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Viral Speak 04-29-2003
But it has to be done.. yes. It does. All technical difficulties and such aside!

Philip is listening to: The brand new Radiohead album. Yes, I know it's not out yet. It's interesting musically. They appear to be trying to reach a wider audience. Still pretty nice musical wise. What it consists of mostly is sweet mood music.

Yup. It also puts me to sleep.

So, instead of listening to it more and falling asleep mid Viral Speak. (Or facing down damn technical difficulties.) I'm going to just listen to some MP3s on my computer. Here's what's on my Winamp 3.

1. Gut's Theme - From the anime Berserk. One of the best anime I have ever seen. I mean, it has it all. Characters I like, tragedy, violence, mature sexual content presented in a raw and honest way, lots of sword fighting, mysticism, a grim outlook, humor, amazing music, and brilliant story telling. There are very few anime that can achieve a truly mature and truly epic status. Berserk is an epic anime. It has a raw nature to it akin to Les Mortes De Arthur, or The Lord of the Rings. Epic, and soul stirring.

2. Wish You Were Here - by Blackmore's Night. I miss you like Hell. S.T.

3. Only Hope - By Mandy Moore. One of the only "Bubble Gum" pop artists I respect. I mean respect. I like Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Pink, and Kelly Clarkson. But I respect Mandy Moore.

4. Crazy For This Girl - By Evan and Jaron.  I love the music side of this.. and I really appreciate the lyrics.

5. Santeria - By Sublime. I actually.. have relatives... who practice Santeria. I come from a diverse family. Bite me.

6. The Horizon Has Been Defeated - By Jack Johnson. Oh, Hell yeah it has!

7. Dear Claudia - By Southfm. What?

8. Taxidermy - By Sappo. A song about stuffing your friends. YAY!

Hm...  There are too many things in the Amnesty International page for me to really comment on individually, but what disturbs me mightily is how easily Saddam Hussein can lie to both his people and the rest of the world.  "We want a peacable discussion" vs. "We will stain the sands red with the blood of the invaders", etc., etc.  An old friend of mine once told me that lies told to opposing people only serve to bring their fight even closer... - CX (In XS.  Ha, I made a completely inappropriate 80s pun.)
Philip: Essentially, some of this Viral Speak is compiled from older posts. O_o However it is true. Oh, because politics do make interesting conversations, I would like to comment that the amount of bandwagon jumpers rallying against the war really irk me. I mean, where were they when Saddam launched missiles -unprovoked- at Israel, or when he started an eight year war with Iran? Oh, for the record, there have only been 3 wars in the last 45 years to get UN Approval. So, I wasn't really expecting them to approve it. That's why I was glad when Bush finally gave up on pleading with the UN and did something. (Considering the war is over and all we're doing now is verifying and testing the biological weapons we've already found... Although, when we verify biological weapons.. I doubt we'll be told about it.)
I happened to like Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. -Shady
Philip: It is pretty good. Especially with salt.
I have a whole theory about the Steve the Dell guy...he's not human...he's satan incarnate.  See, he tells us to buy "Dell" computers...he's brainwashing the nation.  Then, once an innocent citizen buys such a machine, it sucks his soul into the CPU right before it explodes, sending that doomed soul to Hell, where Steve the Dell guy, and his master, Satan, rule over the captured souls for all TIME. It's all a conspiracy!  Run, run from this demon says I!  RUN!  Plus Dell doesn't rhyme with heaven...CHEESE! - clarynet
Philip: Souls. Tasty.
Aghh! I don't want any more Zelda remakes! If Nintendo sucked at developing games, I would be happy that they remake their classics, but seeing as they don't, I'm sure a new GB Zelda would be great and annoyed that they choose to constantly remake old games, especially ones older than those which they've already remade. - MattIsFun
Philip: I think they make remakes for people like me who have a bad habit of buying remakes.
AHA! I return! Annoy! Bother! Irritate! Disrupt Thinking Processes!
'Kay, that was completely pointless, wasn't it? - The Jaded Falcon
Philip: I concur...
This past St. Patrick's Day my daughter decided to celebrate it a day early by painting almost her entire left palm green and then putting her hand on my mother in-law's very light colored carpet shortly afterwards so that it left a brightly green colored hand print. She also later tried to suck the thumb off this hand when she got tired and was falling asleep for a late nap. Ewwww!!!! - Nicolas
Philip: It is because of the lime taste...
The re-release of Earthbound...  frightens me.  I fear greatly what would happen if Nintendo decides to retranslate what is arguably the Best RPG Translation Ever...  Heaven forbid we get the Mr. Saturns speaking in l33t... - CX ( |30!|\|(_- Z00|\/|! )
Philip: Mr. Saturn's speaking in 133+. POING?!
Nice to see ViralSpeak up and running./GBA (SP) is the best console ever conceived./ I don't like PokéMon! I don't like PokéMon! I don't like PokéMon! I don't like PokéMon! I don't like PokéMon!
That was my message/propoganda (I'm sure it is written propaganda, but you're the boss)/ denial. 
Philip: Propoganda? It's a state in the Middle East. I heard it was given to Israel because they beat the daylights out of Lebanon. But then greedy Arabic people decided to call themselves the Propogandastenians and lay claim to it by suicide bombing people.
Philip: A whole lot of time-f**king. Thank you very much.
Whoo...  Mega Man and Bass.  This game is the [insert "urban" reference here].  Amazing difficulty, great music, and plus, it's Mega Man.  A real Mega Man game instead of this Battle Network heap.  I missed that kind of game.
Oddly enough, I also missed Pokemon, so I picked up Sapphire...  Yes, I am a tool...  It's not bad.  It hasn't reminded me of why I stopped playing the series yet, but give it time.
All right.  I'm off to stare at Shion's behind for another four hours. - CX (What goes around, just comes around.  Zigzagoon's brown.  It's time to get down.)
Philip: For your sake, Shion better not be a Wurmple. Oh, by the way, you ARE a tool. he he he.
Do sweaty Norsemen make you horny?

