prior to the 9/11 attacks in anticipation of a backlash from the attacks (he knew), and that -according to memorandum 15 of the report- our initives against Terrorism have completely destabilized and emasculated Osama Bin Laden's group. This make our wars worth fighting. I suggest everyone read those reports completely. Also, go read The Patriot Act completely and the "torture memos" completely. The sound and the fury signifies nothing. By the way, I really enjoy this song. I really find part of the chorus to echo my sentiments on friendship. "A friend is a friend for ever if the Lord is the Lord of them." I guess the "bleeding heart" of my personality works in conjunction with the "thinking mind" I possess. That balance is truly why I love God, America, and all of you - my readers. Anyhow.. enough weird sentimentality. See you next Viral Speak!

Oh! Before I go, Scientists from The University of Sydney have concluded that bees work better with diversity than without it. Kind of brings up WHY I hate Socialism and Racism. We work together best because of our differences than our similarities. Celebrate and appreciate those differences.

Shantae 32/22/32: The Measurements at which Hormones BURN!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
Shantae is really cool!