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Viral Speak 06-11-2003
Long time, no speaking! I'm NOT DEAD. I've just been reeling from Con-Shock. Been to two this month and have had a lot on my mind. Ways to make this site better, ways to do stuff like that. You know? Anyhow, the newsity thing for the main site is listed on the entrance page. For those who care, here's the main pages picture for posterity!
France denies we exist.

Philip is listening to: Terminator 2: eXtreme Edition. Rented it. It's nice and sharp. Only problem is that the "High-Def" DVD-Rom on the second disc has compatability issues with anything BUT the crappy Interactual Player that it tries to install. The first disc is nice and sharp though. Although with the new transfer, it's really evident how cheesy some of the special effects really are. Explosions look nice; but some things -like the pock marks in the T-1000 during it's first confrontation with the T-800- have a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger-esque quality to them. Of course, the movie rocks; but this was back when Cameron was a genius. Well, anyhow, T3 is going to be coolness. At least I was watching it for part of this Viral Speak. Mostly listening to junk on my Winamp playlist. Lots of random MP3s. Oh! Download "The shoulders of Freaks" by Henry Phillips.

Hamtaro Porn: What I've seen way too much of to be healthy. - Shady
Philip: As long as it's not underage Hamtaro Porn, you'll be okay in your Hamtaro LUST.
I seem to recall Donkey Kong Country being released for the GBC back in the day... now it's here for the Advance? Seems askew. How do the two stack up, Phil? What makes the GBA version worth the extra cash? - TK421
Philip: Yup. The GBC version is well.. not as good looking and is missing the dancing mini-game, camera mode, full story intro, and a few minor details. I'm buying it for the sake of having all of the versions of the game.
Philip: Working on four as we speak. Think Golden Sun and not think YAOI. Although.. hehehe that might become a side project instead. For those wondering what Yaoi is.. umm.. FEAR. For those who know and are addicted to it or afraid of it. Well, then! If a Golden Sun Shounen Ai doesn't attract hordes of horny females to the site.. maybe Squishy will with his tentacles of school girl loving!
Is your site dead, or are you?  Either way I guess I'm worried.  Hopefully both the site and you come back to life at some point in the future.  Otherwise I'm just going to delete it from my favorites.  It's been hanging there for the last couple of years, and...I don't really wanna keep it there if the site is kaput.  If you are actually dead, then my condolences go out to your loved ones.... - Blurby Mc Pencilneck
Philip: Well! Now we can stay and fester inside your bookmarks! YAY! Well, just RELAX! Don't do it! When you want to go to it!
Phew.  Good to see you alive and kicking.  You had me scared there for a while.  
....why yes, I do indeed have no life; why do you ask? - CX (They paved paradise and put up a Funcoland.)
Philip: Woo! I'ma gonna corruptionate you all! We're like SARS; but harder to get rid of.
Hey the site rocks... keep up the good work.... hey if anyone see's adrock tell him richard t. is looking for him tell him to email ...
hey phillip keep up the good work... keep it crackalakin phacizal dizzle - natiku_maximus
Philip: That's SPOON.
Will you come and visit me sometime? You haven't called in a while! Are you busy? Well? Huh? Huh?- Your buddy, Mandy Moore
Philip: Well, working and slacking. You know the deal. But hey! Next time we're stuck in an elevator, we can recreate that Aerosmith video again! Sound good? By the way, I still dig your music.
Squids are neat. - Damage
Philip: Yeah! Especially the Squishy or the Metroid kind.
I know you're a fanboy on a fansite but please! The only reason the gba is as underpowered as it is . . . monopoly! If Nintendo wants to stay in the game now its going to have to make the gba or the next sytem worth buying for more than it's puzzle games and half dozen rpg/strategy games. Oh and I know there have been a few origanal platformers but they are all cookie cutter sequals anyway. Heck I'd be happy if the psp had more than 4 action buttons! - Bilbo
Philip: There's a few things I dislike about it though. It's using a prioritized format Cartridges with 6cm Discs inside them. Potentially more expensive than normal cartridges. From what I've heard, it's using an obscure programming language and will have TERRITORIAL LOCKOUT. Also, the chipset it's using isn't even out of labs yet. In other words, they just threw together some stuff they thought sounded good. We'll see though. Considering that there are no announced games for it and there are more companies signed on to work for the GP32 than for the PSP, I would say that it's going to be an uphill battle for Sony. They are also not aiming to make it a video game system per se. More like their answer to the Archos Video AV320 instead of a video game system. Woo! Movies and GPS capabilities! It's not a video game system. It's Sony's little unfocused stab at being mediocore. They want to ship 10 million copies in the firsty year. And what game will put the PSP in at least half that many people's pockets? Not Gran Turismo. That has barely sold four million copies in all it's incarnations combined. It's not like they have a system seller like Pokemon which has proven itsself by selling over 16 million units. (The first games Red and Blue- selling over 9 million copies by themselves.) They throw around numbers and shit; but instead of sounding serious, they sound like they just want to say "Me too!".