Yes, yes they do.
 - Alan Shadensack
Philip: DMG Ice: Your place for Sweaty Norse Man LUST.
So...  Azumanga Daioh fansubbed.  Is it OK to review for Suki Nihon or no?
Kind of like a preview thing, since there's good odds it'll be licensed
soon?  It would be very educational for people to know of the love that is
Azumanga...  Kind of how you knew the glory of Love Hina before it was
brought over.  Oh!  I wound up telling half of my life story to some random
co-worker this evening...  I must really be pathetic, huh?
--CX (Mmm...  cheeseburger-nyo...  the warm beef is heaven-nyoooo....)
Philip: Nope on Fan Subs. Oh, ADV has liscensed Azumanga Diaoh and it should be out in time for Christmas. BUY IT PEOPLE! Oh! Also buy Haibane Renmai in August, and Abenoboshi Magical Shopping District. Witch Hunter Robin is good too! Get them all! But for now.. buy Fruits Basket. It and Berserk OWN. Synch Point has the Digi Charet Movie-NYO!
what are all of the games for every gameboy system - lilD
Philip: 70% Spicy with a tinge of bitter. Although many have a sweet aftertaste.
Earthbound is the game that got my wife into gaming. After that the seed of corruption was spread and she is now a bigger fanatic than me. We would love to see a new version of Earthbound for the Cube or Gameboy.
I had heard that there was an Earthbound game in development for N64 that was never finished / produced, this may be that game for the Cube. - jeff
Philip: Earthbound.. I have so many good memories from that game. I formed a puddle of drool on desk when I read about it on my favorite Fren... FREEDOM languaged site.
I ask for viral speak! O yeah, and more msts. i already read that one long ago. make a new one. i already started on mine. you have to at least beat me! COME ON DAWN SPAWN! THIIIIIINNKK!!!! hehe, thats all i guess. - Darkman
Philip: The Dawn Spawn will have a new MST up before E3. Not that you should be afraid of it.
The Dixie Chicks were so persecuted by people like YOU. You should be ashamed of yourself.- Chix in Brix
Philip: There's a time and a place for everything. What happened was that they said what they wanted to without thinking of the consequences or the time. Are they a victim of persecution? Nope. Just free speech. Remember that if I tell you to f*ck off. I'm only exercising my free speech. If you think I am opressing your free speech by stating my free speech, then the problem lays with YOU. Not me. So, if I say that Madonna can suck my Kazaa, then I am truly practicing my free speech. You may disagree; but you better be prepared to have me yell and/or ignore you. After all, you have a right to speak; but no one said I had to pay attention to you.

Think of how she will be... Advance!.
(Buy her game or suffer greatly.)
Fanservice.... advance.
SP allows you to play with Shantae in the dark.