If they really want to make a dent, they need to be RAZOR SHARP and FOCUSED on the ONE thing that matters in the portable market. GOOD GAMES. Do they have Advance Wars? No. Aria of Sorrow? No. Mega Man Zero? No. Wario Ware? Hell, no. Tetris? Nope. When they bring some GAMES to the table, then I'll give them a chance. They could do well in the US with sports titles and a good RPG could do them well in Japan; but until I see some fucking inititive, Sony can kiss my ass. In other words. Walk it, Sony. Don't just blow smoke. A few people may not be smart enough to see through that smoke. But at least my readers can see the truth. Oh, as for being a monopoly? The entire console industry is underpowered when compared to the PC industry. None of the current consoles run at 2GHZ. But you can buy a bargain computer and it will be 2GHZ or close to it. Is that because of monopoly? I think not. The GBA is under-powered; because it didn't need to make that huge a leap yet. Also, Nintendo isn't looking to charge people $200 to $400 dollars for a video game handheld system. Smaller chips get pricey and the GBA is a system where they garner actual returns on the sale of systems. It's not sold at a loss like the Game Cube, PS2, and XBox. (Industry analysis has determined that the XBox may never show a real profit this generation.)
Phil, I think you are a bit biased when it comes to the issue of the PSP.  See, Sony JUST announced the system for cryin' out loud.  I have no doubt that with Sony's standing in the market, and thier relationship with developers that this thing will have all the support it needs.  I also have no doubt that we'll start to see info on games for it by the end of the year.  And while it may be sad, it's no less true.  This thing could sell through the roof based on the Sony brand name alone.  I don't think this thing is going to be that tough a sell for Sony at any rate, and I think it's going to be Nintendo's first real competitor in the market.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Nintendo, and the GBA.  But I can admit that this thing is probably going to take a bit of the wind out of Nintendo's sales as far as the Portable market goes, and I think it's honestly about time that Nintendo has some competition.  I think it can only be good for the portable market.
- Cyberxion
Philip: Yes, I am biased. They just announced SPECS. Other handheld competitors announced BRAND NEW systems at E3 and actually HAD THEM THERE. Here's to competition. Well, when I see something that competes directly with the GBA. Although, I can see why Sony is pushing this now. For what it's worth, they realize that the PS3 is going to suck and blow. (Maybe they've been talking with the amount of disenchanted PS2 developers?) In other words, they're introducing a handheld to make up for what they see as an inevitable slump ala the N64 when the PS3 comes out. What we have currently is a Lion-Heart Lisa doll (The PSP.. sort of) against Malibu Stacey (GBA). And no.. that doesn't make me Smithers. Oh, as for earlier competition, some wholesalers are looking to bring the NGPC back into stores as a value game. I saw the bundle packs at E3. The system and six good games for under $100. If you ask me, I'd tell you to snatch that up the moment it shows up in retail. Well, I will be watching the PSP; but for right now.. it's just some crap on a piece of paper, that Sony says they will ship 10 million units of. (Which is funny considering that they haven't even finalized the DESIGN yet.)
what is the longest submarine sandwich you've ever eaten? - Nitro
Philip: I prefer tacos to long sandwichs.
ahh man, the friggin rats. - Sir Shroom
Philip: I hear you on that. Evil things carried off my Geo Metro.
You like being naked, don't you? I kind of noticed that a lot recently. - Boots
Philip: Wearing nothing but my boots, eh? Sign me up for that!
Where's your private member function? - M3wThr33
Philip: In my pants.
Did Shadow really died? OR idi he realized he   had hoover shoes and usd them? - Sonic fan
Philip: Well, considering he is in the cartoon series, the truth is that Tails saved him. After all, Tails and Shadow are lovers. What? You didn't know?
"One of the many implications of recent cosmological observations is that the concept of parallel universes is no mere metaphor. Space appears to be infinite in size. If so, then somewhere out there, everything that is possible becomes real, no matter how improbable it is. Beyond the range of our telescopes are other regions of space that are identical to ours. Those regions are a type of parallel universe. Scientists can even calculate how distant these universes are, on average." 

D00d that means every single game plot is really occuring somewhere in space! It would also mean that somewhere in alternate Philip in an alternate universe is a Pokemon....God help us. - Sugoi Samurai
Philip: I feel sorry for the people stuck in the world of Barney's Hide & Seek Adventure. Well, them and the people stuck in the world of Tetris. Although if game scenarios apply.. so does anime. DAMN IT. I want to be stuck in the world of Chobits. Or at least the world of Those Who Hunt Elves; because Elven Chicks are HOT. Oh yeah! Rune Soldier has elves and a hot chick with glasses. That would be a good world too. Except it also takes place in the world of Record of Lodoss War.. so.. who knows.. Elven Girls! Elven Girls! All for me! Elven Girls! The world of Hyper Police wouldn't be too bad either. Meow Meow Meow! Cat Girls deliver! Or the world of Alien 9. Life is better when you have an Alien Hat.
I don't think anybody can conclude realistically what is the best game of all time, but I think most people would agree that Zelda:LTTP is not it. While that game was good, there are a great many I liked above it. Personally, my favorite game of all time would be Ocarina of Time. Overall, it'd probably be a tie between that, FFVII, and... some other stuff. - ME
Philip: Personally, I think Super Mario Bros. 3 is almost the best game ever. Although.. I would be lying if I said I didn't think the same about games like FFVI, Lunar, Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Survival Kids, and Earthbound. I'll admit that a game has to have some type of emotional impact on me to be awesome. By emotional, I mean it has to be fun; but it has to make me feel emotion. The best books can make you laugh, make you cry, and make you feel for the characters. I'll admit that the best games are POWERFUL. Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel had powerful images and Link's Awakening had a character (Marin) that I really honestly liked immensely. (It also didn't help that she reminded me of a girl I had a big crush on at the time. She could have stolen my wallet anytime; because she already had a piece of my heart.) Survival Kids was just an overdose of atmosphere and emotion. You know what I mean? When I play a game, I want to be entertained on an emotional level. I want to feel like I'm doing something worthwhile.
Flogging Molly rocks, that is all. - Shady
Philip: That has been a public service announcement from Shady.

The Shantae is out there.
(Buy her game or suffer greatly.)
The LOVE Terminator!
Those new T-Wayforward Units are pretty saucy, don'tcha think?